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  1. Bugger will be on two wheels in the high country that wk end.🙁
  2. Haven't got an original 944 stereo by any chance?
  3. Looking for an auxiliary pulley for a 1982 944 that drives the aircon. The exhisting one has a worn edge and could be used as a deli slicer. Cheers
  4. Rod C

    WTB- 944 manual

    Realigning some ducks.
  5. Hi Rick V, Im about half an hour from this car and would be happy to have a look for you if you were serious . It has been around for a long time but there is no doubt that wide bodied 996's are great looking cars. Not so long ago a forest green tan interior turbo sat on the market for a long time priced at mid 60k.A member here bought that car and having seen it in the flesh it was probably the steal of the century.
  6. Bump and will be at HB
  7. Russ from QLD who is a member had 4 for sale at $20 each of which I bought one and I think he still has the others.
  8. Flavio has a set to sell? He's on here but not sure of his user name. I think he did advertise them on here so may well be still in the for sale section.

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