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  1. Snake! Buddy! You did it. the black relay was the issue, they must have bumped it when cleaning the car. I flipped it on and off 5 times and the system is now working again. Thank you for your kind help
  2. I have never seen that bypass switch. Thank you for the tip I'll have to hunt around for it. My PCM doesn't even see the CD changer at the moment, so I don't have any bluetooth at all. Looks like I'll be spending some time looking hard for a tiny black switch. Thanks again for the information
  3. My 997 has a mObridge bluetooth unit installed and it was all working fine, then I got into an accident, minor fender bender on the front left corner, and the bluetooth was still working. But after the panel beater changed the front bumper and the left guard, the mObridge has stopped working. And the PCM can't find the CD changer either. Any ideas? my next step is to check the fuses, The CD changer ejects the cassette, but the PCM doesn't see the CD changer, reports No CD changer on screen. Here's hoping the group has some idea. The Panel beater says he didn't touch the area around the CD changer. Thanks.
  4. I was in a roundabout/circle going left, she came from my right and I thought, oh she'll stop, oh no she won't! on the horn, on the brakes, pulling right to give her more room.... bang she clips the nose then..... Then she continues to drive, hops the curb, and crashes into a house fence. At no time did she touch her brakes, i.e. no brakes lights nothing. I was like "what the"? I thought she had a heart attack or something. After I parked my car off the road... I got out and saw her jump out of the car and just walk into the house? I was like "what the"? Turns out she just wanted to tell the house owner about running into his fence. And she just said she "lost control", don't understand how it happened. Sigh.. She's an old white hair, frail woman.... so everyone was more "oh are you okay" can't even get angry at her. BIG SIGH. Sob. I think she panicked and hit the gas not the brake, or didn't do anything at all until she hit the fence....
  5. Little White hair old lady drove into my 997 today. Can't even be angry at her cause she's a little old lady.
  6. could just be an electric fence wire. that'll teach them a lesson.
  7. Oh I get nails and screw from all the construction sites.. but this was just out of the mechanics and got a screw in the tyre.
  8. I had the 997 serviced recently, picked the car up drove out, THUMP THUMP THUMP sound. What the? got out, checked the wheels were on, and had air, turned around went back. Took the mechanic out to show him the sound... THUMP THUMP THUMP. Hmmm Back to the workshop, up on the hoist ... A screw in the rear tyre. Hmmm my suspicions is that I picked up the screw from his workshop cause there's no reason for screws to be lying around on the short distance of road that I drove on. And now after he changed the Pollen filter, my ventilation fan makes a funny sound when the car is first started. Wonder what that is? And on the subjects of sounds, my brake pedal makes a sound going in and out. BIG SIGH.
  9. Big sigh, deep breath. The son left the door open on the kid taxi and I reversed into it... Said door been dark and I just didn't see it. Have a dent now on passenger rear quarter panel above and behind the wheel on my 997. Please recommend a panel beater while my I hang my head in sorrow and calm down.
  10. My thoughts are with you in your time of need.
  11. Shit,sorry to hear about your loss. I love my dog too. Any idea who? Which neighbour?
  12. called Neway and got a curt guy who says it'll cost me $130 just to take the wheel off the car and that it'll take days to fix it. I'll try the other people, see what answer I get. Edit wheelsolutions were much friendlier. I'll take it to them and see.
  13. Thanks I will try them as I am closer to them. Sigh pinched the tyre and had to replace both fronts! Aarrgghh

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