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  1. Eddy

    Hardtop for boxster

    Nothing wrong with the soft top, I love my boxster, just try something different
  2. I am interested to purchase a hardtop for my Boxster 987. Any suggestion
  3. Congratulations, nice colour
  4. Eddy

    Battery charger

    Hi Peter, You are correct, the charger is cool down once moved to "absorption". I am confident leave it on over night now. Thanks
  5. Eddy

    Battery charger

    I feel the ctek charger is hot, is that normal temperature ?
  6. Eddy

    Battery charger

    after searched the internet, take the car drive for minutes, PSM go away and reset to mormal thanks Thanks everyone . My car can have good sleep 😁
  7. Eddy

    Battery charger

    I have PSM failure appeared on after connected o ring to battery. What is the problems?
  8. Eddy

    Battery charger

    I bought a CTEK battery charger for my Boxster because my car will sleep for a couple months. When I connect the clamp to the car battery I cannot close the car bonnet, if I cannot closed properly the bonnet lamp will on all the time. Please advise how can I closed the car bonnet with connected the battery charger
  9. Hi, I am interest see NYE firework this year in Sydney, Could anyone recommend hotel which close to public transport.
  10. Hi Jason, I am sorry to hear that, hope new medicine can cured the cancer. I pray for your family.
  11. I am the lucky one because 11 cars in front of me at least 20 mins away and 2 cars behind me also 20 mins or more. I am driving slow because I believe 2 cars behind me will catch up then we can cruise together. I am confident the 2 cars are innocent.
  12. Eddy

    Boxster 987 tyres

    Thanks Diggin advise. I have fitted Continental SC3 N1
  13. Eddy

    Boxster 987 tyres

    Another quote Michelin pilot sport 2 $250ea front Michelin pilot sport 2 $410each back $100 back before e2nd o this month from Bob Jane country of orgin unknown

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