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  1. Unlike any other internal combustion engine ever built!
  2. Who was it that said; the Porsche 928 V8 is good for 400,000km between rebuilds?
  3. Changing gears in a 928GTS unnecessarily complicates the journey.
  4. I'd hit that. Means just that little bit more coming from a C2 owner.
  5. KGB

    Dan Ricciardo to leave Red Bull

    Those Megane RS Trophy/Cup things are sensational. GT3 of FWD hatchbacks. I'd have left RB just to shit Horner, and especially that C U Next Tuesday Helmut. In 2019 I'd put Verstappen into the hay bales first race and tell him if he comes within 5m of me I'll do it again, and again. All whilst holding a can of V and scoffing an almond croissant. And if it was 1972, with a Gauloises hanging out. Keke style. That'd pretty much sort stuff for the year. The Frogs would love you, especially after you have a Tricolore airbrushed on the lid, Mr Pepe Le Honeybadger. Send it Dan.
  6. Buy it and leave it in 'D". Left foot brake your way to Tipper Nirvana, perfect for the city commute.
  7. KGB

    New Classic Blaupunkt Head Unit

    Yeah, the FM signal is much better. I bought a Blaupunkt ex-DDR for my GTS and it works perfectly (metro Melbs), if you speak Deutsche. 😁 Ja, alles gut. It's fine.
  8. KGB

    Alonso retires!

    He needs recharging, maybe Formula E.
  9. Depends how near to midnight!
  10. Yes. I recline in the GTS, a lot. So effectively zero headroom.
  11. Yes mate, I’m a duck as well... Maybe the AMG seats sit lower?
  12. @ANF we have the wagon version, but it has a motor. How tall are you, making headroom a problem? I’m 186 and have no issues.
  13. KGB

    Dan Ricciardo to leave Red Bull

    Because Tazzieman.
  14. The better presented advert, '89.