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  1. It’s been online for along long time. I spoke to the owner, he advised he brought it from a friend who is a mechanic and it’s top notch. It unfortunately has lots of gaps in the service history, that was a deal breaker for me at 55k. For what it’s worth It looks clean in and out.
  2. I’ve used neway wheels previously wouldn’t hesitate to use them again, assuming second link is wheel solutions in Richmond?
  3. Please keep me in mind for you Carrera classics !!
  4. That vehicle is the same one that is at Lorbek, see below “similar vehicles” It was discussed a fair few pages back
  5. Lovely set, I’ve been searching for 19’s and haven’t seen a set come up. what have you got on your car currently?
  6. Is the Lorbek car the same blue C4S that is on Carsales Listed for 92k? I messaged the 92k car from Carsales seller when it was I think 80k, I sought our the service history info and noticed there was a massive gap in service history stamps, declined to take it further considering what was the asking price.
  7. Cheers mate, she’s looks beautiful with those 19’s 👍
  8. Wow just wow, what a colour! It looks like you shot it somewhere out in the states!
  9. I’ve had a fair few of my Tassie customers call me something very similar 🤣🤣
  10. Yes the 997 itch.... it was a bit more to move up to a 997, if it didn't have the IMS, RMS and Clutch done I probably wouldn't have purchased it.
  11. A fair few of those cars have been sitting on Carsales for years. I spoke to the owner of the 55k blue one, it has very sketchy serve history..... I passed on an immaculate 996.2 with IMS done at low 60’s (end of last year) guess you just need to be patient and move quickly once one pops up!
  12. Are you looking to bring it here and keep forever or flip it? Unfortunately UK cars have the dirty import with rust stigma which will detract some buyers. Most on here have previously stated take 20/25% off what they’re advertised here. Hard to gauge as there isn’t many if any 997.2S for sales... There is a black manual 997.2 (Non S) listed for 126k aus delivered...
  13. Kerb rash costs circa $150-200 a wheel to fix? why you wouldn’t clean it up when advertising such a vehicle I’ll never know! The fluffy seats are hilarious, surely just showcase the perfect kept leather seats?
  14. Thanks very much everyone for your input and previous experiences.
  15. Hi P Team, I have done a search on here, even did a quick google search, no such luck... I am seeking guidance and feedback from anyone that has upgraded from 18" wheels to 19" genuine wheels on their 997 C2. Loving the aesthetics of a particular 997.2 wheel... I am not really interested in lowering the height and from what I can tell by changing to 19" wheels it will create a larger gap on the wheel arches? To me from the back of a monitor screen this is evident on the 997 C2 on carsales with 19" wheels I have viewed... Is the ride a lot harsher when moving from 40 profile to 30/35? Does it compromise handling etc (As the 997 C2 came out from the factory with 18" wheels am I best to just stick with this size and upgrade to new Michelin rubber all round?) Any help would be really appreciated!!

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