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  1. Yeah in that structural integrity is the measure, and they can be a bit shagged otherwise.
  2. Our definitions of 'mint' must differ, did you mean they were all green? 🤓
  3. That was decent coin for one 2 years ago! High Km car, makes sense if the condition was good and deferred maintenance wasn't an issue. Stuff adds up at 250k! Thanks Gents.
  4. Gents, Can anyone recall the last 964C2 Manual Coupe, Oz delivered, to have changed hands, and at what price? I heard tales of an off market sale but I struggle with believing the figure quoted, at well over $300k...but in this state of craziness, who knows. Talking about really good cars, not Singer donors. Cheers,
  5. Thanks Chaps. Little bit out of the way though. Ivanhoe.
  6. Thanks, I know Dave but wasn't aware he was a Macan guy... There you go, cheers.
  7. Gents, Can anyone please recommend a Porsche technician or service centre,. not factory, that can perform routine factory scheduled maintenance. Its a privateley used Cayan. In-laws are tired of PCM. Any help wild be appreciated! Cheers.
  8. 7 and a half months FFS, what are you doing all day? The chosen people have been known to call me a C**T but I only threaten when necessary. Pasha for president! How good does it look… Keep up the good works old mate.
  9. Muru, brother I need your address to post it to you! @drmurugti
  10. Gents, Removed from my 964, great condition as per pics. $125 +postage to your neck of the woods. (landed to me at $220 originally) Instructions will be included, simple 15min job if you have basic tools and skillz.
  11. SAVED! At the 11th hour. All gone to a good home.

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