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  1. Sorry mate, Just saw your post. Did u get them sorted ?
  2. Try Burson Auto Parts, Thats where I found my trim clips......
  3. Thks Dreamr, Will check it out. Got a lead on a new one now so will follow that up tomorrow. Hope you & family are well......
  4. Great looking car, credit to you....... GLWS.....😎
  5. Bugger, won’t suit unfortunately. Thanks for offer though Jaffar....
  6. Thanks for that, will keep it in mind. Really need a master cylinder as mine is shot. Is your booster an Ate booster ?
  7. Urgently seeking...... 1987 944 Brake Master Cylinder required ASAP - non ABS..... If anyone can help that would be great as would rather buy here than o/seas. Will consider booster as well but would prefer with reservoir at least. Please pm if you can help...... Cheers.
  8. Thks Mike will call him tomorrow, cheers....
  9. Thks Jason but have a split rear myself. Got on to a rear seat delete at the right price, just having trouble organising to get it here..... Help pse, anybody....... Been searching for years.
  10. Does anyone have any advice or are organising freight from USA to Australia. Needing to organise a rear seat from the States to NSW asap.... Any advice or help would b greatly appreciated.........πŸ˜‰ Thks in advance......
  11. Problem sorted, thks.......πŸ‘
  12. WTB.... Brake master cylinder & booster in good condition or new as mine has just died.... Let us know what you have & what you need via pm pse as rather urgent to get sorted. Thks in advance......
  13. You know i want it Chris.... Thats a shame buddy.....

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