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  1. When they added the body coloured headlight trims to the IB cars, they changed the flowing line of the fender. So when you look along the top it slopes away nice and gentle, then whoops, there's a bump there. And the shape of the targa back glass in profile is all wrong, but unfortunately, there was no option there.
  2. Stew F

    Aircooled engine rebuild DIY guide

    One thing I'll add is keep your tools and work area clean. That applies whether it's your aircooled engine, a big horsepower V8, the engine off your mower, or putting a new chain on your kid's bike. You can often improvise for special tools, so before rushing out and spending $$$, assess the task.
  3. Stew F

    Suggestions for rear licence plate lights

    This is what I want to know. Save me workin shit out. I've thought about welding the holes up, and welding new brackets on the inside of the bumper. Probably need to rehash the mounts on the body.
  4. Stew F

    Brake rebuild price $350 Each?

    Power Brakes are the best in town. Go to them.
  5. At the price of marine ply, the only alternative I can think of is gold bars.
  6. I just checked, and I'm allowed to come. Is there somewhere in Colac a guy can get a Chinese massage?
  7. Stew F

    Fan Housing

    If that's the only crack, or there's a few small ones like it, that's an easy repair for a specialist welder. A little bit of filing and sanding afterwards, and it will be as good as new. It'll probably be cheaper than some of the stupid prices I saw for crusty 2nd hand, often damaged, ones. Fortunately, @MFX came to my rescue and sold me one for a sensible price. What year is your SC? You can buy new housings from Carpoint in Germany for $700 plus freight. But if you have a 77/78 SC with a 226 mm fan, you'll need a new 245 mm hybrid impeller to go with the new housing. Another $500 (European Parts Service in the US of A). Mine had cracks so big you could put a 5 cent piece in them, and the welder said he could fix it, but couldn't give me a quote. Dress out the crack, preheat, weld, slow cool. Continue. Whatever you end up doing, check it for roundness, and don't over tighten the strap.
  8. Stew F

    Stuff For Sale

    @Fishcop I'll take the wevo shift coupler if you still have it. Just noticed it's sold
  9. Stew F

    Practical, not political

    Enlightened Porsche enthusiasts? Good one. Most of them aren't enlightened enough to change a f'kin spark plug. I agree with your last comment. I don't give a rat's arse what other people do. I just go about my day to day life. If someone else's behaviour affects me I just let them know, and then I move on. Life's too short to be angry about pointless shit.
  10. I don't have any work photos on my phone, but we use bucket loads of engines from Deutz, Cummins, Scania, Volvo, Kubota, Perkins, Perkins KVT gas, and PSI gas. Last year we used over 400 PSI engines in 3.0, 4.3 & 5.7L. Probably around 520 engines in total for the year. I've got a project of 12 machines at the moment with 8.8L gas engines. Actually, I could do a build thread on one. When we get something out of the ordinary come up I'll start it.
  11. The Euro 6 emissions standard is affecting a lot of engines. We buy hundreds of engines each year. Euro diesels are undergoing massive changes, ultimately resulting in derated power ratings. The days of running industrial diesel engines on alternative fuels are just about over
  12. Stew F

    3.0 SC engine build suggestions

    If I wanted horsepower, and I've been down that road several times before, I'd be building a killer Chevy small block for half that, and putting it into a Commondoor. Cheap as chips. My measly 204 HP is enough to satisfy my Porsche fix.
  13. Stew F

    Advice for some modes on an SC

    And turbo tierods. One of the best bang for buck mods on an SC. You'll be wondering why you're not wandering. If you have a catalytic converter or pre muffler, bin it and put a "test pipe" in. It will make your stock muffler sound like it has a pack of rabid dogs inside it.
  14. Stew F

    Advice for some modes on an SC

    Unless you're going to track your car, there's nothing wrong with the standard style of brake pads. I'm currently using repco pads, and they seem to work just fine.
  15. Stew F

    Datsun 1600 Appreciation Thread

    My 2nd car was a powder blue 1969 D1600. Great car, and fast as. My carbie shit itself, so I put a 350 holley on it. Then extractors and a nice sounding zorst. Then a hot cam. Then wide TA Radials on the back on widened steelies with the original hubcaps. That car could do 115 mph. I remember spinning those TA's in all 4 gears on a wet road. Then some old dear ran up my arse and wrote it off. I've always been a fan of the coupe.