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  1. I flew from Singapore to KL, and back to Singapore the other week on a Silkair Max 8. On the way back to Singapore 2 days later we encountered some seriously rough turbulence. The next day, the same model crashes. Hmmm.
  2. Are you after the shifter tower, or just the internals? I have a complete factory shifter kit in used but very good condition. I only removed it to install a factory short shift.
  3. Stew F

    Space saver

    If you want to get rid of that spare wheel, PM me. 👍
  4. Thanks mate. I'll probably get my dad to pop over and pick it up. I'll be in touch soon.
  5. Darien, if you still have the spare wheel, I'll grab it. Stew.
  6. Maybe you can explain that to some of the dudes I work with. Everything is a 5 minute job.
  7. I design gas powered gensets for wellsite service power in the CSG industry. If you want to discuss this at any time PM me. It's not as straightforward as you might think though.
  8. Let's have another look at it after I get back from Bathurst. There's a few things that I want to check.
  9. @Mttel, @g_match A few of us do go to C & C Unley occasionally. But we often prefer to go driving. If you're interested in joining in on one of the Sunday morning drives, PM me, @LeeM or @AndrewW for details.
  10. Even though I did solder the wire from the old socket back on to the fuel pump power wire. Twice. 🏆
  11. Thanks mate. I'll let you know when the old boi is going to drop in.
  12. @DHE11 I'll take the Rennline shift cover if it's still available.
  13. Stew F

    85 Carrera

    Go on a diet & shed 10kg. Free go fast bits. 👍
  14. I have those kuhmos, in 225/50-16. When new, they were a bit slippery. But after about 1000km, they were pretty good.

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