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  1. Thanks mate but I agree it’s hard to transport
  2. Before I go and order a new one does anyone have one post project laying around that they would be interested in selling or hiring out for a couple of months cheers Ash
  3. Bit of work to do but I do like his originality
  4. Here you go here’s mine @LeeM can we compromise and let @tomo
  5. Here you go here’s mine @LeeM can we compromise and let @tomo continue with some of his master works mixed of course with a fair ratio of Porsche butts
  6. Apologies if this has been discussed before but at this price does anyone know why it's been sitting so long? https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1990-porsche-911-carrera-4-964-manual-awd/SSE-AD-6019997/?Cr=31
  7. If you can’t find the og one I have one of these
  8. Thanks, yes I was surprised too. I couldn’t even get anyone to make the trip to Newcastle to look at it.
  9. Got a windscreen to go with the clamshell Ryan?
  10. Thank's anyway but it's the one that goes from the shifter to the transmission. Please correct me if i'm calling by the wrong name.
  11. Anyone have a spare shiftrod for a 915 to replace the 901 one I have that has been modified at some point and I think is not quite right giving me a clunky shift into 2nd. It’s the last thing left to try. Cheers Ash

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