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  1. Priced the same as Julians 69T, buyers are spoilt for choice.
  2. Carsales has the answer.
  3. Welcome Buy a Targa if you like Targas, maybe don't buy one just because they are cheap. On carsales at the moment in your era there are 25 Targa/cab for sale and about 15 coupes which is arse about in terms of how many of each were imported.
  4. Tricky one, I thought you were around the mark with your pricing, but clearly not. I think one reason is that for the past few years just buying the right early 911 guaranteed strong value growth, however now that the market has stalled/slowed there will likely be no increase in value for the next few years. So the idea of paying market value for a car doesn't make as much sense. The idea of selling collectable Porsche at a discount to market value also doesn't appeal, but I think that's what it takes Unless you have a new donor car lined up you would also know that whatever you buy will have more issues, take more time and cost more money than you allow to get it where you want it to be.
  5. 9er

    993 manual C2 or S

    Sorry, I see that my post wasn't clear, the car is on Carsales.
  6. Super rare larger diameter and very early featuring the stacked Momo logo. Needs to be on a car. Has been recovered in Nappa leather by one of the best in the business. Asking $750
  7. 9er

    993 manual C2 or S

    Not what your original post was asking for, but a friend of mine is selling his silver 993 C4 manual in Melbourne. I know the car well as I inspected it for him years back when he bought it. It is a great car and now his pricing seems realistic.
  8. New in box 350mm Momo Benetton wheel with horn button. Asking $490obo
  9. Would like to hear from the 996 guys who have done similar but I'm guessing being a Porsche 20 will pretty quickly become 30.
  10. 9er

    WTB 964 widebody

    Hi my name is Ryan, I have a problem.
  11. FWIW you certainly couldn't buy one as nice as that now in the US and be able to land it here for that price.

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