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  1. Rod C

    Where to buy 944 parts

    Thanks Justin? Thanks Symsy?
  2. Rod C

    Where to buy 944 parts

    Thankyou? Thanks Tazzie will do?
  3. Rod C

    Where to buy 944 parts

    Thanks Hunter? Thanks SteveF ?
  4. Rod C

    Where to buy 944 parts

    Thanks Lee?
  5. Rod C

    Where to buy 944 parts

    After some recommendations on where to buy/ source 944 parts as I'm just about to undertake some engine work on the 944. New timing belt,waterpump,associated gaskets and tensioner. Thanks in advance.
  6. Have a friend looking to offload a near completed engine rebuild 924 Turbo. Has thrown too much money already at it and no longer has the passion for it.Can forward a phone number if interested.
  7. Long way from original. Incorrect carpet and seats,pieces missing from engine bay and possible damage to front end looking at the bumper fit.? Would need to sharpen the pencil dramatically to take it on.
  8. Calvin Pusterla lives on the Mornington Peninsula. Porsche specialist for 30 plus years and does a lot of race prep cars. Owned Jocaro motors workshop for 25 years and now based in Moorooduc.
  9. Rod C

    924 parts recommendations

    Paul woolie Woolie's Work shop, Justin Webb both on Facebook and both from the UK. Werk924 in Germany for clothe and dash Local Porsche shop was good on pricing with some things otherwise Auto Atlanta in the USA.
  10. I had one reglued last year and it came up a treat.A friend of mine who is a professional car glazier and has done a few did the work in two stages as I wanted time to clean and prep the trim for painting. Once the frame was fitted we left it off the car for a few days to set before refitting. We did spend a bit of time filling all the gaps between the frame and the glass also don't rush the separation of the original glue as you could damage the glass.
  11. Rod C

    944 sale price

    Sorry Tingy, Plastic cap missing on wiper arm will have to pass.? Seriously that is a superb example of a car. GLWS and your path traveling forward.
  12. Rod C

    924 Martini

    Hi Michel, Tried to PM you but says you can't receive messages.
  13. Rod C

    996 parts needed - recomendation

    Parts come up on gumtree and eBay from time to time.
  14. The bloody 4 post indicator stalk at $500 plus dollars not including labour.?
  15. I have a tidy set for sale if you go down that line.