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  1. @Proud Member @Tips @luzzo @Rod C That’s more like it!
  2. No one's bought a car for over a week, wtf is going on?
  3. Technically, you cost you a fortune, the Duck was a loyal servant! Good to see you got back on it. First fast lap I did at PI on a 996 I backed off twice going into T1, that ocean view sure is disconcerting first time!
  4. Had the pleasure to meet and spend a little time with Jack and Roy Salvadori in the WGR pit during Bathurst some years ago (‘99). He was a hard man of few words, Roy on the other hand was full of life. Brabham jnr was co-driving with Mr Gardner. Two sympathetic characters... Both their autographs on a team pass somewhere buried in a cardboard box.
  5. We’re on our way.
  6. You need to use this type of CD.
  7. @TwoHeadsTas Porsche make great cars, slightly different personalities and some better suited to individual needs than others. It’s just a case of matching your needs and giving it a bit of time and the appropriate conditions. But you can’t really go wrong!
  8. Steve Varrasso is your man. http://www.svautoelectrical.com.au/ it’ll take him 2-3 hours.
  9. Never drove a 996 let alone a C4S. Never drove a 928 either, and when I first drove my GTS after the tranasaction my initial thought was “what the eff have I just done!”. Now I love it, big lazy beast. C4S impressed immediately. I drove a few 964s and wanted a driver’s car in that purchase, so needed to experience widely to make the decision. Basically I just bought really good, well cared for low km cars in each case. The great thing about humans is we are very adaptable, but too much info and choice limit us in reality, always searching for ‘better’. I agree with you, there really isn’t a bad Porsche. I always wanted both a 3.2 and 944S2, but couldn’t find a low km ‘44. Drove a few of them, super torquey and well balanced.
  10. Not sure what point you’re making?? But yes 964C2 is considered the driver’s 964. And the difference b/w C2 & C4 are very noticeable in the way they drive. With 996 it’s probably not as pronounced, and we both bought one more for it’s ass anyhow😋 I’ve never driven a 996C2, and as great a car as they are I don’t really care if it drives “better” than my ravishingly sexy C4S. 964=wifey🥰 996=g/f 😛
  11. I bought a 964C2 on the basis of the same logic. Fully qualified to be guilty on both sides of the argument! The 964C4 is a considerably different drive to the C2 and I’d imagine not so pronounced a difference in 996 versions with the leap in AWD technology from the very first C4?

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