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  1. Same except used Polk in rear parcel shelf.
  2. There’s your problem, I’m in a low flying jet.
  3. I’m talking paint, not touch ups, you?
  4. Funnily enough later model 911 stock wheels are mounted eccentrically. When you bolt on your new Momo it’s different and all good, but you probably don’t realise that it’s centrally mounted. Anywho...
  5. While I'm cleaning up... 1 x used Eccentric spacer suits Momo (etc..) Lifts your wheel 10mm, providing thigh clearance (attention 944 & 968 pilots). Reduces reach by 15mm, solves Alfa Romeo Gorilla arms syndrome also. About $50-75 new. $25 postage included mainland Aus.
  6. Until recently mounted to my 964 C2, have reverted it to the 993RS wheel. Wheel is as new, hub is very good, throw in my home built horn connector cable! Happy to post at receiver's cost or arrange local pick up Ivanhoe/Preston. $250 the pair. or individually $200 wheel $70 boss kit (+postie) Momo Protipo 350mm Black leather, black spokes. 3-16 manufacture Perfect condition, sorry guys but it totally lacks patina, sadly devaluing it immensely...🙄 Momo Boss Kit (Mozzo) MOM7004 964 C2/C4, 944 85>, plus others if you investigate further (928GTS..etc) Yeah, I'm the guy who keeps the boxes...
  7. Used Unique/Alan’s 3 times in the last 6 months. AAA+.
  8. What’s wrong with you...obviously unaware of new world brand values.
  9. Bro-in-law has had money down for 2.5 years! Likely one of the early adopters at PCM.

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