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  1. FS: 915 Transmission - Pelican Parts Forums Carrera 915 - Pelican Parts Forums There are a few on eBay US from some independent transmission repair shops, but they all usually carry a $2500 core charge on top of the purchase price. Porsche 911 Rebuilt Transmission 1977 Electric Speedo Gearbox 915-60 | eBay
  2. ORBUT........😁 so TUBRO backwards Couldnt resist.
  3. I felt connected some years back with regular calls to and from guys around the country, the only calls I get now are from people looking😐 moderators feel free to move it to the lonely old man seeks affirmation section
  4. Im confused by the wheel size reference in the description, could it be that he is referring to the RS model of this production year?
  5. Most wont be old enough to remember, but the vinyl grain and slightly mottled colour is a dead set match for mid 70s kitchen chairs, not saying that is a bad thing.
  6. Finally into the booth. Before deciding the primer was too light for the British Racing Green
  7. Does it mean we can slut shame all the PFAers who have called Colin?😉
  8. 9er

    Looking to buy 944

    1986 PORSCHE 944 COUPE - JCM5214668 - JUST CARS
  9. Yes AA 80mm Fitted a disc brake kit up front and a period style Fram By pass oil filter/cooler set up.
  10. We might have very different taste in cars, but I’m suffering serious mower envy.
  11. Scart muffler makes it sound a bit angrier. Movie sound clip ........ IMG_2632.MOV

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