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  1. Have you checked the tightness of the driveshaft bolts? They are renowned for loosening over time...
  2. FFS Brian! Why did you not try this as one of your first attempts! Everyone should be carrying a spare DME in their glovebox. And just buy a genuine one (or two) and don't worry about generics... Glad you got it going though...😉
  3. Nice little collection 944Tman. You'll need to be on site before 0600 if you want to park anywhere near the action. As stated earlier, most of the exhibits are heading off by 0800.
  4. Brian Yes, your engine has a cam position sensor up behind the camshaft pulley. The connection to that is very prone to disintegration as it's quite close to the exhaust. It's also called the Hall Sensor...
  5. But where was it imported from? RHD but with ugly US bumpers, LHD-RHD conversion?
  6. Your bicycle will be quicker than the 944 Auto, which may be slightly quicker up hills (depending on your drug regime...)
  7. Jason! I can't believe you're considering selling our love child! We've been through so much blood, sweat, blood, skin, swearing, blood, beer etc. together it would be like losing a child, only worse. How could you forget the joy of doing the torque tube bearings - I can't forget them - neither can my impact driver... Don't mention the clutch or the suspension or the terrific work the Buchanans did on it when you bought it. But now there's nothing of any import left to do, so it's probably getting a bit boring, just having a reliable fast-ish car. OK, you've convinced me!
  8. Nice! Got one for my 21st about when yours was new. Wore it everywhere, knocked it about and sold it about 20 years ago to buy a... Citizen ProMaster!😞 Thought I'd done OK, now I know a lot better...
  9. I recently bought some suspension bits from Germany. The price quoted was "delivered to Australia" but with a notation that "additional taxes or charges may be applied in Australia". Sure enough, I had a phone call from DHL advising me that I needed to pay them GST and import duty before they would deliver it. Easily done, just quoted credit card details and the bits arived. The whole transaction, from ordering to receipt, was just over a week😉
  10. Have you finished your clutch job yet, Brian?
  11. Hi Mike I should be able to help. I have the Vag-com software that accesses VAG vehicle ECUs. I'm at Barellan Point, near Ipswich. Cheers Rob
  12. Hey Finny Maybe I wasn't clear enough. The FPRs I have are 3bar ones, because I replaced them with 4 bar ones when I ungraded my 944Ts boost. 0 280 160 286 (has screw-on fuel line) From '90 944T 0 280 160 227 (has barb and clamp connection for fuel line) This is from '86 944T Check if yours has either number and you can have one or both...
  13. If you decide you want to try another FPR, I have 2x 3bar ones from 944Ts that I upgraded to 4bar. One is from an '86, the other from a '90. Free to you if you're interested...
  14. Hi Carl OK, we've got that cleared up now. Don't know what the brand of aligner they use, but it reads out the values to the right of the decimal point in degrees. For example, one of the other readings is -0.68degrees, which means that the readings are all in decimal degrees, not degrees and minutes. My alignment printouts do have the factory specifications for the Audi included, but do not report the calibration state, nor the brand of the aligner. After a full re-alignment, all readings, bar front camber, were within factory specs. Font camber was set at 1.3-1.4 degrees, at my request. Alignments done on my previous vehicles have had a Beissbath logo, but later readouts have a different format and no logo. Must have a peek at the branding next time I'm near the shop. Cheers, Rob

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