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  1. If James doesnt want the rotors I'll grab them if still available thanks.
  2. Yep my first car was a XD ute and I replaced many a door handle on that car . Also pulled the hand brake once and ripped it the whole way out.😒
  3. A 928 won an award last time. Seem to always get the judges attention/eye.👌
  4. Congratulations on your new ride and welcome to the Porsche family. The forum gives you access to many people with a wealth of knowledge. Enjoy!
  5. Twelve to eighteen months ago you would have said way too high but in this current climate nothing seems to be of no suprise in regards to pricing. Certainly does appear to be a nice example of a Targa 996 going on the pictures.
  6. Welcome to the 996 family. Enjoy your new ride.👌
  7. I guess someone must of thought the same Phil as its now gone.
  8. Whole unit for sale in the sale section on this forum.
  9. I'll take number 2 if still available thanks Geoff. Cheers
  10. TCB car sales.........Not sure if Facebook page is still there but reading some of the comments on previous postings you would never buy a car from them.

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