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  1. Would think a good manual .1 is somewhere around the 45-50k region and a .2 manual around 55-60k . As always when the top comes down so does the price.
  2. Series 2 lights and S4 bumper on a series 1. Cant help but think it may have had a little altercation at some stage.
  3. The only BMW I can see looks like a 70's model not that I'd know.
  4. Do you have a pic of the 2002 brochure? Cheers
  5. Pretty sure months ago this car had a starting price of around 70k
  6. Yep really like the effort and thought that has gone into the 4th picture.
  7. Not sure on that sorry.
  8. 991 Near new $375 996/997 $375 996 Aero/GT3 $375 2 x Boxster 981 $350 each
  9. Will check but Im sure I have a 997 ,996 plus 991 and a Boxster.
  10. I have some genuine Porsche indoor covers for sale. Great fit and quality. Google Porsche Tequipment.
  11. Watching a doco on the Porsche Taycan the other night and the companys investment into the project was 6.8 billion pounds which included the construction of a purpose built plant. Lets hope they can ride the bumps ahead.🤞

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