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  1. Also interested as my '70 is almost ready to pickup from Adelaide. First thing is to return it to Leaf Green... instead of looking like Deadpool..!
  2. I got the medium. Fits 993 fine. Not super happy with how rough the material is and they seem impossible to get back to original pack size. Basically takes up the entire frunk space. Anyway, it’ll do for the time being until the new car home is built.
  3. Oh be-still my beating heart...!! If I wasn't knee deep in 901 resto and house renos I'd be all over this. Gorgeous!! GLWS!
  4. FWIW I bought my 993 from Hamilton's. Beautiful car, records etc etc. I still got a PPI and a few things were found that Hamilton's fixed for me gratis. Can never be too sure... But congrats on the purchase!
  5. Picked up a gold one at SCA. Will see how it goes. Thanks guys,
  6. Hmm, yeah - storage isn't an issue as I need access to the car frequently (it's almost a DD)..
  7. Hey folks, I'm demolishing my garage so I can build a slightly taller one to fit a Tufflift hoist. My 993 will need to be out on the street whilst this is taking place so looking to keep her protected from the elements. Any recommendations appreciated. Cheers,
  8. This will go in the hard rubbish if no-one wants it this week. Will need the frame attended to but glass is OK.
  9. (sigh) this stuff is still available. Garage demolition coming shortly so this will all go in hard rubbish if not picked up beforehand.
  10. I've still got this stock (21mm) 924 FSB. I'm demolishing my garage in a couple of weeks so everything is moving out. This will go in the hard rubbish collection if no-one wants it.
  11. As much as I'd love it we're about to start a big reno, including a new garage - so storage is an issue - over to you Gavin. Cheers,
  12. Brett, do you have the rough dimensions of the reader?
  13. Lee specifically mentioned MMS which will always use the cellular network, not Wifi even if available. The MMS infrastructure is a walled-garden service only accessible via the carriers cellular infrastructure otherwise they'd have to open it up to the general internet which is a can of worms obviously...
  14. Thanks - I'm 50m from QVB, so will pop down to HobbyCo at lunchtime.

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