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  1. Anyone seen this Carrera 1986 .... Looks in good condition , Price fair ? https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/Porsche-911-Carrera-1986/SSE-AD-5874181/?gts=SSE-AD-5874181&gtssaleid=SSE-AD-5874181&rankingType=Spotlight
  2. Looks like my mind is 95% made up to sell my car, just not that sure where to pitch the price ect , Don`t want to over price it and I don`t want to under sell it, life is to short and I don`t use it enough and it’s time for a change for me. ? Any discussions on a value would be appreciated..... Porsche 911 Carrera 1986 , log books , 135000 kms , will post more pics soon
  3. Haven`t been looking for a while..... but seems prices on the old 911 Carrera 1986 are on the move again a Au delivered 3.2 with low kms would fetch a good price ?
  4. Sunshine Coast guys , do you still get out and go on drive days ? its been a while best i do is take mine to work once a month 100kms ☹️
  5. Found a New place to get the car serviced , booked in for a Major Service and a few trick bits
  6. How is the battle going which is holding value better ? What would you rather have
  7. Shannons is just over the top be good to get more feedback from others
  8. Just got a comp quote Shannons and Famous Insurance Famous insured for more and $460 shannons $890 seems like Famous is a good option anyone have any exp with Famous ?
  9. I am now looking at insurance too as Shannons getting Exy $$ and bad ratings ? RENO any good ?
  10. QLD Guys i need to get my 1986 3.2 Carrera serviced any suggestions
  11. Hi Guys i haven`t been on here for ages lol still have the car , need to get my car serviced i wasn`t that happy with the Mob i used last time Any updates on a good place in and around the Sunshine Coast to get a service Thanks
  12. Feel so bad i have done about 50 km with her in the last 6 months
  13. 997 prices , i haven`t looked for a while but when looking yesterday seems the prices have come off in the last 3 or 4 months , Think some great buying at the moment ..... I still have this thing in my head should i sell my 86 Carrera and buy the 997 tt ...
  14. The car was just a bit dusty so it it worked well , just rinse and dry
  15. I will have to make a recording for before and after IPhone doesn’t do much justice to the sound sounds different to the ear
  16. In the garage its sounds great but when you drive it you can hardly hear it
  17. Dansk or M&K ?? will do more Googling on the matter , should give it a bit more sound and not sure on grunt ?

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