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  1. Yep, title of the post didn’t mislead.... haven’t used for years and needed the space!
  2. Pictured below - inlet plenum for heat exchangers. Was removed from 3.2 before it saw any track duty so in good condition / stainless steel. $80
  3. SOLD - Set of Cup 1 wheels Italian made replicas) 17x9 ET15 and 17x7.5 ET23 Were my spare track wheels, balanced and straight, never bent. Pictures the worst rim for rash and R888 tyres are old/worn so priced accordingly. Need the space so $380
  4. Do you track your SC or Carrera? Selling brand new set of Pagid RS14’s (Black) Fronts u4501 & rears u4304 as i changed cars and no longer need. Whether its occasional or full on, putting in a good set of racing brake pads transforms these cars on the track Selling for $480 -> great value they list at USD387 = AUD544 plus freight
  5. Still available: Front and rear factory sway bars - removed from 77sc $80 Pair of front lower control arms (A arms) removed from a 77sc $480 Pair of rear aluminium trailing arms removed from 84-89 911. $680 1in 2out muffler $150 Full exhaust and all windows/seals - SOLD.
  6. Rear window and quarter window SOLD. Full exhaust reserved - pending payment.
  7. You can approach companies like “Ameroz” who will do o/s asbestos testing prior to import. They have a form and process where you can attach various samples and have tested and attach to your import declaration to demonstrate compliance. That’s who is used, even with my new ceramic pads i still took scrapings/samples and sent for testing so mitigate issues, cost and lost time at this end.
  8. Depends on age 60/70/80etc , but areas of concern on older cars are brakes and potential swab of bellhousing for traces of asbestos in clutch, and any gaskets in exhaust etc Older cars, particular front engine also may have products containing asbestos found in firewall and wiring insulation etc. Your import company/agent should be accross this detail in advance, and arranged testing in LA before loading in the container to Aust. You should definatly check things like brake pads if its an old car and not leave it to chance, I replaced all mine with new ceramic pads and new rotors and callipers so i know I’m ok there and no residual dust etc as its all new. Same with clutch, its a modern racing clutch and bell housing was cleaned to make sure any swab tests dont pick up old contaminants. Will find out in around 4-5 weeks if there are any other surprises !!! .
  9. SOLD Complete 911/964 exhaust, headers and 2 in 2 out stainless muffler As pictured, header pipes have some scrapes and dents on bottom from track use (were like that when i bought them, can be repaired but i ran on a 3.2 track car for several years ok) Located in SA Reduced price $640
  10. 1 in 2 out muffler as pictured (does not include bypass pipe and manifolds) $150
  11. Front and rear factory sway bars - removed from 77sc $80 Pair of front lower control arms (A arms) removed from a 77sc $480 Pair of rear aluminium trailing arms removed from 84-89 911. $680
  12. Yeah, it’s frustrating at times as largely out of your control. Mines a few months later than I’d like as was hoping it would ship Dec/Jan, but its in a container with 3 other cars so there is always risk of some waiting for consolidation unless your the last car. When sending a single container you get bumped for higher priority cargo. Our container was ready to ship two weeks ago and got bumped when a couple of large business with regular accounts consigned 50+ containers. You get what you pay for, im sure if I (we) bought a higher priority the rates would multiply. After a year long build another few weeks won’t reallly matter. I am using a SA based agent “American Muscle Car Imports” and “Ameroz” who have done all the asbestos testing and work in LA to remove some of the hassle and delays at this end. And if you cant wait, there is always airfreight... can get it next day!
  13. Hi Michel, Organising some parts shipping today, did you still want the Torsion Bars and Quick Release. Bumpsteer kit has gone.

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