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  1. +1 Dr Colourchip. Much more likely of a better result than many other methods.
  2. +1 for Fishcop, he’s in the right range. Need to be clear on limited mileage and use. And that said, chase that insurance thread down if you can, lots of good advice there and shop around.
  3. Bob Whyms not BMW. Or try James at Autohaus.
  4. I think Vic might be 25 yrs and older vs NSW 30 years. Worth checking if the car is <30 yrs old. In NSW you may need a blue slip - check TfNSW website - rules are clear there. If the car is in any way modified away from anything factory, it needs to go on the classics register and will definitely need a blue slip. Just not sure about historic transfer. Good luck!
  5. I have a 964 Targa Tip and love it, having owned it for over 10 years and no plans to see it go anytime soon. I always use it in manual mode with the stick. Once you get going through the twisties it’s very similar to a manual and just as enjoyable to drive. Yes no third pedal so the experience compared to a manual is a little different, but I really encourage everyone to give it a go before taking the old manual or death approach. And I have a manual 993 rep rscs so I can compare the difference. As to PDK, no comparison, they are just different so don’t even go there. And of course a few decades in between does help!!
  6. I’m +1 on this as well. Wife has a 2017 S and would lose an arm before she gave it up! Agree with @MFX in terms of ride and performance. We’re on the 19’s which makes it more compliant. I wouldn’t want 20’s to be honest. As to other options, nothing special for us. Has the easy entry/keyless start which is handy, roof rails very handy along with roof racks (easy on and off), rubber moulded tray in rear to catch mud and water, and creature comfort of heated seats! If I had my choice again I’d also fit a tow bar. Upgraded model PCM set up is also brilliant.
  7. We have two child seats in and there’s a reasonable amount of room in the middle.
  8. Agree with Tomo, but in my view never trust the gauge and check the oil level regularly, Porsche advise to check every time you fill up. They do use oil, and they like to have a leak 😉 but a good engine won't use much.
  9. Completely depends on what you want to do with it but I have a 964 tip, have had it about 12 years now, use it always in manual and as an occasional daily and for spirited weekend drives and it is more than suitable for both. I've heard lots of people cast aspersions on the tipper and would guarantee 95%+ have never driven one. I'd suggest try a few out and see if you like them. They are only slightly slower off the mark than a manual, but once you're up and running they are the same as any other and in fact can be more pleasant to drive. In my defence, I have a manual track car so can satisfy all my left footed demons there! But no matter what, both the 964 and 993 are amazing cars to drive. Good luck!!
  10. Well done Sean, disappointing not to be there but the panel beating’s coming along Ok!! 🤐
  11. Fit for what models Rod?
  12. + 1 Autohaus - been with them for many years and honest and capable as the day is long. for detailing, try Fred D’Cruz - knows his stuff: https://m.facebook.com/dcruzcardetailing/
  13. Agree with Tips, or Autohaus in Chatswood will look after it for you, but that’s far from where you are. Just brace yourself if you need brakes - apparently parts are not cheap!
  14. I think if your buying for investment and value appreciation you might be better off investing in something else. Buy it to drive, and if it goes up in value, good stuff, but that’s a side benefit not the main game #getoutanddrive !!

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