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  1. Never responded when he gave me the same bullshit that he’s had so much interests and offers and it’s he obviously priced it too low 🙄 Fuk it’s not a Camry I’m sure he has a general idea on the market value for a manual 997S Might offer him 60k because the steering wheel and drivers seat are worn 🤣
  2. It’s had a gearbox overhaul at some pretty low kms...?
  3. Price has increased by $1,500 I’m sure by the morning it will be raised to god knows what
  4. I emailed him as soon as I got an alert!! I’m super keen however I’m in Tassie for work next week and don’t think the stars will align for me
  5. Damn that’s a great deal right there!! Shame I don’t have a search saved for 996’s!!
  6. I’ve asked him if he’s open to a PPI, guess it’s for sale but not for 60k 🤣 appears he’s keen on a Dutch auction lol
  7. Congrats mate, love the pic with your son ☺️ Looks magic in white
  8. I’d nearly consider giving him 125k just to bring that poor little thing back to stock 😢
  9. Agree with everything you say Lee. My two cents, great looking car especially with the wheel upgrade. Perhaps the Savannah’s interior is a deal breaker for some..? Being a 911 everyone in the know will know it was offered for sale at 40K by the previous owner, and a quick flip might be deterring some buyers... Not having at a go at the current owner or discounting the vehicle condition and value for money..
  10. No discount for PFA members 🙊 Any idea what was wrong with it at 40K apart from the non genuine wheels that have been changed?
  11. Good eye sight 🧐 I only have manual S saved so was wondering why it was cheaper than the others Just checked the pics again and rear badge is a give away ☺️ cheers!
  12. Bump! Anyone know the history on this cayman? It’s located at a caravan dealer 🤨 https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/_/OAG-AD-16916620?_ga=2.98331359.112428273.1550273039-1146585038.1541147819
  13. Assuming it will need to be listed on WOVR? What’s your thoughts on it? Steer clear?!
  14. He listed the car the other day right...?, I find it a tad strange that you’d drop 13k after such a short period. I get all the trolls and tyre kickers, we all get them when selling a car. Just can’t comprehend such a large price drop so soon....

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