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  1. Rod C

    A project for someone?

    These guys must have imported a container load at some stage. I remember them selling two or three 356's that all looked like jigsaw puzzles.
  2. Rod C

    A project for someone?

    She's been for sale a long time this one. I guess there are too many faint hearted people around as the add suggests.
  3. Thats what I like to see Lee a smart business owner who knows the value of his business is the people who work within it and realy makes them feel like a valued member of the team... NOT!!!! Gee I too would feel like going the extra mile so I could receive a baking!
  4. As per title I have some genuine indoor Porsche covers for sale in brand new condition except for some very minor tyer dressing marks. 997 Gt3 RS gen 2 Part number 997.044.000.16 $600.00 SOLD 996 GT3 / aero kit $550.00 SOLD
  5. +1 For Calvin at Eurocars Mornington.......Porsche specialist plus many other exotic brands are seen there.
  6. Series 1 cars seem to have options with after market headlights so hard to say where as the series 2 are harder to come by and when I last checked were around the 3k each mark.
  7. Rod C

    928 Parts Needed!

    Sorry Andy, Page is called Landsharkoz
  8. Rod C

    928 Parts Needed!

    Hi Andy, Possible good contact could be a Facebook page called Oz Landsharks.
  9. Alaldin's cave right there. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Just simply gorgous Saxon.
  11. Welcome and what a great car to start the journey.

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