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  1. I think so. Mine went a couple of months ago at the range you mention. I’m fully representative of the past 18 months of C4S fervour. 😜
  2. $75k was my experience 16 months ago. Abridged and seasonally adjusted.
  3. Of course you need them! I bought them to facilitate the fitting of a PCCM unit, but the car was sold before that happened. Allows moving HVAC unit to another slot, if you will. Cheers Mate.
  4. Gents, Attempting to retain sanity whilst residing in the world’s most locked down city, I’m refolding the tea towels next…everything else is done! Some bits I’ve rediscovered and have no use for, let me know if anything is of interest; (Plus postage) if you need a photo let me know by PM. I’ll attempt to post pics tomorrow morning. 928 928.631.421.21 Indicator Front Left new $125 928.613.240.00 Door MIrror Changeover Switch brand new $95 *fits 928+964 (listed in 964 below - only 1 switch in total) 928.537.324.03 Right side window frame guide Brand New ($550!) $250 964 964.631.405.00 Indicator Front Left new $125 965.731.035.00 Aero Mirror flat glass Left used VGC $50 *fits 928+993 Aero 965.731.036.00 Aero Mirror flat glass Right used VGC $50 *fits 928+993 Aero 965.731.037.00 Aero Mirro Convex glass (broader field of view) Left BRAND NEW $125 *fits 928+993 Aero 964.110.327.01 Luftfiltereinsatz (guess!) brand new $25 SOLD 944.538.041.01 Ignition key head plastic brand new $30 *fits 964 + 944 keys, plus others? SOLD 964.803.141.00 Rear seat belt anchor bolt cover brand new $8 928.613.240.00 Door Mirror Changeover Switch brand new $95 *fits 928+964 996 HOLD 996.552.339.000.1C Climate Control Module Lower Trim Panel brand new Free to whoever buys the next item! HOLD 996.552.253.01 Console Storage Shelf (black) Brand New $60 Mono Boss Kit 152491149931 996 & 986 includes airbag defeat circuit and instructions Brand New $200 Centre Caps 911.351.032.28 only 3 of Centre Cap black plastic Alloy back Brand New $120 for 3. 993.361.303.00FFF full set of four, 77mm used and in very good condition $125 Cheers,
  5. Is it only $25 per annum, <50 cents a week, 7 cents a day…. Put the membership up!
  6. Aeroplane crash. Thankfully, no serious injuries.
  7. Melbs! Shoot me your postcode and I’ll get a postal quote.
  8. Gents, Ridiculously, I put a brand new lower centre console into my C4S, I have the original one in the new box, >$1000 new. Happy to move the original one on for a token consideration. Might be useful as a test run subject. Needs a good sand and paint,
  9. That’s a Bimota at the freakier end of their wide range of crazy stuff over the years! Very nice. During COVID I sold 2 interstate, suggested the transport co to the buyer, they must have bought the vendor as money was in my bank account without delay. Only one of the cars had a PPI (Dave Brennan). I bought one interstate with the help of the forum and a PPI by a well known independent workshop. Sent my money, and tbh was a bit worried about what the delivery would reveal, all was great, no issues. Moral of the story buy the seller and if you can’t, move on. Alan’s will move the car and deliver it perfectly albeit not cheaply. Find a local workshop for a PPI. Its a leap of faith as you’re sending a stranger a King’s ransom, again if you can’t buy the seller fish elsewhere. It’s a “people business”, if you’re a crappy judge of character hold fire until COVID improves and you can get caught behind another states border on the wrong day.🤨

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