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  1. If you want a cool car, and a DSG, have a look at a Clio RS220. Nice ladies car (tho I know a couple of guys who are on their 2nd & 3rd ones), a bit softer ride than the Megane 3 RS, and cheaper. The new Meg4 RS has both manual and DSG.
  2. I have a late 2015 Cup 265. Bought new in Jan 2016. It's an amazing car, with zero issues. BUT. I don't know Edgy or his wife, but I suspect that she, like most women, would likely get jack of it pretty quick. The ride is harsh. When I bought it I was 6" 3" tall. Now I'm 5" 6". But it goes like a cat shot in the arse, it steers like it's on rails, & it stops like you wouldn't believe. And if you get a flat tyre on the front, you have to take a rear tyre off, put it on the front, and put the spare on the back. I've not actually had to do it, but it would be a total ball ache.
  3. ADR's rule the automotive industry in Australia. They set out the minimum legal requirements for design and functionality of motor vehicles in Australia. Most of the DH's at Transport SA wouldn't know a shift knob from a shifting spanner.
  4. We've been looking into the Tesla battery systems, and others, for some big remote location electrification projects we have pending . The downside of this battery chemistry is that in higher ambient temperature situations, like here for example, by the time the batteries reach full charge, they're on the verge of thermal runaway, even with their cooling systems. This is for vehicle and non-vehicle systems. Course the end result of that is potentially catastrophic. Tho, their non-auto EV system packaging is pretty awesome. Not groundbreaking. Just well thought out.
  5. @OZ930, Brian, you're correct. The rule about having the shift "pattern" on or at the gear lever only applies to vehicles with automatic transmissions. It must also be illuminated when the lights are on. ADR 42/01 (section 42.5.2) is your friend. My Renault RS has a knob with a big RS on the top, and nothing else.
  6. Have you checked that there's actually oil in it?
  7. If he can't get the exact one, the chart below will help find an alternative. There's new cast aluminium ones available from EPS in Germany. Not cheap tho.
  8. I'll be doing my own, eventually. I don't see my aircooled 3 litre being any more difficult than anything else. I've done a lot of engines over the years, from stock 4 cylinder rebuilds, to hipo racing engines.
  9. Broaching splines and keyways was the biggest pain in my arse when I was on the tools.
  10. Fortunately, he knows me better than that. He also said, "it wasn't anyone at your end of the street", so it' wasn't an immediate neighbour.
  11. Underloading is a big issue, particularly on smaller systems. Incorrectly sized loadbanks (or none at all), or gensets that are just too big for the job. Regardless, they should be run up to full load regularly to keep the engine in good shape. With gas fueled sets, we have 100's of engines in the CSG fields, offering +99% availability. Engine life has been very good.
  12. @symsy that shit is called Tectyl 506. It's in an aerosol can.
  13. I think the fan is just a high zinc diecast part. When I replaced mine I tooled around with the old one, and it didn't show characteristics of mg. Check it by putting some white vinegar on it. If it reacts, it's mg. Most of the housing models are mg. You can lightly bead blast the fan. I've got a can of the sprog that was applied post casting. I'll send you the name of it. You can get it from supercheap. As for the mg housing, you need to put a phosphate coating on it, else it will continue to tarnish. Then you can paint it.

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