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  1. Even though its missing the badge, the Healey is a 3000 probably a MKIII as it has the chrome door strip and door handles. These are a handful to drive and not very reliable but can get good money for them, possibly use the cash for the 911T resto or put it up for sale on this forum that is if you are lucky enough to acquire them.
  2. Did the Putty on my bike this week, noticed they've resurfaced some the last parts with all the curvy bits. It was great fun, during the week is the best no traffic whatsoever
  3. Also welcome Giuseppe 981 Boxsters might loose value now, but will become collectable in the future when the choice of a new one will be 4 cylinder turbo only. 987 have hit the lows in value but I reckon are great value. Good luck with finding your P car
  4. Gorgeous 928 ! price in the ballpark. GLWS
  5. Yes mate, This is the only bike you will need. It is like a swiss army knife. Does everything except make a cuppa and it will keep up with sportsbikes ! Apart from being reliable having a boxer motor, it is safe :ABS, traction control, Electronic suspension, and very comfortable to ride. If Porsche would make a bike this would be it. Sorry always having trouble attaching a photo.
  6. Dark blue discontinued? bugger ! Where can I find out about the new years colour range? I reckon a nice colour and those RS spyder on the diesel would do me nicely, no need for the extra kit, but that's personal.
  7. SUNDAY 29th November– 30th Annual 356 PARADE will be held in the grounds of The DEAF CHILDREN AUSTRALIA 597 St Kilda Rd Melbourne (Cnr High St) Melway Reference 2L C11
  8. Hi Steve The best way to get all the answers is to go to a 356 gathering and speak to as many owners possible. These guys are very passionate and I don't blame them. Of course have a drive as they are totally different to a 911. Prices are ridiculous a nice B couple will go for between $95 to $120. for example and are still rising. The cheapest way of getting a 356 is from the US even with our current crappy exchange. At least they still have a few around. I don't see you getting one for $50k in Oz as they are getting pretty scarce. Sorry mate. If you have the opportunity, there's a annual nation wide meeting of 356 held every year in Melbourne at the end of November. This year from 27-29th. Details on the 356register website. cheers Jack
  9. A very fair price Adrian, makes it a easier to own another P car. It must be very difficult for you. The other alternative to Autohaus is the Classic Throttle Shop North Sydney. I believe they charge between $8-10k but the exposure is global. just a thought. cheers Jack
  10. We're also looking at the Macan. Drove the diesel which was surprisingly very quick but cannot believe how good this thing handles!! we are also waiting for the GLC to come out in December, but I think we are comparing apples with oranges. the only thing that disappoints us is the limited colour range, but that's personal. Can I ask what was the cost for the towbar? Congrats on your purchase !
  11. 79SC Targa are an absolute joy to own James, congrats !
  12. Its not that hard mate, you can join club such as Pittwater motor club for $60.- and they welcome new members whatever they drive. http://www.pittwatermotorclub.org.au/Home/tabid/36/Default.aspx so it doesn't have to be a Porsche club. The PCNSW is not the cheapest either. take a Bex and a lie down, perhaps a nice scotch
  13. I don't think the vast majority Gen Z will never get into the market of appreciative automobiles... their focus will be on Hyundai's and/or something from China ...
  14. Hi Peter I found using the annual pink slip easier than finding a "responsible adult" You still need to become a member of a recognised club and that it participates in the trial. My club was recognised but had not initially applied to become a participant. the RMS website shows a PDF file with a YES/No if that is the case. hope this helps cheers Jack
  15. The only challenge at this stage is some RMS/Service NSW staff are not all up to date. I did get the occasional " why is there air?" look when enquiring about the trial.

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