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  1. Have this one, with ducting (no cracks) removed serviceable from a 77sc if your interested PM me.
  2. If its currently registered in NSW and no intentions of changing that, and the place that is currently servicing it issued last pink slip, then continuing that arrangement is a good strategy. That should go a long way towards mitigating some of the concerns you have above. If you plan to tinker and modify even further then accept youre always going to be on the fringe of compliance and enjoy the car. Expect buying a car priced lower due some modifications which may make it less appealing to others looking for full doc, matching numbers etc already is providing some margin for future expenses if you do need to correct /comply with something later. The shop you refer to is one of the best, so given they have just rebuilt the engine, you could get some comfort by talking with them and see if they would do PPI and then if you bought it, doing the servicing and future rego checks. If the answer is yes your halfway there depending on the PPI. As far as the insurance question, I track my cars (a lot) so what I have is really protecting transport/fire and theft. Shannon’s, Famous etc do a lot of modified classics, race cars etc so are familiar with them, but for a registered road car you could shop around.
  3. Sorry to say that modifying cars while trying to strictly comply with every currently legislation are generally at odds with each other... Have seen and heard of many examples here and elsewhere with people wanting to build “outlaw” cars and then worry about insurance and non compliance etc. On my previous and current widebody i had sets of custom wheels made with deep offset and removed all spacers (but technically thats not ok either) I would say if you want to ensure strict compliance with NSW regs you will be engaging and require an engineers report.
  4. Highlighting here as this event has been communicated to every club in Australia and nearly filled in the last 24hs. Allocations have been provided for every state, with many full and going to reserve lists already. Currently holding limited spots for WA/TAS/CBR which will soon be released to the other states. if you want to be in it, enter now by email to sprint@pcsa.asn.au Refer link and PCSA comms below http://cms.porsche-clubs.com/PorscheClubs/pc_southaustralia/files/Porsche_Clubs_Easter_2020_Press_Release_221119.pdf Porsche Clubs of Australia at “The Bend” WOW! It’s here! The Porsche Clubs of Australia event at The Bend! With the regular PCNSW Bathurst 6hr regularity event not going ahead at Easter 2020, we have taken action to ensure Easter and Porsche Club Level Motorsport continues. This will cater for the Bathurst Easter regulars, and those that have the itch to get in on the Easter motorsport experience, now being hosted in our backyard at Australia’s award winning newest race track! Two days of fun and glorious cars, with several competitive formats including multiple sprints each day and a mini 40 minute enduro (regularity) all in the planning, neatly tucked away across Friday and Saturday to give you the chance to spend Sunday and Monday with family for Easter. It’s family friendly! Bringing the family with you? How about taking them to the Barossa, McLaren Vale or many of the seaside attractions Adelaide has to offer over the last 2 days of the weekend? Does it get much better than this? Unlike Bathurst, which was 5 x 20 minute sessions, The PCSA has organised to PURCHASE THE WHOLE TRACK FOR TWO STRAIGHT DAYS! This is Porsche Club SA track time Nirvana! The Holy Grail! Dare I say it? More track time than any Porsche Club events around Australia! NUMBERS WILL BE LIMITED! Each state will be provided an allocation, and similar to Bathurst, as a safety measure, a prerequisite for recent sprint experience will be required as part of entry. So what do we need to do to make it happen and to make sure your name is on the invite list? All you need to do is preregister now, by sending a Registration Of Interest to sprint@pcsa.asn.au So here are the details: Overview: What: Easter 2 day Porsche Clubs of Australia event When: Friday 10th & Saturday 11th of April 2020 Track: Format: Entree fee: Deposit: Bend International Circuit Practice / Sprints / Regularity + “opt in” for mini enduro Approximately $950 total for both days, subject to numbers!) Successful applicants will need to pay a deposit of $350 by Dec19 with the balance paid by Jan20. Accommodation - The Bend are currently looking to reserve a block of 60 rooms at the Rydges Pit Lane Hotel, and options for Big 4 Holiday Park (on site) for the Porsche Club entrants. Pricing to follow. If the demand is there, the PCSA would seek to make this an annual interclub event. Be in it this year, so you can be in it next year! Typically Bathurst books out within hours from release.... DO NOT HESITATE! Send your Registration of Interest now if you wish to be on the invite list! The PCSA 2020 Motorsport Calendar is now set and live on the PCSA website. www.pcsa.asn.au
  5. Anyone have a pedal cluster laying around to suit a 70’s 911 Its going to be chopped up so doesnt need to be perfect!
  6. Yep, title of the post didn’t mislead.... haven’t used for years and needed the space!
  7. Pictured below - inlet plenum for heat exchangers. Was removed from 3.2 before it saw any track duty so in good condition / stainless steel. $80
  8. SOLD - Set of Cup 1 wheels Italian made replicas) 17x9 ET15 and 17x7.5 ET23 Were my spare track wheels, balanced and straight, never bent. Pictures the worst rim for rash and R888 tyres are old/worn so priced accordingly. Need the space so $380
  9. Do you track your SC or Carrera? Selling brand new set of Pagid RS14’s (Black) Fronts u4501 & rears u4304 as i changed cars and no longer need. Whether its occasional or full on, putting in a good set of racing brake pads transforms these cars on the track Selling for $480 -> great value they list at USD387 = AUD544 plus freight
  10. Still available: Front and rear factory sway bars - removed from 77sc $80 Pair of front lower control arms (A arms) removed from a 77sc $480 Pair of rear aluminium trailing arms removed from 84-89 911. $680 1in 2out muffler $150 Full exhaust and all windows/seals - SOLD.
  11. Rear window and quarter window SOLD. Full exhaust reserved - pending payment.
  12. You can approach companies like “Ameroz” who will do o/s asbestos testing prior to import. They have a form and process where you can attach various samples and have tested and attach to your import declaration to demonstrate compliance. That’s who is used, even with my new ceramic pads i still took scrapings/samples and sent for testing so mitigate issues, cost and lost time at this end.
  13. Depends on age 60/70/80etc , but areas of concern on older cars are brakes and potential swab of bellhousing for traces of asbestos in clutch, and any gaskets in exhaust etc Older cars, particular front engine also may have products containing asbestos found in firewall and wiring insulation etc. Your import company/agent should be accross this detail in advance, and arranged testing in LA before loading in the container to Aust. You should definatly check things like brake pads if its an old car and not leave it to chance, I replaced all mine with new ceramic pads and new rotors and callipers so i know I’m ok there and no residual dust etc as its all new. Same with clutch, its a modern racing clutch and bell housing was cleaned to make sure any swab tests dont pick up old contaminants. Will find out in around 4-5 weeks if there are any other surprises !!! .

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