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  1. Hey @Simonk a great objective writeup. Were the Eibach springs set 3cm / 1" lower, and did you use the same on the 996?
  2. I had a 2010 E500 coupe and the 5.5lt V8 was a great engine but it was too heavy and too far forward for the chasis. I then drove the E250 and it was a totally different car, really nice to drive - I suspect the E350 is a great compromise.
  3. I suppose this has been seen - but worth another look .. can't be more than 1-2 in the country
  4. Thanks - side by side is there anything 'wrong' with the OEM pads, or do they simply not preform as well as a Pagid or Pagid RS?
  5. Evening, I need to put new pads all-round on the X51 and will probably put braided hoses. Anybody have $0.02 on the OEM pads versus another option - PagidRS, Bosch, Tekstar, Mintex....? Al.
  6. Yep - my Mk1 X51 is awesome, much more spritely than a standard 996, not just in horses, it also spins up harder. Had Autohaus upgrade the oil/air filter and put in a new clutch, plus re-do seals etc. I recently changed the air filter and intake, and had a shop do a Gundo-hack on the exhaust which did a lot for the 996 noise. Read on another forum that a shop in the UK dyno-d a few X51’s and they were running 35+HP over stock (over claimed 25hp), which seemed right given accepted view Porsche always slightly under-baked official HP numbers. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I often (seriously) toy with a complete move to the US so I can build a garage. Property is 60% cheaper and so are the cars.
  8. no problem, on the condition you don't start lurking around the back of our house if the pics satisfy and you really take fancy..
  9. I agree, really cleans up the console and removes more of the black plastic. The only non-vote for this could be that storage in the 996.1 is limited (no glovebox) except for the tiny locked compartment, and so the storage below the CD holder in the console is a bit useful. Probably not a big deal, just saying.
  10. @itsujack you just help me realize I had a parallel account (2x the PFA member), so yes I'm back as AL911 as I got (not gets) a 911. @symsy I'll post the type of perverse photos you hanker for upon pickup..of the car (not dog or wife..)
  11. Odds-on at this price/colour/specs, this is going to sell quickly: https://www.carsales.com.au/dealer/details/_/OAG-AD-14913564?WT.seg_4=AutoAlert;PCAA&sdmvc=1&utm_campaign=bau&utm_medium=email&utm_source=transact&utm_content=autoalert&wt.z_driver=Email_SearchAlert?WT.seg_4=AutoAlert
  12. the opening quote is "The purest Porsche. The water cooled..." I don't think so
  13. By all accounts this car is in really good condition. But it's got a 997 engine dropped-in it. The last advertised 996 with a 997 engine was a black/black with black wheels that sold for $38k about 14 months ago. A few members say 996 &997 are basically the same car, and obvious questions aside on the quality of work and the technicians - but what are members thoughts on picking up 'modern' cars with swapped-out engines from different series models? https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Porsche-911-Carrera-2002/SSE-AD-4805200

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