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  1. DHE11

    Swaybar Droplinks

    As mentioned above, go to somewhere like CBC.bearing in person.. Take the whole rod with both the heim joints / rod ends with you. These are pretty common in imperial and metric and relatively cheap. I easily found imperial joints in both left and right hand threads (which you will need). I had smart racing bars, but they are all pretty similar design in the drop links, but some are a bit beefier than others.... Once you fit new ones, a bit of regular cleaning and lube goes a long way as they live in a very gritty environment and cop a pounding in road cars, vibrating when not doing much in a straight line. Same for all other spherical bearings in strut tops etc.
  2. DHE11

    Hotrod to Outlaw

    That car looks a little familiar... (#9) 🤫
  3. DHE11

    brake booster help

    I see your in ADL - send me a PM and you number. I think i have a booster and MC etc form a 77 in the shed with some other SC/Carrera brake spares... I can have a look if your interested? D
  4. DHE11

    luftgekuhlt anyone going?

    Agree a pre planned tour would be hard as best laid plans go out the window on day 1. About 10 steps in the gate at Luft I bumped into Tom waiting in the merch line which blew the 0930 meet up, and hoping to find people later was a challenge as the place was huge. Overall a great week, and agree with Tom and Coastr, it needs to be a little loose as everyone has different interests. While I looked at Turo, glad I didn’t rely it - I’m sure like everything there is good and bad experiences with that sort of thing but I had too much packed into 5 days to risk it (and needed a SUV with unlimited kms to pick up and deliver car parts) I wouldn’t travel to Luft as a single event, but combined with CFOS, Petersen and my own car it was an overdose of Porsche and LA car culture like I’ve not seen before! Expect only Rennsport and Monterey could compete with that week...
  5. DHE11

    luftgekuhlt anyone going?

    Hey Coastr, Just got back to Hotel. I was at CFOS too with guys racing from my cars workshop and MCS. (If I knew you were there I would have tried to contact you) See you guys at Luft tomorrow - I’m meeting some people earlier, catch up at 0930 as suggest should work out good. My local cell is 936-241-4310
  6. DHE11

    luftgekuhlt anyone going?

    I’m at Fontana for Fesitval of Speed tomorrow. local cell 936-241-4310 (text messages seem to work best as usually too noisy for phones) Luft on Sunday, with no colourfull Tshirt, best I can offer is a black with white “flat six - aircooled”
  7. DHE11

    luftgekuhlt anyone going?

    Good day at Petersen. The vault tour is a must, overall took 4-5 hours to see it all. Then went to see Jack Olsen in the afternoon. Good to catch up to have a look over his car while in LA as both of our early 911’s are engineered by Tyson Schmidt and share a lot of design principles / suspension DNA.
  8. DHE11

    luftgekuhlt anyone going?

    @JV911 when are you thinking of going to Experience Centre. (have you already booked a few laps/tour, or just going for a look...) Last time I was in LA it was booked solid, and same this time.. Wouldn’t mind looking around and visiting Porsche NA motorsport headquarters - all tours look full or not available for the entire week. @KG I’m bringing my 18yro son with me so couldn’t do Friday night (21+) Will commit most of Wed and Thu am to progressing my car. Currently planning on doing Petersen Thu 19th mid morning with a 1230 vault tour. Will aim to buy tickets today/tomorrow to lock that in before I leave. Then join up with the Aussie contingent on Friday for the fantastic line up tT has arranged with Singer/Emory.... Sat PCA Festival of Speed and Swap meet @ Autoclub Speedway - Fontana Sun - Luft D Everyone else, what’s your plans Wed/Thu/Fri/Sat?
  9. DHE11

    luftgekuhlt anyone going?

    I’m in. Arrivimg Wed am, will will go see my car and plan to meet up Thursday. PM me your contact details....
  10. DHE11

    luftgekuhlt anyone going?

    I need to decide next week my actual dates but thinking: Arrive Wed - go see my build/paint and drop off parts to Pro Motorsports / Burbank (no GT3 or 356 as I’ll need a SUV /large car to carry parts) Thu - Peterson museum visit Fri - tag along on Turbo T’s fantastic tour Sat - PCA/POC Festival of Speed Sun - Luft
  11. DHE11

    luftgekuhlt anyone going?

    This is starting to get mimentum, sounds like we’re going to need a bus if even half of us turn up in LA that week!
  12. DHE11

    luftgekuhlt anyone going?

    Sounds good, I’ll know more early April depending on paint....
  13. DHE11

    luftgekuhlt anyone going?

    My paint has been delayed by several weeks of rain in LA ! You know what is like trying to predict timelines on overseas project builds..... I’m still interested in catching up if it lines up, what is the lastest version of your planned schedule? Were you also planing to get to the big PCA/POC race meet on that weekend ?
  14. DHE11

    Shipping a 911 from the US

    I have a car in LA I’m shipping in a few months. Im using American Muscle Car Imports who are all set up in LA and have buying agents etc and also do funds transfers and local inspection arrangements if needed and transport etc. They direct ship to ADL, hence why I’m using them. But owner is a good guy I’ve met who drag races and is an experienced operator and across all the classic car issues like asbestos with customs etc. Depends where you live on who to choose....
  15. SOLD Please to say the room has gone to someone running in the Porsche group at Bathurst.