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  1. Having done a full driveline / brakes build on a 924 and a top end build on a 944 I have to agree that something like this you need to get into at a very cheap price cause even doing it yourself would only be for the love of it. I soon discovered that its not until you are in there that the true extent of internal corosion is revealed and thats when the dollars start to flow.
  2. The good lord reveals himself in mysterious ways!😁
  3. Hell have no fury like a women scorned!😲
  4. So once the car is sold and the agreement is enacted does both the dealer and new buyer pay stampduty ? If thats the case the state goverment would be crazy to change the rules.
  5. Geez that looks clean in the engine bay and with low k's.👌
  6. Thanks MR901 will also follow up as well.
  7. Cheers Niko will have a chat with them.
  8. Looking for recomendations to have a set of rims refurbished thanks.
  9. Great intro to the world of the 996 Jeff. Look forward to see what you end up doing to it.

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