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  1. I sold the Ocean Blue 996 X51 this week and I can tell you that prices have held up well for the last few months - discounting multiple low-ballers and tyre kickers. In fact over the last fortnight I had 4 calls from serious buyers. Can’t speak more highly of the Autohaus service guys who fielded calls from buyers given the car was with AH for over 14 years. For context, a not to be mentioned consignment seller suggested (pre-COVID) the market was at a price 29% lower than my eventual sale price (pre commission). At the time I pushed back on that as self-serving for sales volume, and my subjective view was correct. At a macro level, yes people are suffering financially, but we’re talking about a small number of cars, in a big population, and debt is cheap. Buy a good one now - picking the bottom of markets is a fools game.
  2. Talk to Famous insurance, found then excellent to deal with and super-competitive on pricing
  3. I had a E50 coupe at one point - same colour. Cracking 5.5lt V8, too front-heavy for the chassis..
  4. My understanding is that its gone for what was previously agreed with a buyer...👌
  5. The question is interesting. I drove and considered buying both before settling on getting an X51. I liked the front end feel of the C2 with the added power, and found the C4S ‘heavier’ to drive. I ultimately I thought they both be good places to have $$ but I wanted a more traditional rear engine/light front/traction at the back experience (notwithstanding a C2 X51 with a fat rear would be a supermodel).
  6. The only furniture I’d take is solid gold toilet seats
  7. New one for a potential X51 buyer this evening - was offered $50k and $15k of furniture. Assuming that’s retail.. so a polite “no” from me.
  8. congrats @Dreamr on joining the 996 club, looks like a really great car
  9. For what its worth, @symsy did try and sell me on the 3-Camel contribution a bit..ehem...hard. I suspect he studied this beauty intently at some point: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ejA0wKTRHH4 We could all learn from this for the when the right time comes. Its even period correct!!!
  10. I do love these. If I’d been able to stump up another $60-$70k I absolutely would have. Cheering anytime I see one, and anyone who’s fortunate enough to be driving it. The X51 was my middle ground, it’s not as raw (or as iconic), but still great.
  11. peak wankerism signalled by Mick's ongoing comment: "look, you're asking me to buy your car, so I should be worried about [X]... because means I'll have to fix it that some point"
  12. Unfortunately this was exactly the experience I had with “Mick / Michael from Noosa” Who wanted to go on Porsche drives with his mate - endlessly reactive silly texts and messages every time a new piece of info was provided. I had enough and rang him to say I wouldn’t selling him my car because of his reactions to the information provided to his questions and his bull+*%t ‘negotiating tactics’. His argument seemed to assume sellers should be prepared to put up with anything.. Whinged endlessly about the treatment he got from @Troubleshooter in deciding to sell to another seller but couldn’t grasp that he could have paid more because it was ‘top dollar’. I’m super happy he missed out on both cars. 👍🏻👍🏻

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