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  1. KGB

    Building a garage in Bronte

    You'll get the window placement right...
  2. Buy a Mini, you’ll forget what your garage walls look like...
  3. KGB

    Building a garage in Bronte

    You’ve been watching re-runs of Grand Designs Australia. Clovelly House. Interesting process.
  4. That was the launch edition paintwork, and leather...lecky blue. Be sure its a JCW and not just the badge!
  5. Search for a good one (doh), plastics and interior don't wear particularly well, otherwise a neat jigger, put a reduction pulley on it, you'll forget about your 996! Make him a silly offer.
  6. @D2000 best cheap fun you'll have with your pants on all the way done up. R53 MIni Cooper S JCW, the 2nd original. Great car, pretty reliable, super charger grin inducing whine, handle well, chuckable. Had one, loved it. Reliable, tracked it even... R56 MIni Cooper S JCW, stinky little turbo Peugeot motor, costly to maintain and problematic, read the forums. Mate has one $$$$$$$$.....sink hole. F56 MIni Cooper S JCW, BMW 2.0lt Turbo. My DD, love it to bits, heavier than R53, but then I'm no lighter than back then either, more sophisticated but still wants (needs) to play like a mad dog on a sandy beach. 5 years free servicing. no warranty claims, 2.5yrs old. PPI as usual, there are now some non-franchised Mini workshops around, try one of them. KGB rating; *buy @Tit still have yours?
  7. KGB

    Melbourne meet up!

    Tom Cruise is coming around and I have to wash my hair. I'll see how life pans out closer to the date.
  8. https://www.humanrightscommission.vic.gov.au/
  9. Yeah, great color. Inside & out.
  10. Meanwhile, at the other end of the spectrum...
  11. Nobody's perfect.
  12. KGB

    Duttons Porsche Nirvana

    @Tintin Audio you are quite the photographer!