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  1. I experienced the exact same problem with my 964 several years ago. The car sat around for several months while the top end was being rebuilt. When I picked the car up, a substantial amount of 'dust' sprayed out all over the interior. It looked to me like aluminium oxide and so I assumed it was corrosion from the air conditioning evaporator and a replacement was imminent. The problem persisted for about 6 months (gradually reducing in frequency and amount) and then stopped. Air conditioning still going strong so I have stopped worrying. I hope you haven't just jinxed me.. 😊
  2. My 964 has an after market Dynamco alarm. There are several relays installed under the fuse box in the frunk and the alarm module is under the dash. I often wondered what would be the outcome of one of the alarm relays failing. I suspect the car won't start. Good luck.
  3. Took the detour yesterday. Unfortunately there were several stops due to road works and the patched sections of road were covered in loose gravel. Otherwise enjoyable as we were the only vehicle and great weather (and what's a few more stone chips anyway).
  4. Thought about it but its the start of the slippery slope First door trims, then air ducts, then heater bypass, then.......
  5. Decided to check the door internals for rusty bits. Good news, no rusty bits Bad news, the driver side door card is badly water damaged. The vinyl trim is in good condition so I think my best options are to either make a new door card myself, or find a motor trimmer who can make one for me. What have others used to make door cards ( 3mm masonite, 2.8mm ply, other ?). What is the best method to attach the vinyl to the new backing (staples, glue) Any recommendations for a reliable motor trimmer in the Newcastle area. Martin
  6. MartinE

    944 No Start

    Assuming you would have checked but you should be seeing 12v at pin 86 of the DME socket when the ignition is on. If not, then it will be the ignition switch or possibly the alarm (if you have one)?
  7. This one was recommended when I did a 4wd training course many years ago. Cheap and accurate. I purchased another one today for the 964. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/TOYOTA-TYRE-PRESSURE-GAUGE-WITH-PROTECTIVE-CASE-NEW-GENUINE-ACCESSORY-/271321185096?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_15&hash=item3f2c00bb48
  8. During the car's blue slip inspection to transfer the registration from VIC to NSW I inadvertently washed the inspector instead of the headlights when requested to demonstrate the windscreen washer operation. When PO had the bumper resprayed they obviously installed the headlight washers in reverse so they were pointing forward. Amazing how much water they spray. Anyway, had a spare few hours on the weekend so removed the front bumper and corrected the headlight washer misalignment (misaligned by 2 meters). While the front was off the car I did the prudent thing and ordered and then replaced the A/C and Oil Cooler ballast resistors. Also noted the drop link boots were split so they are on order (along with another caramello bear). Put front of car back on, no leftover bits, great. This morning flushed with success, next job, fuel injector service. Removed half of things in the back of the car, unbolted fuel rails, lift out....lift out...bugger. Used screw driver to gradually lift the fuel rails. Clips let go and injectors stayed put. No way the injectors were going to be dislodged. They would rock, twist, but not come out. I have done this job on previous cars with no problems so am somewhat perplexed. Any suggestions?
  9. As I purchased Chris's car I thought I would use this thread to introduce myself. I have been a member of the forum for several years and have followed the forum closely to learn the art of all things Porsche. Firstly thanks to Chris for a great car. Yes, its a Tip, but it doesn't have a smog pump so I suppose that evens things out. And Fraz was half right "some cashed up baby boomer might just grab it and you will be sitting pretty". Yes, I am a baby boomer. Car now registered in NSW and I am now so proud, I have my first oil drip on the garage floor. If any of the novacastrian's read this thread I would appreciate any feedback (pm will do) on recommendations on where to take the car for service. Regards, Martin

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