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  1. Is there a better smell than a p car freshly done with gliptone.
  2. Happy to leave the yellow Boxsters for t0000000001; but definitely in the market for a manual 981 Boxster as well.
  3. I go a bit love / hate with 996 but I would go as far as saying there is no bad colour for a C4S. That said, those 4 colours are the pick. They are just a georgous looking car, look very contemporary and have some nice kit. Good luck.
  4. Far be it for me to spend RMINCs money or to tell him what he should or shouldn’t like.....but i would be tempted to have a good look at that black 1996 Porsche 993 that has just appeared in VIC. If it is as it is represented (if) it ticks a lot of boxes from RMINCs original list - Australian delivered, with FSH - straight - matching numbers - air cooled car with all the intimate driving experience - pretty low km and good service history RMICs original budget was $80k-$130k, Sellers asking price is $150k, a strike price at $140k where everyone is equally miserable ? having owned and loved both a 3.2 g series and a 964, I think the 993 option has a lot going for it: - that amazing air cooled soundtrack - seventies inspired dash / gauges meets a little nineties interior bling and leather from a cow - bulletproof Hans Megzer engine, tons more torque than 3.2 - six speed - a driving experience that blends genuine excitement with a big dollop of civilised manners - looks old school but drives modern - airbag, decent A/C, ABS, serious brakes, decent sound system for my money the 993 would be worth a look to see if it is as represented. I am not knocking 3.2s, I did 600km of hard driving on the weekend in one and came home exhilarated but exhausted.
  5. I particularly agree with Hugh and Nikos comments above. If PFA has taught me anything it is: 1. You are buying the seller as much as the car. 2. Buy the best car you can afford, as you end up spending way more in the long run to get a scruffy one up to a high standard if you are that way inclined. 3. G series cars seem to be able to hide high KM far better than any other brand. They can still be tight and playful even well over 200,000km. Without wanting to start a PFA riot (and absolutely no offence to anyone), any discussion around “worth” on SC / 3.2 cars is pretty difficult. They are like a pretty cool artist who used to sell his paintings for $2,000 and then became really popular and they start selling for $5,000. Will they stay at $5,000 and when they drop to $4,000 does that make them “good buying” and good value? Discussions on car value are pretty easy in a traditional start high then depreciate to low scenario. It is a pretty rare phenomonem for a car to be going up in value. 80% of these cars are “toys” rather than daily drivers. If you can afford to take a $120k punt on a toy then do it, they are fabulous fun cars full of charm and character and arguably a thing of beauty. If you can’t afford to have the “value” readjust itself to $70k then don’t buy one (ack. It could also go to $200k) as we are heading into uncharted waters in terms of the economy.
  6. Rego. Interesting pickup, I thought I was across most Boxsters for sale on Carsales. I had not seen that one before. You have eagle eyes. yes smart buying for low $40k / high $30k and P Warranty a nice feature. The 987.2 does have some nice features like the very advanced PCM, 6 speed, LED tail lights and rear defuser. i must confess I am not really across the 2.9 litre. No IMS which is good but no direct injection of the 3.4 or subsequent 2.7. I have got my head around a 2.7 DFI but pretty keen on a PSE to bring the soundtrack to life.
  7. Rego - Ack. On resale, but I figure by the time you have 250,000km up then resale probably not an issue. It will either be worth nothing or it will be a classic and no one will care. When was the last time you saw a big km g series with stamped books? Apogee - Ack on the MA1 engine in the post 2009 987s, but most of these cars seem to be $50k+ so for a small premium I think the 981 looks like it wears better / and elec steering aside is probably a more developed car. tas2H - what is the verdict on the 981, assume the 2.7 is sufficient for tight twisty Tas roads?
