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  1. Geez this must be a very tough decision mate but like others we can only wait in anticipation as to its replacement. GLWS
  2. +1 For the Peninsula......... I could be a little bias.
  3. Makes me want to go and find a project engine.
  4. Just do it Phil.......LIFE IS NOT A REHERSAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Bugger , fell just short of making this one . Everything was on track until the 11th hour after assembling the engine and all the bits and pieces I went to put on the oil filter only to find I had been sent a 924 oil and air filter.............%$#@!!!! So status is remains the same 3 out of 3 porsches still off the road. Fair to say I probably wouldnt be their best ambassador at the moment.
  6. Hopefuly if I can finish the 944 tonight I will be there.
  7. Non original rear bumper from a S4 unless its a UK car.
  8. Bugger will be on two wheels in the high country that wk end.🙁
  9. Haven't got an original 944 stereo by any chance?
  10. Looking for an auxiliary pulley for a 1982 944 that drives the aircon. The exhisting one has a worn edge and could be used as a deli slicer. Cheers
  11. Rod C

    WTB- 944 manual

    Realigning some ducks.

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