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  1. Euge

    2008 Cayman S

    +1 if going for an auto, make it a 987.2
  2. Welcome to the forums and potentially to P-car ownership! Depending on your goals with ownership, I think one thing to consider is that you may need a bigger yearly budget for maintenance items given the age of the car. The GT86 is more modern and in the first 5yrs of ownership would have a much lower probability of requiring fixing. Not sure if you're the type of person who'll miss the creature comforts eg. blue tooth stereo etc so the cost can start to add up. I attribute much of my "cost of ownership" to the hours of labour required to fix things, especially compared to a Japanese car. Cost of maintenance on Porsches is pretty reasonable for the type of car you're getting if you are willing to DIY.
  3. What a treasure!! welcome to the club! Enjoying life!
  4. Seems this red 964 it got snapped up very quickly!
  5. Lately, I've been going through an exercise to understand a worst case scenario, breaking down what a 2007 Cayman S would be worth in Parts? I'm guessing this would be the lowest $ option a Cayman Owner might have. This could also be used to understand risks of the price you might pay Seats - $2k Wheels - $2k Suspension $2k Modified Exhaust $400 ... Chassis .. hard to price Engine $4k Gearbox $10k What do you think parts would be worth for a working car?
  6. How did you go isolating the failure?
  7. Anyone here buy the white one? I was quite curious how modified the car was but didn't make time to take look https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Porsche-911-Carrera-1990/SSE-AD-5725301/?Cr=1
  8. Think it would be best to start with a diagnostic tool (PIWIS - factory tool or eg Durametric) to read the fault code. Fault codes are more specific and help pinpoint the issue. Good luck!
  9. Euge

    987 Front Splitter

    Joe Toth. Good rep on planet-9 - Awesome choice! I'd love one myself if I wasn't so worried bout scraping and losing it
  10. Euge

    987 Rear Spoiler

    love the handy work there Bibbs! Thanks for sharing!
  11. I will openly admit that I envy any 964 owner, 2 or 4 I'm thinking these ranges look about right too. $120 C2 seems to go relatively quickly (For the right colour). Depends how many people out there who willing to pay this kind of money to have one right? While the 964 is my ultimate dream, the decision gets harder with all those GT3's!
  12. Depending on your budget for sure. I have PSS9's and did receive comments from my mates that the ride felt more supple than his stock 987 CS ride. Personally, I'm more performance orientated and love that raw knife like feeling that a stiff set up offers so I end up uprating the springs. The only down side of PSS9's is that I feel the shock valving (response of compression and rebound) is a bit to much in the middle ie. Neither fast for response but introduces a skittishness over bumps vs slow, that comfort boat like feeling. I would have loved to revalve for more response. The other new option is the ohlins for the performance oriented driver. Have been reading about that in the planet-9 forums and would love to give them ago to compare. Would be great to hear from anyone who has that experience. One thing to thing to keep in mind is that there's quite a lot of man hours to remove suspension with these cars, even with coil overs. Coil overs also need a corner weight balance and wheel alignment where as springs would simply set the car.
  13. Does anyone think they really sold it for that price? or just a facade
  14. Thanks Trev, That's crazy ... and making me think Twice. It's ashame. I've had LWF in my cars in the past and it was always one of the best mods that really makes the engine come alive! There is also an opinion in forums about the need to change to a spring type clutch which is believed to help with harmonic dampening. Eg on Pelican parts in the lightened flywheel section https://www.pelicanparts.com/techarticles/Boxster_Tech/44-TRANS-Clutch/44-TRANS-Clutch.htm Still difficult to a call on the whole LWFW thingy! Thanks Skidmarks, so you sit in the camp that feels that the LWF risks aren't necessarily as clear cut as some of the opinions out there? It is quite a mix of experiences out there and hard to call. Eg. Sharkwerks has a LWFW kit that seems to be in many of their projects so it is hard to conclude!
  15. Looking for anyone who's done a Lightweight Flywheel (LWF) in their 987.1 Cayman or boxster. Which products did you use and what did it cost you? Any regrets? Would you do it again or would you do anything differently?

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