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  1. Ha punishment probably but everyone needs a challenge don’t they 😟 Saw that one and it has been sold
  2. In search of the next project a 356 outlaw now is becoming more appealing I want a RHD but don’t think I should use an Aussie delivered matching numbers restoration project like the one coming up at Shannon’s. A left to right conversion or bastardised base would be ideal anything out there? cheers ash
  3. Possibly to the horror of some I’m liking the idea of a longhood speedster along the lines of the paul stephens one
  4. From my googling these parts are NLA from Porsche, are there any around? windscreen clamshell Door windows ets, etc Cheers Ash
  5. It’s time for a new project, one not bound by originality. Anything out there? Ash - 0418689252
  6. Steve O'Connor at Edgeworth. Did the red one as well, old school tradesman and good guy.
  7. Additional photos and info http://s347.photobucket.com/user/ash_270/slideshow/Conda 911 901 Transmission apparently ok when car was dismantled but not checked yet. Front suspension stripped, painted and new standard bushes New brake rotors all round, new wheel bearings all round new front strut inserts Yes the last 20% can be expensive depending on who does the work, it takes time and a passion to do the project. I do have a bit of project fatigue but more so it's exactly the same car as the last project which for me doing the same again takes some of the passion out of it. What has been covered already in the hard work to date is the dirty, greasy, unknown rust, surprise costs of paint & panel work and lengthy time frames to have that work done. For those who have done projects from scratch I don't need to tell that to get to this stage there has not been a lot of joy or glory. That part of the journey starts here.
  8. So I have decided to move this project on. 1971 911E Aussie Delivered numbers matching. I purchased it last year completely disassembled after being painted in grand prix white where it sat in a garage for 20 years. It had an aftermarket sunroof and rear flares, the sunroof has been in filled with a fenn lane panel and the rear flares replaced with correct narrow ones. The car was sandblasted back to bare metal and repainted in it's original Conda Green. Did I mention completely disassembled, this includes the engine which was in 3 plastic tubs. The engine is currently undergoing rebuild at Autowerks, case has been line bored and time certed, hardware plated but still needs plenty of work to be done. Simon at Autowerks can provide more detail. Rebuilt S calipers have been added to the front and rear calipers rebuilt and all hardware re plated.. Brake lines replaced. Original wiring harness is complete however front need to be refitted. Refurbed flat 6s sourced from the US with new Pirelli CN36 tyres. To my knowledge nearly all of the original parts are there including some new parts that I bought, door handles, badges, cables , bushes, some rubbers etc. Original H1s are currently being refurbed by John Audette and I also tracked down a correct blaupunkt radio. There are no front seats, carpets, door cards or door pockets but the hard to get handles are there. It owes me $105k so that is the price (firm) which includes the engine in it's current state. If I can't recoup what I have spent so far then I will complete it but surely there is someone out there with a desire to get into a good project. My estimate for myself is that it's about $30k from being finished, that is with me doing nearly all the work except for the engine rebuild and fitting the engine . If a prospective purchaser has the ability to do engine work as well then it would be less. Anyway it's set to be a great car, most of the hard work is done but there is still enough left to do to give a sense of satisfaction upon completion and there is still a buck in it if you want look at it from an investment perspective. 0418689252 if you are interested and want to have a chat about it. Cheers Ash
  9. I have one tail light (will have to check which side) and centre in ok condition
  10. Im looking for a 4 way seat adjustment switch more specifically I just need the button intact as the clip on the back of mine has snapped off cheers
  11. Ashbaxter

    WTB -Spacesaver

    I'm on the hunt for a 964 spacesaver, the red one. Not sure if it is common to other models but please let me know what's out there. Cheers Ash
  12. Engine lid which I believe to be from a '68 sandblasted to reveal no rust but a fairly average repair to inside around light cut outs also dent in the middle. $700 or best offer, located in Newcastle can freight at buyers cost. If you are interested and require better photos PM me with an email address Cheers Ash

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