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  1. Thanks guys, so was that as a result of emissions, or lack of sales (!)?
  2. I emigrated here from UK a couple of years ago and brought over my 911 with me. A Porsche loving mate here was telling me the other day that the Carrera 3.2 was not imported here after '85 or '86 until the 964 came along in late '89. Is this right? That must have cost Porsche Australia a chunk of money! Does anyone know if this is correct?
  3. I am recently over from the UK and brought over my '88 Carrera 3.2 Sport in a container with a lot of other stuff we have since realised we should have left behind... Loving Australia, tho' missing being able to go for a blat without worrying unduly about 'safety cameras' etc, but hey, I'm getting older, so maybe it's time to be sensible.... on the road and then have some fun on track! Just been to Phillip Island Classic and had a great time. Lots of nice cars there and lots of Porsche's too. Some lovely Carrera 3.0's were there - they're getting rare now, good to see them out and about. 2 highlights: Mark Donohue's 3.0 RSR, which sounded mesmerising and a beautiful 962. Pics of my 911 to follow when BBQ and kids bed sorted. Cheers all

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