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  1. **SOLD** Will call u tomorrow Jason to organise. Thks in advance......
  2. Thks for your help..... Situation has now been sorted, cheers.πŸ˜†
  3. Any one have or have recommendations for front door speakers for an 1987 928. Asking for a friend/customer whom i will gladly forward details if any one can help. Hoping to keep original styling.... Thks in advance......
  4. If u still need hatch struts, please shoot me a pm ok.
  5. Thks Orlando Wondered why i was having troubles. Thought it was cause i was using my ph & not pc....that's a relef thks....πŸ˜†
  6. Please check your books as i have had a paypal direct debit set up for years & every year its the same thing.... Please advise acct payment details as my payments are still going to Kerry (Mod). If this needscto change let me know & i will forward copy of ladt payment ok. Please advise......
  7. Why can’t I post a for sale ad........?????
  8. Good job, looks the goods.πŸ˜† Like the wheels also.....
  9. Hi there. Is this still available. May be interested...shoot me a pm pse.
  10. Pm me your no. If thats ok.......
  11. Do you still have Borbets & what size are they pse....
  12. Congrats on sale Steve.... Look forward to seeing what you get next......?
  13. Thks, will be in touch either today or tomorrow, cheers.

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