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  1. Maybe should have just bumped this thread?
  2. To be fair I think Gumtree and FB marketplace is the most likely sales forum for these cars now. I reckon the owner of the 924 Turbo on Gumtree has quite a few 924 cars around the place. In fact a bit of negotiation with three of the sellers could net you four cars for a bit over $4 k total😉
  3. I can see why this concept would appeal to some, but it would not suit me. For me it's all about the individuality and the sacrifice (yeah dramatic I know).
  4. Early badges 1964-73 did not have a part number on the back and are called orange bar, and sell for $750 plus ,pictured below. I suggest any badge with a 901 part number is a repro.
  5. Wide bodied 996 definitely have the look.
  6. Great to catch up, the run up through the hills certainly gave the 165mm tyres a workout (sorry for holding you up @Stew F)
  7. Pro pic from Sunday, blue seems to photograph very differently depending on the camera.
  8. Getting slightly quicker at headliner installs and windscreen replacements, but carpet kits are just 3 hrs of glue sniffing. It's now running and driving.
  9. @turboT how's the car treating you?
  10. $75K for this 914 https://patrickmotorsports.com/blogs/news/914-6-gt-3-8l-dme-915-big-laguna
  11. I don't see how you can call a thread with wealthy guys and massive egos talking the talk a crap thread, it could prove to be very valuable in the study of human behaviour. Lighten up.
  12. I saw one of these in the flesh yesterday, very nice. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Engine-Lid-Deck-Lid-Grille-Alumin-For-1965-1968-65-68-Porsche-911-swb-912-/252989939188
  13. Housing and fan have no cracks although the fan has two chips. fan\housing , strap, spacer, hub, sold.

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