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  1. Buy in gloom and sell in boom! I think the indicators are closer to gloom than boom if the current national debt is anything to go by.
  2. Rod C

    New 996 C2

    For a bloke who has sat his arse in a lot of Porsches over the years that's a big wrap for the 996👍
  3. A good site to checkout is Bob Violet RC Planes.
  4. The 4S series have the turbo body and turbo brakes. All cabs came with the hard top roof as standard and not an 11k option that some vendors spruke and try to use as a sweetener but for some reason a lot of them seem to go missing or are sold off separately .
  5. Rod C

    991 3.8l Carrera S

    Congrats Dave it's looks superb....love the platinum wheels.👌Bugger I missed it on Sunday.
  6. Rod C


    Welcome Nath, looks like you have some awesome roads there and look forward to seeing the Black Edition.👌
  7. Rod C

    Shipping a 911 from the US

    American imports in Tyabb
  8. Rod C

    My new 996

    Congratulations Marty can't wait to see it.👌Welcome to the 996 family. Will we see at Flinders come Easter ?
  9. Finally got to the post office to collect my poster and it looks superb so thanks very much Kerry and Orlando.👌
  10. Rod C

    Red 911's YES or NO

    Does a brown bear shit in the woods?
  11. Rod C

    924 Martini Resurrection tips

    Have dealt with these guys as well with no problems and you can email to them in English. I bought the Martini seat covers and I'm very happy with them. Carbone garage do the Martini stickers and are cheaper than werk924 but haven't seen the quality first hand also check out the Porsche decal shop in the UK..
  13. Rod C

    Club Registration Victoria

    I'm with PCV and so a few others here as well. Have two cars on club rego and was a smooth process .