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  1. Hi there. Is this still available. May be interested...shoot me a pm pse.
  2. Pm me your no. If thats ok.......
  3. Do you still have Borbets & what size are they pse....
  4. Congrats on sale Steve.... Look forward to seeing what you get next......?
  5. Thks, will be in touch either today or tomorrow, cheers.
  6. Thks Ronny, sorry for confusion Jason.....? Let us know if you are not interested & I will contact Mark.......?
  7. Bump... What about a secondhand one to suit an 1986 model...... Anything out there......
  8. Let us know what you have & how much you want for it pse. Chasing for a friend who needs rather urgently. Thanks in advance.
  9. I have a spare one available, let me know what its worth too you....?
  10. Thanks Michael. Love the Borbets. .....

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