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  1. Definitely not worth the effort or cost in my opinion, given that you are going to sell. Ive done more than a dozen Porsche Resto/refurbs and despite enjoying the journey I just do it because I have time on my hands, without exception, I would have made the same "profit" on the cars if I had sold them "as is" versus spending the time and money to bring them up to a high standard.
  2. Not using as much as I had hoped, although buying two more cars and Corona haven't helped. Just clicked over 2000 kms recently and the weather here is nice, but unless the borders open I can't see me reaching my goal of 5000kms in its first year. Reflection from Sunday.
  3. I'm making a couple of assumptions here, after reading your post. That is that you hadn't driven a Boxster through the twisties before? Second is that you haven't driven a broad variety of sports cars through similar roads? Based on the above I'm calling bullshit, with all due respect.
  4. Good luck trying to buy a manual Cayman in these Covid times, 1 left Under $85K as of today.
  5. Genuine sale, the buyer is active here and knOws a good car when he sees it.
  6. Original steel wheels, original paint, set of 4. Three dated 1969 and one dated 1970. Have three Crest hub caps to suit. Asking $1200 obo
  7. 9er


    Ronal certainly made some nice wheels
  8. Local guy here in Adelaide 1988 944 Turbo S https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/271433034285567/
  9. I saw this on Carsales a couple of months ago, thought the sellers name looked familiar👍
  10. I'm sure you've seen already Hugh, to get a nice one you need to spend $$. KK have nice ones.
  11. Unfortunately both my lids are for an early car. I do have a front bar but it is the bar only (13mm)

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