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  1. Yes @Jason E, true but not exactly. I had Italian car fever quite badly, owning a 125, 128, 124 wagon, 124BC, 131 and 2 Alfettas and a Lancia Beta. I became quite good a welding... Then I married a girl with a 124CC. Still have the girl but the CC is long gone, along with the other Italians.
  2. Another HAPP, my second, waiting for me to pick up. Sold the first one (installed in 2013) with my house and sheds 😪. Now waiting for my new shed to be built at our new place... Great support from Maree and Gavan, highly recommended.
  3. Good point Peter, they're all organic compounds of varying length carbon-hydrogen molecules. Synthetics have more tightly controlled chain lengths, minerals are more widely dispersed.
  4. +1 for Styling automotive. Had a number of air-cooled 911 resto's on the go when I visited 12 months ago. Did a great job on my RS bonnet (TTRS, that is...)😎
  5. I do indeed John! Being magazine editor for PCQ for 5 years was a testing time for a grammar Nazi like me. A delicate balance between retaining the character of a story and suppressing need to re-write tracts of text to satisfy spelling/grammar correction urges... You've convinced me, John. My Audi S4 is "Doody" from "Howdy Doody" > "Audi Doody". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Howdy_Doody Most of you will be too young to know this...😉
  6. "Heeler", John, it's a dog, not a doctor...😎
  7. Jason, leave the effing wheels alone! If Porsche had wanted them to be black, they'd be black!
  8. Would've thought the advertiser would have put in a bit more effort (both text and pics) for a $125k "not a real Porsche"!
  9. Thought we'd already done that - no, wait - it was the torque tube bearings I'm getting confused with... Similar feeling though, I'm sure.
  10. Nice job John. That's the best that car has looked, in my experience...
  11. No contest - silver wins outright! I believe dark wheel colours were promoted because owners couldn't be arsed to clean the brake dust off the rims...
  12. Rob

    Wheel Kicking...

    Hey John Would ones like these suit?
  13. Rob

    944 torque tube

    @Jason E, moved yours too soon!
  14. "Stoic?" Floyd can't even spell "stoic", but he's always up for a cuddle and a lick, or a bit more if you don't move him on...

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