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  1. I read your ad and prepared myself for an unrealistic price, but it didn't come. Great chance for cheap P car ownership.
  2. There is a good selection of B5 RS4 on Carsales to choose from. (well 6 to be exact)
  3. http://forums.pelicanparts.com/porsche-911-used-parts-sale-wanted/1024140-88-carrera-intake-complete.html if it suits you I can bring it in.
  4. I take mine to the local windscreen place, they do a great job and not expensive.
  5. Obviously LHD parts are available but the prices are eye watering $7000 plus shipping just for the front trunk floor. https://sierramadrecollection.com/Front-Trunk-Floor-Pan-911-73-89-p31695.html And of course the pressing is reproduction, rather than genuine.
  6. I have some 6 bolt out put stubs. Also have drive shafts but they are early style 4 bolts /two roll pins.
  7. You know my thoughts Lee, its not like its anything important, its a car ffs. You SWB was way cooler IMO, and you didnt lose any sleep over that. Bring on the Outlaw 996, the one at Richmonds looks like its got your name on it.
  8. I will see you there at 830
  9. But you are a car salesman. Explains your Brewercentricity
  10. I have used four different shipping agents over the years, all with positives and negatives. All I say to people is not to be in a hurry, and have good insurance. Referring to the above comment I'm not sure where you get a $15K total from, the maths for total cost to land is fairly simple, and obviously the car (or other item) is the variable
  11. 9er

    WTB- 944 manual

    I know of a red one at Balaclava that could probably be bought @ around the $12K mark

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