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  1. Recently did this job and the new ones are ridiculously tight. My initial thought was to grind down the bumps then I found the Pelican article you mentioned. I disassembled, trimmed the plastic bits as per the article, put it back together, installed and it worked like a charm
  2. All sorted, thanks Lee
  3. I’m not sure about the front but I have a wide body 964 and the rear hubs are further out so very similar wheel offset to narrow body
  4. Looking to replace the wevo that came with the car Has anyone got a complete one laying around that they want to part with. Cheers Ash
  5. Took it of carsales as It had been sitting for too long attracting low ballers and Tyre kickers. I thought my pricing was ok and didn’t want or need to keep dropping it to find a buyer. Been driving it and deciding if and what mods to do to it as I would probably have gone down the hotrod path for the next project had it sold so may as well do what I want to what I know is a car without hidden nasties. That being said, I would still sell it.
  6. I’m chasing a narrow body R rear fibreglass bumper to do some modifications to, anyone have one laying around cheers Ash
  7. Still a bit hit and miss though as sometimes the central locking does not work at all but next time all good
  8. Yes I know, first world problems. Having not long completed my third annual 1000+ Kim road trip with 4 other guys in early cars you are spot on, they are to be driven and enjoyed and it is. But...here we go (deep breath).............my name is Ash and I’m a Porscheaholic 🤪 early stages
  9. Thanks for the replies and general consensus is aligned with what I’m thinking The ‘69 looks great and is well done but has been on the market for some time confirming the current market. Craig, your ex racer hotrod looks the goods locked away in the museum there 👌
  10. So I have had my 71e on the market for a while and no dice. Aussie delivered sporto fully restored non matching numbers now with 915 5 speed. The market is a strange place at times and It would appear to me that currently anything but concourse, matching numbers cars are not in high demand (unless heavily discounted) A huge fan of longhoods and a good project I bought it as a 930 look bitsa with a slate grey hotrod in mind. Despite what I wanted I thought I was being sensible with an eye on resale and got caught up in originality, narrow body, back to original Bahia Red (not a big fan of red), sourced a correct 2.2e engine and endless other original parts.......which in the end have not delivered a speedy sale. All that aside I’m keen to do a hotrod project with a bit more power, colour change, slight flare to the rear along with a few more things and have been looking at options which either need a heap of bodywork Andy the rest. So if it were you would you hold out for a buyer and start over with a new project from scratch, rust repairs ++++++ or..... take the rust free, everything done car I have, strip it, change engine and hotrod it to my taste?
  11. So... drum roll.....has it sold?
  12. Ahh ok. I did read that online, thanks for the tip
  13. Anyone done LHD to RHD conversion or know of someone that can do it? https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1965-Porsche-356C-Manual/SSE-AD-6152332?pageSource=details&id=SSE-AD-6152332

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