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  1. Floor rhs suits 1965-1989 Rear full section also available
  2. I have used these guys for parts, super fast shipping and quite often the best prices.
  3. It's the Adelaide way, although the uggies came out today.
  4. He does a great job, and that's the wheel to have.
  5. Intermediate shaft, oil cooler, distributor, cookie cutters, and the 3 larger centre caps sold. Also have new rear floor replacement section and new front RHS half floor section
  6. 9er


    Dave Belford at Classic Road and Track either does them or has a contact.
  7. Please look at photos, most parts less than $50.
  8. eBay link https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Porsche-930-Intercooler/174283729052?hash=item28941ea89c:g:-fsAAOSw7Nxevjwm
  9. Now on eBay https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/184292906004
  10. And it's just a pod machine😴
  11. I know people do such things, but the 'essence' of an air cooled Porsche is the engine??
  12. 15" x 6" asking $350 each or $600 pair
  13. Standard rear set of torsion bars also for sale, $150 obo
  14. 9er

    AUDI B5 S4 avant

    After the POS that you wrote off, anything will surely be an improvement, come to think of it, that car was for all intents a write off when I test drove it for you?

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