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  1. I know this probably underlines what a shocking car snob I am, but I went to C&C Unley last Sunday and thought I had gone on the wrong day, the assortment of cars was not much different to a normal shopping day crowd.
  2. Standard practice on early VW was as mentioned above, to run the copper line alongside the tunnel inside the car. I ran new line on mine when I was doing all the other things that run in the tunnel. It is a straight run but you need to fit anti rattle rubbers along the length. access by removing the shifter and rear coupler cover also you are able to get fingers on it down where the pedal box rods operate Rubber bush at both entry and exit. The picture I have added reminds me that FI cars also run a return line.
  3. Covid has prompted me to do a light resto on the "Porshe", pics to follow.
  4. I'm sure you would be less keen when I told you how much I think it's worth😉
  5. I found a set of NOS Enkei Flat 4 wheels from Japan and sourced some machined caps but I'm having second thoughts about moving away from stock wheels. I have been able to get the rears to fit and just about to get to work on modifying the front steering and suspension to make fitment possible.
  6. On the road and legal😃 Time to build the "Okrasa" motor now.
  7. I know you weren't specifically asking for Australian delivered RHD, but it's worth discussing. Since we had 5 years of 912 supplied to Australia, I believe that in 1965 there were 13 delivered and then 1966 was the first year of full supply. I would estimate that we got around 200 cars over that next 4 years but I can't supply any documentation to back that up. Threads are boring without pictures.
  8. Can't remember, but I have a series of high resolution images on an SD card.

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