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  1. its about 1 1/2 to 2 hrs drive depending on traffic. Same distance no matter how you get there...
  2. mph911

    914/6 in Oz

    I would not sell his for less than $120k when finished.
  3. Porsche's problem is they are trying to make everything exclusive and trying to create instant collectable cars for wealthy customers that just have to have the newest, coolest model to post on instagram and peacock against the other wealthy hipsters. Hype can only last a certain length of time, the puff gets blown out and people move on, no longer impressed by the hype. Porsche has created something over the last few years that is very clever, I just think they went too far and took away the certain specialness that these cars have. PTS is a perfect example of that. At one point (EDIT - currently) there was/is more 991 GT3 RS's on Carsales than base Carrera's... Give me a 991 Carrera T any day.
  4. I don't know why you would buy one with the thought of flipping them. Money is drying up and the market is responding.
  5. I run 18's on my 09' Cayenne and love the ride so I can't really offer an opinion...
  6. Im selling a Straton Syncro 40mm chronograph. Its a fun motor racing inspired watch that gets favourable comments the few times I've worn it. It's in as new condition and comes with original leather case with 2 motor sport liveried nato straps, the leather rally strap, plus a khaki nato strap that's on it now. It cost me $690 new and I will sell it for $450. I have advertised it more elsewhere. I'm happy to post at buyers expense. Thanks, Matt
  7. I've had a few messages and interested buyers and to make it clear the price is negotiable. Thanks, Matt
  8. Hi all, Im wanting to sell my Group 4 Campagnolo style wheels and Michelin TB tyres. The car they are going on is still waiting on paint and I'm going for a different overall look. All are in brand new condition and have only been mounted on car for flare fitment, they have not been used. Wheels are 15 x 8 and 15 x 9 in Fuchs offsets (to suit 911ST, 914 GT or RSR Turbo guards). These are only available from the UK new. Tyres are 18/60 - 15 TB 15 (215/55 R 15 79 V) 23/62 - 15 TB 15 (275/45 R 15 86 V) Prefer pick up in Sydney or I can deliver within reason. Sold - Pending payment Thanks Matt
  9. Lol, I wasn't criticising your opinion, It was just random. I would never think to look at the gauges on a few pics.
  10. An awesome, completely modified, 900hp supercharged 928 built for Pikes Peak and thats your comment???

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