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  1. Mate sounds like a plan! I’ll message you when I’m going to be there
  2. I will take some this weekend... loved the drive, was snow in the freeway at Yass- about 5cm deep on the actual road... fun trip! Will take it to Berry on Friday next week 👍
  3. Just bought a 991.1 4S, drove it up from Melbourne, that exhaust note made me laugh out loud about 5 times on the way home... very happy 😃
  4. I’m interested in the answer to that too!
  5. Hey mate, yes very excited but have not done the deal. Thanks again for the duper kind offer. Hoping to be in berry in the next few weeks so will message you. yea you are probably right with the button paddle thing. I just like the idea of them 🤣 Thanks mate - The PDK would certainly know better than me! Thanks for the detailed info!
  6. I’m looking at getting into a 991.1 4S and lots of the cars have buttons on the steering wheel not the paddles on the sport design wheel which I like. I presume you can change the wheel but can anybody confirm that. And would it be a crazy cost for the sport design steering wheel and labour?
  7. Only 3 of the 991.1’s - what would you know 🤣🤣🤣 Agree - I’m hanging out for that right now, I don’t see many 991.2’s moving so maybe that is a sign
  8. Well that is some solid advice!
  9. Articles I’ve read all say the 991.2 is better but I have not driven a 991.2 so I can’t comment
  10. Just sold my ‘78 targa last weekend - with no air in it was hard to drive this summer, that’s for sure! Beautiful car though, miss it already!!
  11. Thanks Edgy, did not even look at a GT3... yet! I thought that would be a lot more
  12. Hey team, I’m looking to re-enter the water cooled 911 ownership. I had a 997.2 C2 manual. Love the look of the wide body 4S but a early 991 is a similar price. I’m feeling 997 4S is where I would like to be. This time around will be PDK as my wife will be driving it (she is paying 🤣). Is that the better choice over a early 991? Help me please!
  13. Haha brilliant tip Simon, thanks for the bane as well, I will give him a buzz 🙏
  14. I wish I had the ability to rebuild my 3.0 engine. Has a couple of broken head studs and now making some noise in take off. Autohaus quoted a figure I can’t even half afford!

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