  8. I will resist hijacking Richards thread... There are lots of low km 981 Boxsters out there with impeccable service histories from dealers. I absolutely “get” that FFSH preserves resale value and gives a great piece of mind and I am not challenging people going down this route as it would normally be my default. But with tidy 981 Boxsters coming down in price to $50k-55k, I find my self wondering: - what does a non Porsche specialist / semi self maintain regime look like? Could you buy one with the aim of “just driving it guilt free”, clock up the km and put big km on it 250,000km +. And instead of rushing off to the Official dealer every 5 minutes, take it to an Indi every 20,000km, and do an oil + filter yourself every alternate 10,000 (I.e. oil change every 10,000 km but alternating between self and Indi). it looks like the 981 Boxster is a fundamentally more robust proposition to the 986/987 prior: * no IMS * bore scoring and other catastrophic Engine failures appear almost unheard of * doesn’t seem to suffer the RMS, suspension and air/oil separator issues * factory recommended service intervals in the rest of the world are 20,000km or 2 years * the interior materials appear much more robust / less prone to wear Is there anyone on the forum with a big km 981? How has the reliability been? is there anyone with a 981 doing their own maintenance?
  9. 550Spyder


    Looks awesome in this colour. Can't understand why you don't see more in this colour (assuming it was a factory std option).
  10. DJM - no offence and I totally get the turbo/torque issue, but give me the Datsun n.a. Rotary every day of the week. Sounded absolutely brilliant and great battle with the Mitsubishi. I find the turbo cars a little soulless. that IPRA bridge port is a thing of angry idling beauty, what a battle with the two big bangers. Rotaries are all about disapproving looks, waking up the neighbours and the occasional ride home on a flat tray truck. Speed and HP aren't everything. If RX2s weren't going for $60k+ I would be serving up a thick slice of rotary action right now.
  11. Rego, that NC looks absolutely stunning in largely stock exterior. Is that just a standard NA/NB roof or was there a special NC version. Does a standard soft top NC require any mods to fit that roof. looks so much better than the folding hard top. V impressed. agree on the NC mk2 comments, bulletproof internals
  12. Cracking question. Que arnachy..... 986 Boxster won wheels car of the year something like 3 out of 6 years and for good reason. Well engineered driving Nivana. To answer some of your questions: 1. yes you can get a mx5 style hard top but my casual observation is they are not common - maybe 5% of cars optioned them 2. Boxsters seem to come in two types, (1) bulletproof never had an issue type and (2) even though IMS hasn't gone, age related rebuilds of suspension, rear main seal, flywheel, can cost a bit 3. Thing to realise is a $25k Boxster is still full of $120k car components, so when things just "wear out" they are not cheap to replace even if you spanner yourself. These were an expensive car. 4. IMHO first time Boxster buyers were in a different financial position to 911 buyers. It is rare to see a Boxster with a lot of options. Most are close to basic spec cars (which are still fabulous cars) I suspect I will be the only one on the forum to say this, but if you want open top motoring and carving back roads go the Boxster. If you are even asking the question you have already been bitten by the rotary bug. I am a devoted P fan but nothing beats a chook cooker screaming at 8,000 rpm, one of life's great pleasures. Series 2 RX8 will bring you no kudos on this site but is an electric, go cart, wrong side of the tracks, pleasure dome. Rotary engine - 10/10, rebuild cost = cheap compared to Boxster, 6 sp. Mazda box = best in the business, handling ultimately not as good as Boxster but remember fun driving comes from slightly flawed cars not cars that run on rails. Go live your misspent youth. que the arnachy...
  13. I am used to (air cooled) Porsches having a factory applied sticker on the underside of the front bonnet detailing VIN, engine number, gearbox number and the factory fitted options. In my experience the same stickers appear in the service log book. i have always regarded the sticker as the 'cannery in the cage' in terms of no sticker = good chance of a frontal accident, or at best a respray that for some reason was so through it required the removal of the sticker / bonnet has been replaced. in recent weeks I have realised that 981 Boxsters don't have these stickers on the bonnet underside and am looking at photos of a 987 Boxster that doesn't appear to have one either. (1) what year Boxsters do have under bonnet option stickers (if any) (2) if not attached under the bonnet do they still have them attached to the front of the service log book you get stamped by the dealer? (3) if not 1 or 2, how do you easily assertain what the factory fitted options were from a private seller other than calling Porsche with the VIN?
  14. I had been following two Boxsters on car sales, both typically listed for long period with not selling, then this week at the peak of corona (to date) they both disappear (assuming sold). interesting that at a time people's super has evaporated 30%++, people plunged in a brought a sports car in one of the most dramatic uncertain weeks in modern history. big ups to you, big b*lled fellows

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