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  1. Great intro to the world of the 996 Jeff. Look forward to see what you end up doing to it.
  2. When Tony Mokbel was on the run he had a fake ID with the Stephen Pappas. This dudes ID is no doubt fake as well.
  3. Sorry I didnt really drive the car with it on so cant give any feedback.
  4. Have one fitted to get me out of a spot till I could replace both. I had Bridgestone Pontenza 285/30 ZR 18 but they are no longer available so just looking at options now. The Nankang to me just looks to narrow when compared to the pontenza.
  5. No not me Marty those days were long ago. I can still smell the woft of oil when I used to turn the heater on.
  6. Looking for a pair of back seat backs that fold down. The car is a 1984 911 cabriolet and any color would be fine. As they are shorter they will have 4 pleats instead of 5. Thanks.
  7. Only when it goes through insurance does it end up on the WOVR?
  8. I have heard of people doing it with the engine still in place.
  9. Im in Balnarring and have a hoist if you want to have a good look around.
  10. Not sure you would want to remove a tail on a modified boby thats been made to look like a turbo.
  11. Rod C

    Wanted CDR220 Stereo

    Cheers Lee will do but hoping someone may have a unit sitting around after an upgrade.

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