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  1. Thanks Mike. I have seen you are collecting mufflers The exhaust system is a full custom job from a joint in the UK. Place called JanSpeed if I remember correctly
  2. And that's the "4 bolts" people talk about I'd almost forgot how much of a pig this was to get all lined up, with very little space lol. Major update yesterday...I finished connecting all cables and hoses Saturday and bled the fuel system before my mate came over to hold the fire extinguisher: I cranked it over a few times to ensure I had oil pressure. Then after a few cranks, the engine fired up! I was so relieved - I was very nervous that I may have done something wrong along the way. I did have an air leak coming from the intake plenum boot between the metering unit and the throttle body which is partially down to one of my take offs being so close to the firewall. So I will need to relocate that takeoff for a better fit and to ensure I get rid of that un-metered air before I start tuning:
  3. I rebuilt my original kombi box with a taller 3rd and 4th gear to try and span out the RPM, but havent done the best job. Especially now I its come over from the UK where the general spped limit has gone from 70mph (110kph) to 100kph. In reality its the other end that needs attention - i.e. 1st and 2nd gear. If I go hard off the line, there isnt much to the first gear haha.
  4. NaFe

    Battery Help

    I hope noone minds me resurrecting this thread, rather than starting a new one, but does anyone have the full spec of the factory battery? As in Ah, CA and CCA? My engine will seldomly be run and looking at getting a good battery for stock 1981 SC 3.0L @Doish13, do you mind sharing the spec of battery you purchased - presuming it was for you 911SC?
  5. I had a similar issue. hard/laboured to crank...happened sporadically and only when hot. turned out my starter was well and truly on its way out, but i tested the ground strap connection as suggested by simply running a jump lead straight back to the battery.
  6. My viking hat/syndey opera house/alternator hub extension arrived and promptly fitted. I also fitted a pop-off valve, new manifold injector inserts and before I knew it, the injeection system was back on the engine Feeling positive i know where the electrickery wires go too. its funny, with the injection system back on, it really looks like it will never fit back in kombi haha
  7. great topic. a PO of my engine had painted it orange, and when I got a paint job I had it body colour matched. As it turned out, the PO who originally painted it didn't do good job on the etching prior to painting, so the whole lot started to chip/flake off in chunks. 30mins later and I literally peeled all of the paint off and now wondering what direction to go in
  8. Thanks Mike, I'll let you know. Maybe the injector inserts and out insert seals for the 3.0SC manifold if you have them, but think I've got new CIS injector seals Thanks Zelrik, Looks like this is for the 3.2L engine. I believe there is a slight difference, but it should fit - at lease with a little mod... I was searching with my 81SC model in pelican parts search function so showed no result
  9. I've managed to source a replacement a 2nd hand one after being told by Autohaus Hamilton they are a NLA new. It's off a 3.2L but I've been told that it should fit. Even if it needs a little modifying, it'll be better than what I have. Hopefully should arrive around Wednesday next week. In the meantime, I'll dust off the injection system and I have to fit a pop-off valve to the airbox and replace the airbox to manifold connectors
  10. Yes that's it. It's called a hub extension on the parts drawing. Is this where you say you have one.....please please please
  11. Sorry For the MASSIVE delay Mike, I've moved house since the last update and had a few other life events that had stopped me in my tracks on this build. I have finally got as far as the long block and almost ready to put the Intake back on. Here are a few picks of the rebuild I moved into the laundry when the wife wasnt looking to ensure as clean as environment as possible - strictly no tumble drying until I was booted out There's always one The struggle is real: Reunited wasnt prpared to pay the ridiculous money to the P tool so made my own: Then just welded on two end plates to make my own socket As of last night. My hub extension, that sits on the the back of the alternator/fan housing has previously been hacked up and in pretty bad shape. Speaking to Autohaus, they inform me that this part is NLA so I don't suppose any PFA's have got a spare one kicking around for an SC engine?
  12. A good friend of mine used to to be the Engine builder at this independent porsche dealer: http://www.gmundcars.com/cars-for-sale
  13. As the title says really, I was just wondering if anyone could quote what the standard 911 SC clutch plate pressure is? I cant seem to find out what it is Nath

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