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  1. KGB

    WTB 996 C4S

    Mine’s Atlas Grey. This forum is obviously broken. Last year I made a C4S wanted post and 11 minutes later had bought a car.... Yeah, if only you had one....🏆
  2. KGB

    WTB 996 C4S

    I’ll take that as a compliment.🤪 We’ve hijacked @MichaelF‘s thread, have we found him a car yet? Least we could do!
  3. I bought 4 new Mazda’s a couple of weeks ago, $3500 off each, almost 10%. Can be done, on Mazda anyway. There will be extreme haggling on trade in pricing with the new vertical retail model! Many ways to define best price...
  4. KGB

    WTB 996 C4S

    Yep, saw the car. I keep her pretty clean.
  5. KGB

    WTB 996 C4S

    Near the new Bunnings site if I remember?
  6. KGB

    WTB 996 C4S

    We of the rare and tasteful oval pipe brigade.
  7. KGB

    WTB 996 C4S

    @Dreamr get down here and sort out this dissent.👹
  8. An hour to get it out, an hour to transfer the 748 clips, lids etc, 2.5 minutes to install. Better if your handbrake is super slack and poorly maintained, mine wasn’t! And don’t forget the screw beneath the coin “rack”. Whoever formulated the original plastics should be shrink wrapped in them and dropped from a great sticky height. 💩
  9. I just fitted a spankers black centre console. I have the original black rubberised console which is perfect except for the scuffs and scratches in the coating. Might be an option if anyone wants to have it painted. After making me a fair offer for what is a $1000 plus new buy, of course! 😜 If you remove your console yourself be attentive to the underside of the handbrake lever, leather scratches easily during removal and refitment.
  10. No idea mate! But I’m sure there aren’t many red cars about, and there are quite a few in Lapis. 964 is the opposite (lots of red). Funny how color popularity has changed, used to be grey and now it’s grey...😂
  11. One Red one,, 275 Lapis Blue.....not that the LB is bad but everyone has one!
  12. Solved, always best to be sure! 🤓
  13. What color are they tomo?

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