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  1. Paint & Custom, repairer of many forum users. 👍
  2. Another Musk one. What is it with you guys? Enjoy your new steed!
  3. Quoting our internal accountant a few years ago, when he first clapped eyes on my GTS on a day I drove it in to the office; "you've bought the worst Porsche ever made!" Karma is a bitch. Few weeks ago he had to leap out of his near new Alfa Giulia Q2 as it began to spontaneously combust.
  4. KGB


    Better than FE? 😂
  5. Yeah, but how much for the recycled wool shed table?
  6. KGB

    My Porsche 928

    SMOKE and mirrors... The deeper the pockies the shallower the conscience, inversely proportional equation as a gross generalization. 🦍
  7. KGB

    My Porsche 928

    In fact, I am, quite. 🤠 What's the upper limit on conscionable spend to sit in traffic and guzzle dinosaur juice?
  8. KGB

    My Porsche 928

    928, traffic, economical, delusional.
  9. SOLD, thank you. Any chance for delivery, 3079 intrasuburban.?

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