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  1. Tried many times to reach this guy and eventually he picked up His name is Simon, says he has a lot of cars. I contacted him regarding the signal green 911t 1972. Says it was an SC and he's been working on it to return it to a 911t. He promised photos, exchanged details, auction ended and doesn't look like he had time to send the photos. The conversation was abrupt, after a few minutes he said he'd get in trouble with his wife and said he'd call back. Still waiting...
  2. https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Porsche-911-Carrera-1990/SSE-AD-4234333/?wt.z_driver=homepage_Recently_Viewed14 data-webm-clickvalue= 15K drop again
  3. 72 long hood on ebay http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/1972-Porsche-911T-/222344349024?hash=item33c4c18560:g:7M8AAOSwo4pYTzwm vic plates but expired california lhd car converted to rhd, 2.7 engine, odd looking vin stamp
  4. had one and sold it, not because of the roof. loved the roof, its lightness and engineering. was fantastic in the way you could remove the rear window and literally have a bikini roof with air flowing throughout the car. amazing kit. roof is a hassle but one worth having every single time sold because it didn't drive like a 911...
  5. Peter M good read, thank you! ived used mobil 1 0w40 for everything although these have been late model cars something tells me it may be a bit thin starting up for a long hood, and seems like the the 20w50/ 25w50 figures are coming up a bit
  6. Thanks michel! interesting cars these - dipstick in the same funnel as the filler. thought id note that i also found a little tube in the funnel for the dipstick which when inserted correctly stops the dripstick from falling into the tank! any thoughts on which oil? hope this isnt a can of worms question thinking a mineral 25w50
  7. do you know where the stick is to check the oil? 997 mezgers are digital, others have the yellow capped stick was told it was on the left of the engine and can easily fall in cant seem to find it anywhere around the engine left or right thanks!
  8. any shops better than others for the 901 911 (roughly 65-73) type cars? need a service, replace some window and door seals, maybe change a few panels to fibreglass, replace interior trim, address the smell of fumes coming into the cabin?? also what oil would you use for the engine? i use 0w40 mobil 1 for late model cars, thinking something thicker would suit older cars
  9. Second c4 out of ? On carsales currently which has had a diff overhaul these are 25k minimum jobs just for the front
  10. give me a call come by and have a look at the seats if they are what you are after, we will work out a price
  11. maybe the orange 964 backdate that needed a very very thorough ppi was purchased by a dealer in NSW, perhaps now back up for sale http://www.carsales.com.au/dealer/details/Porsche-911-Carrera-1989/OAG-AD-13953657/?Cr=0 if not, makes a great opportunity for those wanting a 'modern' backdate 3.6, power steering etc
  12. Anybody here buy the orange restored non matching long hood 911 67 year in berwick Victoria for $160k There were 3 parties on the doorstep, one of them duttons lining up outside his house at 730am the next day it was listed apparently got phone calls almost every 10 minutes since 4am in the morning after he listed the car in the early hours clearly healthy market for these cars what a lovely car
  13. the phone didn't cut out as we were talking on our mobiles and each knew the other sides number i had initially called him but he said he was busy and would call me back. So he did some time later. Something I must have said - I did say what if we wanted to access the car. He immediately asked why I said we. I said I'm looking for storage short term at this stage and forum members may be interested. He did say I'm not comfortable with this, you better just look for someone else for storage i thought I heard him wrong so I paused and wasn't sure what to say. I said I think you may have misunderstood then I asked how do I go about accessing the cars when they are stored there which is when he said you are better off looking for somewhere else to store your cars and hung up Sort of like going to a porsche dealer and being told to go buy a different car from someone else instead as they aren't willing to help you I'm shocked...

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