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  1. If I'm free I'll do my best. 964 maybe.
  2. SOLD, thank you. Any chance for delivery, 3079 intrasuburban.?
  3. KGB


    If you divide the total dollars saved / number of close dickhead encounters was it worth it? Saving / dickhead?
  4. KGB

    My Porsche 928

    Is that thing with the 8 big holes part of an engine?
  5. KGB

    928 Wheel Size

    Transform it from pretty sh!t to really sh!t, if you're wet, you're wet no matter the depth of the pool. They'd look good on a silver car, musk well that's another technicolorstory.
  6. KGB

    928 Wheel Size

    Wow! They look great. In my case finding tyres for my 17's is limited, if I went to 18's my oyster is not rocket science or something like that. My calcs; $6200 for a set, landed and taxes paid, before getting a marketing discount...
  7. KGB

    Latest Ebay score

    @81SC, I'd reflect happily.
  8. KGB

    the New 992 911!

    Ah, nah, good luck. They couldn't sell every 991... I like it though, looks a little rounder or bulbous, in a good way.
  9. 3.8 I’ve been thinking the same thing, and don’t want a GT3. Good luck with the search, eager to hear your thoughts after driving both versions.
  10. I’ve seen this movie before.
  11. No one 'wants' a quick sale...needed maybe.
  12. What color is that? Tassie Bluegum?
  13. Paul Smart model is the green frame, comes with Ohlins, about $10k more. They are a tight fit if you’re 6ft+, fitted adjustable rear sets to mine, helped but not a cure. Put an Andreani fork kit into it also, huge improvement over the stock non adjustable garbage. Bit of simple retro air cooled fun. Everyone should have one.
  14. KGB

    Spotted Thread

    Yes. Printing Difficult to remain stationary for too long in a GTS. ...whilst waiting for a color change.
  15. Unlike any other internal combustion engine ever built!

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