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  1. Congrats Andy. Work hard....play hard🤜
  2. I'd put Turbo centre caps on Turbo Twists. Sometimes pays to check prices at your local PC.
  3. Front bumper ,wheels and skirts painted from what I can tell. Could it be mutton dressed as lamb?🤔
  4. Interior and exterior seem like two different cars. Would have been interesting to see what the exterior would have looked like before someone has spent a good amount of time and effort to present the car. Some interesting discolouration on the rear seats. Fair chance there may have been a good amount of condensation in there at some stage.
  5. They all seem to suffer the same fate Taz. May have to stroll on down to my local Supercheap as well.
  6. 101 Projects for your 996 is a great source of info if you can get hold of a copy. Has a step by step guide for this job.
  7. Some $30k plus raised for Peninsula Health so well done to Skidmarks and The Flinders District Lions Club.
  8. Booked in a couple of weeks ago for the section to be judged. Better start cleaning her up.
  9. Had the same issue with a 924 and it ended up being the fuel regulators.
  10. All indoor covers Martin. Will get back to you on that Tips.

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