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  1. Great work on the photos and video @Andy73 @KG . That bloke in the red jacket really knows how to work the lens.
  2. Great photos @Andy73 always love your work. Got to say..Cayman looks so hot, or is it Lit or Dope these days. Love the lowered look..where it shoulda been from the start. @Niko you were right! Thanks for your advise.
  3. RA987

    My new GT3.2 RS

    What's there not to love. Enjoy.?
  4. Lets roll the video tape... every second house has camera's... we need to settle this as I want to trot the story out at a party when there is a bit of awkward silence....
  5. RA987

    Manual Cayman s - where are they?

    It's all got to complicated.... I will persist with the good old fashion stick...in my Cayman s 987.2
  6. RA987

    Manual Cayman s - where are they?

    Great question, am glad you asked. @Niko and myself, have one of these... and they are awsome... owners hold onto them because they are the best P car ever made and the prediction is that they will double in value in the next six months... Niko have I done enough to raise the profile ? ?
  7. tell them you just gone to bunnings... they will understand.
  8. hey fraz... count me in too... if ok...
  9. Feel the pain Phil, just like paper cuts....I was down that way last week... at one stage going so slow in second gear..car was about to stall...
  10. Welcome to the Cayman club... look out for SMT's....and joining us for a drive around the hills.
  11. RA987


    Get an S... it does wonders to 'S 'ize
  12. There you go. Next time someone at office needs a new mouse, I will buy them a toaster.
  13. RA987

    What next?

    NIKE. ✔️
  14. Hi rob. When is the next one?.

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