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  1. +1 for Edwardstown Custom Body @ Bennet Ave,. Mal painted quite a few panels, bars/spoilers and wheels etc for me, and his team does lots of Porsches...
  2. Absolutely, I couldn’t the be trusted with 5 cars !!! 🚘 🚘 🚘 🚘 🚘 More wheels, parts, 3 sheds, etc etc
  3. Six (Lucky i only have five...)
  4. DHE11

    Rampless car trailer

    Stay with dual axle for safety. After that they all do the same basic job, and unless you have a very low car / splitter they will all be fine. Also make sure you can open the doors when on the trailer as its a real hassle if you cant (nice to have is storage and wheel rack, but depends if your doing race weekends or not) I have a Baillie, which was custom made, semi enclosed and can carry 10-12 wheels and lots of fuel and spares. As a result its big and heavy, but with axles offset further rearwards for Porsche the benefit is it tows great !!! The unicorn trailer you describe above may be a used aluminium trailer imported from the USA... there are lots of them around.
  5. Ive built and am bringing in a race car from US, no issues... and ill try and rally reg it, so dont see why you cant do if from NZ if you are genuine about it being a track only car. The catch is CBR want to see lots of pics and proof its a race car (not a road car pretending to be a race car) as obviously worried about it finding its way on to the road later. Also suggest its a lot easier with “classic” age cars.
  6. DHE11

    Wide body set up

    What size tyres do you want to be running? Having been though this with two 77’s converted to widebody, the advice you have received above is good.-> new wheels will be cheaper than contemplating a turbo arm conversion (and you can never have enough sets of wheels !!!). 935 kits will help you adjust front track width (big $$$’s once you factor coil overs and it limits steering angle) but haven’t seen aftermarket arms/kit for the rear? Share what you have in mind if you have found something?
  7. DHE11

    Project 77 - new build

    Was great to fire it up and give it a shakedown. New engine ran well and initial suspension set up feels good. Think I’ll be able to run this car softer than my old car and still get the performance. Initial impressions of LHD, once I was driving I barely noticed....Will probanly be more evident on a familiar circuit with close walls like Bathurst, and everything is opposite.
  8. DHE11

    Project 77 - new build

    Shakedown run at Willow Springs...
  9. DHE11

    Project 77 - new build

    Spend all of the day under and in the car doing final jobs before its first outing, just finished. Heading out to Willow Springs tomorrow to run it in... I bought mine “as new” and had never been used. Will let you know after a day at the track tomorrow.....
  10. DHE11

    Project 77 - new build

    Did you get the A.I.R. winged rockers as well... saw the hydro go in, then the raised rear suspension mounts! Ill try and make time to for another look at your car at AMF. My car should be back by December, hopefully!!!
  11. DHE11

    Project 77 - new build

    Getting closer, just fitting all the extra bits before testing this week...
  12. DHE11

    Project 77 - new build

    I can check, Is it ready to go?
  13. DHE11

    Project 77 - new build

    Picked up a ducktiail and had it painted as well (easier to do it all now and bring back in one shipment).
  14. DHE11

    996 Ducktail

    Already.... that didn’t take long! (and i get it, enjoy making it yours....)