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  1. I have a tidy set for sale if you go down that line.
  2. I've owned a 79 SC and now have a 996. I can tell you if you do go ahead with your decision you won't regret it.Would I still like to own my SC.......absolutely as they have a character all of their own but finances don't allow for that. Enjoy whatever you decide to do.
  3. Great looking pair of cars. Welcome back.👍
  4. And laps he will cut! Should attach a fund raiser to him and sponsor him per lap.🤑🤑🤑
  5. Rod C

    How life can change

    Sorry to hear this news Jason and as you said how life can change. l too have been through a life changing health issue but as the members have mentioned above stay positive and talk to people. Goodluck to you and your wife and always remember how fortunate we are to have access too the best health services in the world cause we have the best people in the world.🙂
  6. Rod C


  7. I guess you can't put a price on the above!😂
  8. Rod C


    Yes, still have them Higgo.
  9. Gorgeous car but owner isn't shy about the price!🤑 Starting to get into GT3 territory there.🤔
  10. Welcome to the forum and your very nice 944. Look forward to some more pics and information on your car. Cheers and well done.☝
  11. I'm looking forward to the main event 😜 Could definately see myself in a turbo one day, funny enough never thought much about the white gauges on the dash but having seen yours I can see why some people would have ticked the box on that one.👌 Much appreciated for the chance to drive a turbo and sorry I had to rush off.👍
  12. Rod C

    Squirrelling away...

    Some wise words indeed!☝️
  13. Rod C

    Junk 924 turbo for wrecking or parts

    Hi Michel, There is a 81 brown turbo for sale on Gumtree and the guy has a spare motor for it. Maybe worth a call.
  14. Rod C

    My 993 will soon have a friend..

    God I hope to be in a position one day to do something like this.😔 Congratulations Gavin on your purchase.
  15. Rod C

    996 Auto vs Manual

    When I started researching 4 years ago the difference between manual and auto was on average 10 k but now it seems to have closed a little. The biggest price change was the series two S4 which over a two year period climbed 20 - 30 k in price but has now plateaued in the last year.