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  1. Looks great Luke! Love that colour.
  2. There was a 914/GT tribute that sold last year in the US with T/A's on and they looked great. They have a nice period look. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1975-porsche-914-6-gt/
  3. The more I talk about the virtues of the car and with the time and money I’ve spent to get this far, the more I think I really shouldn’t sell it.... It’s too good to let go and I can’t imagine not at least enjoying the finished product. When time permits I’ll get cracking and finish it off and fall in love again. Carry on.
  4. thanks for the private messages and interest. The car is still available and the one's that have actually come to look have been very impressed...just all depends on $$$
  5. You're probably right. I don't have the motivation at the moment. Ive had too many bad experiences with workshops in Sydney...not you of course..
  6. An Italian team ran Campagnolo's on their 914/GT at the Targa Florio in period. I was/am considering the 917 inspired wheels by fifteen/52 in black for a 908 style too.
  7. No not yet, I only made my decision to let it go on the weekend. I figured it being RHD it would only appeal to Australia or the UK.
  8. Whoever buys this and puts an engine in it will have one of the best GT 914's in the world for the price of a shitty Oz delivered 911SC.
  9. Thanks Craig and Ryan. Here is the car before the GT upgrade, you can see how clean it was with bumpers removed. The underside and under guard area was the same. This pic was when the steel flares were being mocked up before welding and shows the 275 Michelins on 9in rims fitting nicely. The car would look great with big fat wheels and tyres like this.
  10. I have lost interest in putting an engine in my finished 914/GT. The car had a huge build and restoration in 1999 when it was owned by a well know racing family. It had over $80k spent on it back then, including RHD converstion and all new parts. I knew the car and followed it through a few owners until I bought it nearly 3 years ago from a fellow forum member as a great, running 4cyl 914,( some say it was the best in Australia)... The car had only done 8500kms since the resto and presented very well. I subsequently proceeded to turn it into the most accurate 914/GT tribute I could. The car now sits having completed an extensive transformation with perfect body and paint, steel GT flares, correct fibreglass bumpers, valance and side skirts, correct badging, through the hood fuel filler, correct GT bonnet pins and boot tie- downs, original Cibie Pallas hood lights and Hello fog/driving lights, GT oil cooler set-up, including hoses, fittings, oil tank, Naro 6cyl engine mount, 914/6 headers, Maxilite deep sixes and off road tyres. etc etc. The interior features new GTS Classics seats, prototipo, light weight GT door trims, 10k tach, rare 250kph 914 speedo, GT fuel gauge, oil temp/combo gauge, cams and engineered roll bar, perfect dash etc etc. The car was built for a six originally and has full 911 SC front end, the correct 5 lug rear brakes with hand brake built in, full strengthening kit, trap door for six in fire wall etc etc. Edit.. The gearbox is included and fresh. To complete the car it only needs a 911 engine of your choice ( with 914/6 tin ware), clutch and flywheel to suit, muffler and MSD with wiring. The car presents now as a Monte Carlo style, however with 8 and 9in wheels with Michelin TB etc it would look very tough at a lower height (wind the torsion bar down), I have invested over $100k to get it to this point and am looking at EOI. You will not find a better body or accurate GT style 914 anywhere, and nearly all parts are new either on the car or new in boxes. please don't bust my balls, if you have built any air-cooled car recently this is fantastic value. The car is sitting in my garage under a cover ready for inspection in Sydney. Enquiries and contact details via PM Regards, Matt
  11. its about 1 1/2 to 2 hrs drive depending on traffic. Same distance no matter how you get there...

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