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  1. Your idea of "mint" and mine don't seem to be in the same hemisphere, and to make the reference even less relevant its a Targa???
  2. 9er

    1974 Porsche 914

    I like it that you're just trying to piss Lee off now.
  3. Vinny, "as pictured" the ducktail hurts the value, and it looks like 14" Fuchs which also don't help? I'm a big fan of LHD so I might have the rose coloured glasses on. I'm thinking $60K +/-
  4. 9er


    Great links, thanks for sharing.
  5. 9er

    Unley SA Cars and Coffee

    I just need a heads up when these things are on.
  6. 9er

    1976 Porsche 914 GT

    I thought you wanted a /6 https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1973-porsche-914-23/
  7. Sounds interesting. If I didn’t know how much hard work it takes to complete a project like this, I’d be all over it.
  8. I recently sold my 914 at his asking price and it was RHD running and driving, wasn't an easy sell either. (I do like his early bumpers though)
  9. To use your terms, to find a “mint” 2.7 that an owner is willing to part with, assuming he is market savvy I can’t see why he would sell it for under $100k. The early G series narrow bodied cars are very hard to find in good condition let alone mint condition, but obviously I can only speak from my experience.
  10. When you find them, could you please pass their number along to me, I'll buy as many as you can find.
  11. That is actually looking like a good deal. If I had storage I would buy it.
  12. Definitely swap over the wheels from the trailer😉
  13. I have the correct factory RHD dash and front trunk available.

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