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  1. According to AS 1397, the nominal film thickness for pre painted sheet is 16μm ± 1μm on the topside, and 10μm ± 2μm on the underside. The environment that it's in is the overriding factor that determines how long it maintains its colourfastness. Salt, heat, industrial fallout, etc. will stuff the colour pretty quickly. Some colours fade, and some go chalky.
  2. Stew F

    Tech/phone geeks

    I had that happen when the phone was a bit over a year old. LG replaced it with the updated version with the later MB and firmware. Been excellent ever since.
  3. Stew F

    Tech/phone geeks

    I had a similar thing with my LG G4 until recently. Spooky. ?
  4. Stew F

    Blue tongue lizards...

    Schweinshaxe is a roasted pork knuckle. Typical German meal. Oh, and I'll be in Melbourne on Sunday.
  5. Stew F

    Blue tongue lizards...

    That's just around the corner from me, literally 5 minutes away. If you want a good meal, try the German Arms Hotel and have the Schweinshaxe. It's Oktoberfest in hahndorf.
  6. Stew F

    Blue tongue lizards...

    @Niko, firstly, you travelled through our hood and didn't say hello. We're not letting you out now. Years ago, I worked for the SA Department of Primary Industries. A few times, around this time of the year, I worked in the Flinders Ranges on locust eradication. That aside, one time, I had this guy working with me who was a bit of a douche. We were driving along a road in the Blinman area, when all of a sudden, he veered across the road and ran over a sleepy lizard. I proceeded to go off my chops at him. That afternoon, I drove him back to our office in Hawker, and they shipped him home the next morning. Intolerable behaviour. If this is the case, there's going to be a heap of roadkill around when @LeeM gets his car back. ? ? ? ? ⛹️‍♂️?
  7. Stew F

    Decals (stickers) who makes em

    +1 for AndrewW.
  8. Did you say Tesla, or Telstra? or both. Mind you, if you're looking long long long term, telstra, at $3.18, isn't a bad deal. They're never going to go broke.
  9. Stew F

    Texting whilst driving

    Back in the early days of mobiles, about 1993, my wife and daughter were involved in a very bad accident, caused by a dude talking on his phone. He had his daughter in the car as well. All 4 people suffered quite serious injuries. Don't use your phone while driving.
  10. Stew F

    First big road trip

    Three of us are doing the GOR in our 911's on our way to Melbourne in a few weeks. Stay Saturday night in warnambool, then up early and drive into the sunrise.
  11. I like it. In a strange way, it looks a bit like a 904 GTS.
  12. You only say that because you've not had a G series. Switches in the most obscure places.
  13. When they added the body coloured headlight trims to the IB cars, they changed the flowing line of the fender. So when you look along the top it slopes away nice and gentle, then whoops, there's a bump there. And the shape of the targa back glass in profile is all wrong, but unfortunately, there was no option there.
  14. Stew F

    Aircooled engine rebuild DIY guide

    One thing I'll add is keep your tools and work area clean. That applies whether it's your aircooled engine, a big horsepower V8, the engine off your mower, or putting a new chain on your kid's bike. You can often improvise for special tools, so before rushing out and spending $$$, assess the task.

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