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  1. Buyers are like deer, they're easily spooked. eBay and Gumtree aren't great for selling a trickier proposition such as the 73. Whilst I understand you going to auction to get a result, I think it needed to be Shannon's or nothing, those lesser houses are just damaging to the value, and now have set a low water mark which hasn't even been realised. Selling cars is a pain in the arse, and can waste heaps of your time. I would put the 73 on Carsales while you get organised with the other cars, not much help, I know. Spend an hour on a good write up and pics of underside as well.
  2. 9er

    Niki Lauda passes

    The term "Legend" is generally overused but Niki Lauda certainly qualifies, RIP.
  3. You had me on board with your awesome project until you went Carmen Ghia, you may not be a car guy, but show some respect😉
  4. 9er

    Should I PPI?

    Im yet to hear of anyone saying that they regret getting a PPI done.
  5. But $80k and automatic... Thoughts? Since you ask, my first thoughts are that it's either my old eyes or a trick of the light, but that photo shows up all that is wrong with the 928 from a style perspective.
  6. The first Porsche I ever bought was from a seller who would only take cash (no big deal back then cars were cheap🙄) I had done all the necessary checks to see that it was not encumbered. Two months later a Lawyer at my front door wanting answers because I had bought the car from a disclosed bankruptee. I had to do my best to prove that I had no knowledge of him being bankrupt, It was fairly stressful at the time.
  7. There is a good Audi RS thread on the forum
  8. It would be a good car to rescue and return to its former glory.
  9. https://www.porsche.com/australia/accessoriesandservice/classic/genuinepartsandhistoricaldocuments/historicaldocuments/historicalplacards/ You should be able to find something in these downloadable files.
  10. Selling my flat 350 prototipo, nice patina, getting harder to find. Horn button and hub not included. Asking $500 obo

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