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  1. Thoughts if think trade in value on a 996 turbo auto is really 82.5 🤔 Do you think he’s getting 82.5 trade in? as JWM said who would bother for 2.5 with all the tyre kickers and low ballers you’d have to contended with !
  2. Guess he is trying to gather all the interest possible before he trades it in. no RWC for an 85k car is a bit strange!!
  3. 99% sure this is an auto not a manual , remember this car when I was having a perv at the auto and manual turbos a few weeks ago he obviously hasn’t updated the comments since he has received the 82.5 trade in price...
  4. I’ll be getting these guys to do my too, just on the hunt for S tips to try and get all sorted at once!!
  5. That’s the perfect stars align with right place right time scenario 👌
  6. I just edited my post haha I’m searching the forum for 19” carrera sport wheels pics and thought heck I may as well share the link to davo’s intro Very cheap mate, it was sold within a few days it being advertised. I purchased my in feb otherwise I’d have been all over it !
  7. What makes you say that? certain it’s the same car 😉
  8. Apologises for the word doc attachment in advance, it was advertised in May2020, sold soon after which I think is a bargain and a half?! New owner is on here.. i have a search on the 997.2's , prices vary from 100k to 115k, obviously the above is the exception. When I eventually get sick of three pedals ill be shooting to get into a 997.2 PDK (grey unit all the way) 997.2.docx
  9. Pretty sure that was an auto I’ve seen a black and red 996 turbo out my way, they sure look menacing!
  10. Either it’s the bargain of 2020 or the usual if it’s too goo to be true it usually is
  11. Is it the blue 996.1 or 996.2 that you are referring to that is a repaired wrote off? The 996.2 that is WOVR located in Vic has been on and off carsales for at least 2 years .
  12. It’s been online for along long time. I spoke to the owner, he advised he brought it from a friend who is a mechanic and it’s top notch. It unfortunately has lots of gaps in the service history, that was a deal breaker for me at 55k. For what it’s worth It looks clean in and out.
  13. I’ve used neway wheels previously wouldn’t hesitate to use them again, assuming second link is wheel solutions in Richmond?
  14. Please keep me in mind for you Carrera classics !!

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