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  1. Having experienced one at Eastern Creek recently... it's an amazing piece of machinery!!
  2. I've got that Rennline mount in my 993 and 901. It's pretty good. I upgraded mine by replacing the standard magnetic mount with a iPhone Magsafe charger - so it still holds the phone by magnet, but charges as well without having to think about it. Routed the cabling so it's basically invisible.
  3. I've had my pre-Varioram 993 coming up on 8 years and I can't imagine ever letting it go. Although it seems the prices have changed considerably since I bought it... 🤩
  4. Still going over that with the Financial Controller.. 😀
  5. $100 + shipping if applicable Brand new brass badge still in wrapping. Here’s pic of one on my car..
  6. Thanks all for the feedback. I've got my name on the list for a GenIII/MY22 Macan. Hoping this side of Xmas... 🤞
  7. Looks good Naveed! Shame it was dark when you picked up - would like a good look at your car in the light! Or at least a look on a street with decent lighting! 🤣
  8. Very nice. Out of interest what size wheels are they? Now that I've got my name down for one I need to start configuratising™️ it!
  9. I did Level 1 which included emergency braking, cornering and slalom in the morning, then time on the track in the afternoon - initially following an instructor who chatted through a radio giving advice, and then finally we got 2x 20 minute sessions to drive as we pleased.. The Level 2 guys did the skid pan which looked like heaps of fun! I'd highly recommend the course if you get the chance. There was a lovely range of cars there, including a few Macan's - which ripped it up big-time and convinced me to put my name on the list for one afterwards.
  10. Wasn't today.. but last Wednesday did the Advanced Driving Course at Eastern Creek with the Porsche Willoughby folk.. great day out. My 993 was the oldest car there. 😀
  11. The company that provide them in Germany don't ship internationally. Thankfully I have a colleague in Germany who bought and forwarded a handful to me. I haven't tallied up my landed costs yet, but if you're interested in one drop me a PM.
  12. Shiny brass Luftgekuhlt badge from Germany - took forever for them to get here, but worth the wait I think..
  13. RD aren't exactly known for high quality gear.. I bought one of those braces for my 924 and they'd put the same mount plates on both ends...! So there was absolutely no way you could fit it without building an entirely new mount plate. F'ing hopeless, so a misaligned decal is the least of their QA concerns...

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