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  1. Interested in the comment “these cars eat batteries”. I fully charged a 987.2 OEM battery last week which is <12 mths old and two days later it took a reasonable amount of top up charge, same again 3 days later. I was starting to panic I had some abnormal parasadic draw / a dud battery. car never seems to struggle to start, but then again it doesn’t seem to want to hold a Full Full charge.
  2. Funnest thing was first day back after the big VIC lockdown some muppet went and wedged themselves under the Montague Street bridge. It is a magnet for illiterate bus and truck drivers.
  3. Has anyone purchased from Autohaus yet? has anyone with post 2009 Boxster or cayman (I.e. DFI engines has both the cats in the header not the exhaust) done either the carnewal exhaust mod or the cat changeout. Standard sound is boring me to death but wary of ploughing $ into a mod that doesn’t improve it much.
  4. Bump, bump, bumpety bump. NOS Cayenne wheel centre caps $80.
  5. Thanks, just looking to read fault codes and reset service interval. Trying to avoid things that need laptops. appreciate the advice
  6. 911CSR can you please share your review of your icarsoft. OBD2 Porsche scanner. Thinking of buying one to do service light resets and check for fault codes. thoughts?
  7. 550Spyder

    JABROC supplier

    Pegasus in the US has it and are good to deal with. I would ring SIMPSON AUSTRALIA 02 9545 6662 or RPM Racegear locally. Both deal with single seaters and will know the Australian stockist.
  8. Gt3s - dime a dozen, metallic grey Defender tow car - you had me at hello. MAGNIFICENT.
  9. Please keep us posted on details. Also keen to understand if they will stock the HKS cat equipped extractors as well.
  10. Worn seats look rubbish but those are so worn I actually think it’s a shame to restore them. They shout street cred and actually have a lovely PATINA.
  11. Gents, I did a 500km loop from g town to Yarra valley, reefton spur and lake mountain but to be honest it was 80% transit and just 20% white knuckle, albeit the spur / lake mountain road was brilliant. if it is not a secret do you mind sharing (just between friends) as I never associate broadford as being Cayman territory. Would love to add some new routes to the list.
  12. Shaun can you share a little about your experience with the akprovick headers. My understanding is the DFI engined cars have 2 catalytic filters in the header and none in the exhaust (unlike 987.1 which has one cat in each section). I have always found the Cayman / Boxster a bit disappointing in terms of sound and it appears that replacing the headers with a high flow cat is the single biggest improvement. apologies for asking questions about items you are not actually selling, but keen to understand what the new headers did to the sound? And ballpark what the new headers cost?

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