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  1. Looking to buy Blaupunkt receiver/tuner for the older CR radios. It's out of a 1979 930 and mounted behind the passenger floorboard. Radio repair guy failed to fix mine. Thanks
  2. Covid boredom, picked up a z500, currently undergoing a restoration, and a colour change.
  3. Remember it well @smit2100, I also fell out my chair when bidding stopped at 49k😀
  4. Congrats Dalai, that's going to be a lot of fun😀
  5. Any Sydneysiders going to tyre kick this, I'd be keen to find out more.
  6. I'm heading in from the northeast (Templestowe), if anyone wants to join the drive to the Laverton meet up point. Departing around 6.30am.
  7. Not good to hear Lee, make sure you turn on multi factor authentication across all your online platforms where supported.....this will enable Paypal will send an SMS to your mobile phone with a security passcode after logging into paypal with your normal password as a second authentication method....I know Paypal supports this. Also make sure you use strong passwords. Most online accounts are generally breached due to poor passwords......
  8. GregAx

    F1 2019

    F1's biggest issue has been the tyres. It's been an ongoing saga over the last 10 years or more, so much lift and coast to manage heat cycles and blistering is killing the racing. Pirelli have tried manipulate the sport (better racing) with all the different compounds, hypers, ultras, supers etc but in essence they are ruining it. Schumacher kept harping on about it when he returned and Lewis and Vettel spoke about it post race on Sunday. It's been all about who manages the tyres best..... follow the car in front for a couple of laps and they will heat up. The tyres work perfectly in a particular temperature window but outside of that the drivers can't push 100 percent all the time. Mercedes success in the second half of the season was evident by Ferrari introducing a new floor which obviously didn't work......they did put the old one back on several races later.....and Mercedes used a new rear rim with internal cooling vanes to better manage the heat in the rear tyres which in turn, less blistering and more endurance. Next year F1 will have only 3 compounds soft, medium and hard. I have never understood that in an F1 world where effeciency and longevity is key, they use tyres that can't endure more than 8 laps of racing, yet the teams are expected to use 3 engines for the entire year. Hope with the new regs its even better next year.
  9. GTR sold for 57k, strange it started at 60k and went backwards to 45k then back up to 57k. I was quite surprised it didn't go for more, maybe high KMs, circa 170k or non original.
  10. For those interested, Shannon's white 930 sold, $190K + 5% buyers premium. https://www.shannons.com.au/auctions/2018-shannons-melbourne-late-spring-classic-auction/UUB7JEZACCCZ8476/
  11. GregAx

    F1 2019

    Appreciate the comments gents, I am surely not here to cause a debate, just interested to hear what it is about a person who is hated by many who have not even meet him. His accolades speak for themselves. Im not into the rap/hip hop genre either but everyone is different hey. Saying he should only have two of the five championships is not quite fair. He did compete againt his team mate in the same car and you could also say the same about Schumachers 7 when Ferrari were on-top of their game, like wise with Vettels 4 with Red Bull. Lee's right as far as as ediquate goes, James Hunt was a brit, who boasted about how many women he slept with, was a drug and alcohol abuser, yet they made a movie about him...oh yeah and only won one championship and only just. Verstappen outburst was truly justified in my opinion, when he approached Ocon after the race he did not get the reaction he thought he would from a backmaker who just ruined his race. And he's the one that got 2 days community service. Hamilton is only 33 and might become GOAT of F1. I am just happy to have watched his journey as he keeps producing magical moments like his quali lap in Singapore. Some drivers need the car under them to be right whilst others will drive the wheels of anything. Hamilton falls into the latter. Anyway last race of the season this weekend and looking forward to 2019 with all the rule changes. Again like previous, one team will take advantage of the rule changes and will dominate and the others will need to catch-up.
  12. GregAx

    F1 2019

    Seen this mentioned a few times here. Interested to know why................you don't like him as a person or a racing driver?
  13. Exhaust is awesome, great bit of kit Brian has developed over in the states with great reviews from all 930 owners. Straight bolt on replacement which took a few nights to fit. Has a nice rumble at idle, about twice as loud as standard. It's not obnoxiously loud while cruising but screams at full throttle. Much more enjoyable to drive as boost comes on a little earlier making it more responsive. Also has a great burble and pop on the overun which always brings a smile to your face. Quick video taken by my young passenger who clearly was impressed. Apologies in advance for the crappy phone footage but gives you an idea of the sound.

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