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  1. Looks like my mind is 95% made up to sell my car, just not that sure where to pitch the price ect ,

    Don`t want to over price it and I don`t want to under sell it,

    life is to short and I don`t use it enough and it’s time for a change for me. ?

    Any discussions on a value would be appreciated..... 

    Porsche 911 Carrera  1986 , log books , 135000 kms  , will post more pics soon







  2. Haven't tried the Bowdens, but as long as they're PH neutral, they're all pretty similar. If you mix it thick enough, it sticks to the car and takes about 5 mins to fall off. Takes a majority of the dirt with it. If the car was really filthy, then a bucket wash (using two buckets, one for wash and one for rinsing your mitt) will do it.

    Word of advice though...don't use a sponge!. See all those spider web shapes in your paint?, that's though sponges and chamois. MAke sure everything you use (wash and dry) is microfibre, and you're golden. 

    The car was just a bit dusty so it it worked well , just rinse and dry :)


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