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  1. G50 1988 911 Carrera Coupe - Grand Prix White - G50 - Pelican Parts Forums
  2. More pictures would be good, but looks like a nice one. 1973 JENSEN INTERCEPTOR COUPE - JCMD5188779 - JUST CARS
  3. 9er

    Momo 320mm

    Just seeing if anyone has a smaller Momo collecting dust? Prefer flat, but not a deal breaker.
  4. It's worth applying some heat shielding to the inner side of the number plate panel to prevent any damage from the muffler. 901505INS Insulation for Center License Plate Panel. Fits 911 912 1965-1973 (stoddard.com)
  5. Porsche 912E for sale - Pelican Parts Forums Deeply unloved, but easy entry level air cooled
  6. It's going to be a big job with some heartbreaking discoveries along the way, but I would suggest ultimately it will be rewarding, all the best.
  7. You are the Imelda Marcos of wheels😉
  8. To me the question is whether you can afford to pay people to do it, if so, you risk nothing besides a bit of cash. If on the other hand you are going to be the mug breathing in all the dust and rust and fumes and toxins, whilst at the same time trying to live a "normal" family life, I'd say, no. Work harder at your day job and earn enough to buy a good one.
  9. Come on mate its 2021, it's been Uluru since 2002, and never Ayres (sic)
  10. Are you referring to the Oregon adjustment tool (fine sawn)?
  11. That's not an emotion I've ever experienced in successfully selling second hand parts.
  12. Sold pending, thanks PFA
  13. Might be handy for anyone with a G series heading to LuftWasser asking $50 just to sort the men from the boys.
  14. I bought this car last year as a local (to me) one owner car with FSH, it is a black on black supercharged manual 6 speed. My plan was to keep it long term, to that end I stripped it down and fitted a new clutch all new belts and tensioners, all new engine mounts, harmonic balancer, basically anything that could possibly be worn, new electric steering, all CV boots, I also installed H&R springs JCW wheels (original wheels and tyres included) and quality tyres, everything else is as standard. Great to drive with the supercharger coming on song, with the benefit of BMW safety and AC. I had the roof and door mirrors wrapped in Nardo Grey, the car has about 98K kms and is in beautiful condition. I have just bought a restoration project and some extra space would help out. Asking $15K which is about what I have in it, you will find cheaper ones, but you will not find a quality well sorted example like this, no excuses, no accidents. Not advertised elsewhere
  15. G series, over 15 years of course. But then if you're comparing surely it would need to be against a limited run G series car, say Carrera 3.0, or Club Sport.

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