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  1. I’m sure somebody here will know what this is but I feel like the PDK clutch in my 991 is slipping. When traveling 30-50km/hr and I floor the car it revs hard but the acceleration seems slow. I feel like the PDK clutch is slipping. Does that sound right? Is that possible?
  2. I got a full bare metal windows out respray on my ‘77 911 from Ron Goodman’s nephew for a bit over $10k. His name is Mitch and company is Sharpline SW of Sydney CBD. Nice guy good job
  3. Thanks team, just landed back in town so I’m on the hunt! I’ll let you know how I go
  4. I am up for some new rear tyres on the 991 4S, I’m running 305’s Pirelli’s... Jax quoted me $750 each. Does that sound right or am I being ripped off? Any better/cheaper options?
  5. Haha love it mate! Wow that is a lot of water! My country property only has 40k and I thought that was a lot. My home only has 20k but it has not really rained where I am for a long time. Might try the gerni out if the bucket! Would love to have the space for that much water but... my mate just bought a ‘renovators delight’ in my suburb on just over 2,000m for $6m - the land to put those tanks on in Syd is just too much for me. I put in 20k L 2 years ago but that’s all I could fit mate Hell yes!
  6. Haha yes the lack of rain to fill the tank is my problem. I have 3 tanks... all empty 😥 Yea I’ll try to find the closest self washing place - thanks for all the advice!
  7. So with the lack of water and the new Sydney water restrictions, how on earth can we wash our cars with out scratching them? Water is precious now, so hosing off the dirt before I wash the car is out, I don’t see how I won’t scratch the hell out It. The commercial car wash business are probably even worse. Am I being too pedantic? Any thoughts? i read about waterless wash products - I presume they are not great?
  8. Mate sounds like a plan! I’ll message you when I’m going to be there
  9. I will take some this weekend... loved the drive, was snow in the freeway at Yass- about 5cm deep on the actual road... fun trip! Will take it to Berry on Friday next week 👍
  10. Just bought a 991.1 4S, drove it up from Melbourne, that exhaust note made me laugh out loud about 5 times on the way home... very happy 😃
  11. I’m interested in the answer to that too!
  12. Hey mate, yes very excited but have not done the deal. Thanks again for the duper kind offer. Hoping to be in berry in the next few weeks so will message you. yea you are probably right with the button paddle thing. I just like the idea of them 🤣 Thanks mate - The PDK would certainly know better than me! Thanks for the detailed info!
  13. I’m looking at getting into a 991.1 4S and lots of the cars have buttons on the steering wheel not the paddles on the sport design wheel which I like. I presume you can change the wheel but can anybody confirm that. And would it be a crazy cost for the sport design steering wheel and labour?
  14. Only 3 of the 991.1’s - what would you know 🤣🤣🤣 Agree - I’m hanging out for that right now, I don’t see many 991.2’s moving so maybe that is a sign

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