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  1. Yup, I'm on both - though don't post much.
  2. Surf Champ, Atlantis and Strange World
  3. I have a Checkpoint among my collection - it's a great theme obviously, and the gameplay is solid - but I have better games - AFMLE springs to mind.. and I probably like my Gottlieb EM's more too, but for sentimental reasons more than gameplay. A crap pinball is better than no pinball I reckon...
  4. $10K is crazy cheap. Atlas quote was above that, but inline with others in Sydney I spoke to. I'm more interested in a good job than a cheap one. (sorry, didn't mean to imply there's anything wrong with the above job - it looks awesome!)
  5. Possibly interested in the rear bumper thingys? I might need thingys but not sure if we are talking the same thingys! 🤣
  6. Considering I only dropped the car in just before Xmas the guys at Atlas have made good progress already. Pics from yesterday’s visit.
  7. I got hold of Pierre at Atlas and he’d had some IT issues so quote etc was impacted. Anyway, I moved ahead and dropped car to him before Xmas.
  8. Ron @ Exclusive Bodyworks says they aren't taking on new projects, and the guys at Atlas never got back to me after saying they'd have a quote in 24hrs... wish I was a painter now as they are obviously all very very rich and don't need any more money... 🙄
  9. My 901 is in desperate need of some new paint (currently combo of resale red and black undercoat - will be Leaf Green eventually). Autohaus Hamilton recommended Atlas Motor Body Works. I spoke to Pierre yesterday (who owns a 911) and he said they don't do restorations... they do mostly smash repair stuff. Bit conflicted as Autohaus have never led me astray thus far. I'm going to see the guys at Atlas today, but just wondering if any has used them before for a complete respray?
  10. Finally got my cars in yesterday. Plenty of room up top. I actually raised it 2 more notches after taking the pics. I can't walk under it, not being 6'2" - my wife probably can!
  11. My Tufflift was installed last week. It's not quite ready and I haven't put a car on it yet, but it is in my new garage. When I spoke to Tufflift I told them I had 2x 911's with a nominal height of 1320mm each, and Tufflift recommended 2900mm ceiling height minimum. I think in the end we went for 3200mm just to be safe. The one issue I did have was trying to fit a panel lift door with the hoist. We just couldn't get the maths to work with the rake of the roof so ended up going for a standard roller door. Interestingly B&D wouldn't do a double width roller, so I ended up with Steel-line. Works a treat and fully automated with HomeKit and Siri.
  12. Also interested as my '70 is almost ready to pickup from Adelaide. First thing is to return it to Leaf Green... instead of looking like Deadpool..!
  13. I got the medium. Fits 993 fine. Not super happy with how rough the material is and they seem impossible to get back to original pack size. Basically takes up the entire frunk space. Anyway, it’ll do for the time being until the new car home is built.
  14. Oh be-still my beating heart...!! If I wasn't knee deep in 901 resto and house renos I'd be all over this. Gorgeous!! GLWS!

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