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  1. I know what you mean, I felt the same when they introduced plastic bumpers😉
  2. 1969 911E Rhd value - General Marketplace and Values Discussion - PFA (porscheforum.com.au) Seems like Frank does too.
  3. They are Weber IDF 40 bought new here in Australia.
  4. Vintage speed air filters fitted and driving now, kinda weird driving a 50's Vw that goes, stops and goes around corners.
  5. Thought id put this here since its a Corvette based thread. Looking at ads on carsales and didnt think the front shot of this C3 looked right, so I included a reference. 1968 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Manual MY68 (carsales.com.au)
  6. Floor Jack recommendations - General Marketplace and Values Discussion - PFA (porscheforum.com.au)
  7. I think you are correct regarding Karmann RHD. However if I read Geoffs number correctly as 128.2.0007 that decodes as 1968 , Porsche build number 7 and looks to be in a batch of Early 68MY RHD cars
  8. Useful database 912VIN.com - The database for Vehicle Indentification Numbers ( VIN ) of the Porsche 912. About 40 cars registered as being in Australia and about 1/3 of those are privately imported in more recent years Split about 50/50 Porsche vs Karmann cars
  9. It’s funny, that afternoon I said to the family, we should go out for a meal to celebrate. Mrs F says “why” Me “ because it started” She “why wouldn’t it?”
  10. Engine start up video. IMG_3912.MOV
  11. Okrasa engine finally finished and up and running in the car.
  12. There is a factory bracket (s), most people just attach the number plate directly, I have a new bracket (actually two seperate brackets) but I just checked, it specifies 1965-73, but Im sure it would be the same.

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