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  1. No worries, 3 and 9 can be yours... 5 is pretty solid. Will look out for a PM
  2. @Stew F and @AndrewW if either of you are plannnig to go to the PCSA sprint tomorrow let me know and i will bring the spare wheel and 3.2 air filters for you....
  3. DHE11

    911 parts for sale

    Heated rear window glass and seal from a 77sc Was only removed to fit lexan, heater element worked when removed. (Small square at top is a go pro mount which can be removed...) $120 - located in Adelaide.
  4. DHE11

    911 parts for sale

    Rear quarter windows with seals, as removed from a 77sc $90 for the pair (plus shipping)
  5. DHE11

    911 parts for sale

    Even better - the part number and description label is pictured so you can check the effectivity.
  6. New windscreen seal - never used still in bag. Cost USD170 plus shipping -> Sell AUD160
  7. Hi Stew, Had no responses following freight quote from person who wanted the spare wheel and exhaust, so happy to put both items back up for sale. You #1 on the spare wheel so it’s yours - ill hold for you to collect when you ready... D
  8. DHE11

    Project 77 - new build

    I did see you name on the email and guessed which car was yours.... im optimistic, but will need to wait and see....
  9. DHE11

    Swepco 201

    $230, ouch!
  10. DHE11

    Swepco 201

    Hi JB, I used to source Swepco engine and gearbox oil from an agent in NSW, Dan, but he stopped distributing. He hooked me up direct with the importer Specialty Polymers & Chemicals Pty Ltd (who were trading as Evans Coolants Australia/New Zealand). They were in Altona, but stopped importing a few years ago due low volumes and poor Fx rate. I bought a stock pile from them knowing it would be hard to source later. I have no spare Swepco 306 engine oil as I’m running out myself, but still have some Swepco 201 or Swepco 210 gearbox oil. If you just need a gallon for gearbox servicing, message me as i have some 201 and 210 in gallon containers. I bought a 20l drum for servicing my car 👍 Aside from Porsche 915 gearbox’s, you will find people operating and servicing piston engine helicopters use it in their gearboxes too. Otherwise you will generally find some reselling on eBay etc.
  11. PM’s replied and list updated for sold items
  12. $150 ono -> New set of e-brake shoes for 997/996/Boxster/Cayman (see label for model applicability) Unsure of local pricing so set well below cost & shipping - replacement cost listed as USD150-USD199 depending on supplier. Were incorrectly listed in description on small label from Pelican as 911 78-89 parts.
  13. Hi, just sent you a PM with freight details to send muffler, headers and spare wheel to Perth. let me know....
  14. DHE11

    Project 77 - new build

    Sort of, now that its 2019 I can confidently say it will arrive this year..... 😉 Actually spoke to the guy doing my import today, and good news is the last car we were waiting on is now finished and heading to the LA warehouse, and all going to plan it should be loaded and on the sea in 3-4 weeks... I will miss the 1st club Motorsport event at Mallala on 17th Feb, so its first public appearance might end up being the PCSA show and shine on 24th March (not exactly what I had in mind, so might have to look for a private track day in March) Then off to Bathurst for Easter ! 😁
  15. $60 -> New Porsche 911 fuel cap 911-201-272-00 (USD52) while the idea of a shiny new fuel cap is nice, please note there are different threads so be sure check part number and pics below to suit your car. A different old one (top) shown for comparison. ( I have a fuel cell so no longer need this)

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