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  1. I am used to (air cooled) Porsches having a factory applied sticker on the underside of the front bonnet detailing VIN, engine number, gearbox number and the factory fitted options. In my experience the same stickers appear in the service log book. i have always regarded the sticker as the 'cannery in the cage' in terms of no sticker = good chance of a frontal accident, or at best a respray that for some reason was so through it required the removal of the sticker / bonnet has been replaced. in recent weeks I have realised that 981 Boxsters don't have these stickers on the bonnet underside and am looking at photos of a 987 Boxster that doesn't appear to have one either. (1) what year Boxsters do have under bonnet option stickers (if any) (2) if not attached under the bonnet do they still have them attached to the front of the service log book you get stamped by the dealer? (3) if not 1 or 2, how do you easily assertain what the factory fitted options were from a private seller other than calling Porsche with the VIN?
  2. I had been following two Boxsters on car sales, both typically listed for long period with not selling, then this week at the peak of corona (to date) they both disappear (assuming sold). interesting that at a time people's super has evaporated 30%++, people plunged in a brought a sports car in one of the most dramatic uncertain weeks in modern history. big ups to you, big b*lled fellows
  3. New news. I think we are all familiar with the IMS saga and associated RMS , bore scoring issues etc. which are well documented and pretty widespread. acknowledging that absolutely every engine, every manufacturer has some instances of failures, this is the first time I have seen a suggestion that the MA101 engine has systemic issues. how serious, how widespread?
  4. Looking at Boxster 981 s and have a few questions 1. Do 981 Boxsters have a sticker on the underside of the bonnet with the VIN, engine #, gearbox # and option codes like the earlier cars? 2. Do 981 Boxsters come with a service book that gets stamped like early cars 3. Do Boxster S have black gauges or white gauges like earlier S models 4. Does anyone have a 981 with 120,000km +++. ? Are the 981 pretty robust or have you needed to do complete suspension rebuilds or oth major works? appreciate some actual owners responses.
  5. If you told me when I was 20 that a good night in was watching videos of someone polishing cars I would have said shoot me now. What happened to us?
  6. Nytelfer Spot on, would have preferred slightly more profile for ride quality. I though the post may have smoked out a few members who want to sell but can't be bothered with all the tire kickers. Its hard to work out if there are not many cars for sale in my preferred spec because it's summer, or just because they didn't sell that many in that spec. I did see a stat on NC mx5s where 90% were auto in their last 3-4 years of production.
  7. On the assumption you are not only considering ice driving... www.classicracinggroup.com based at Circuit de Charade in France which held 4 F1 Grand Prix in 1960/70's including one won by Jim Clark. Cars are all new Crossle single seaters, based on the prettiest car Crossle ever built (classic sixties cigar shape) but updated for better safety, more generous cockpit, running 2 litre zetec and pretty generous rubber. They are only 420kg and that zetec is reasonably punchy. Classic circuit, classic cars and no instructor sitting next to you telling you to slow down. There are also a few F1 drive programmes like AGS in France running the 3.5 litre v10 and later f1 cars. Unless you are a lost talent better to go drive the sixties single seater at 9/10 rather than stooge around in the F1 at 4/10 IMHO.
  8. Wanted 2012 - 2016 normally aspirated MANUAL 981 Boxster. Must have: - Australian delivered Manual - full service history, either FFSH or Porsche independent specialist - Clean straight car no accident history - be able to pass PPI by Porsche specialist with no major skeletons in closet <50,000 km milage -seller must be able to explicitly demonstrate who they are and that they own the car Would prefer: 3.4l S model silver, grey, white or gold exterior Black interior PSE or PASM Financial PFA seller 18 inch factory wheels Deal breakers: - overseas cars - PDK or turbo cars - poor / undocumented service history - hail damage, accident damage, skuffed wheels - finance still owing on car - lots of non oem mods or car wraps - worn or scruffy interiors - sellers who only want to correspond by email - not after a 3.8 litre GTS ot GT4 - not after 20" wheels Would consider: - 2009 to 2012 987 Boxster s with 3.4 DFI non IMS engine if particularly smart car. 2.7 litre 981 3.4 litre 981 Mature, no nonsense buyer who has finances sorted out and not looking to mess around. Long time PFA financial member, serious buyer.
  9. Underlying issue that triggered the initial question is (1) front shocks need a rebuild at some stage so looking at options (2) Small front tyre rub on guard. I still need to do some diagnosis to confirm if rub is just a slow speed rub when on on full lock, or if it is a maximum attack rub under compression. Skid has been veryhelpful sharing his coil over experience. Long story short: - coil overs are likely overkill for road use - A well considered torsion bar should be able to deal with compression with the damper taking care of rebound - potential to adjust camber to reduce the tyre rub if it is a at speed rub I think that a shock rebuild, alignment / camber setup and look at the torsion bar should resolve matters without the cost and complexity of coil overs.
  10. Super clip, that dude has some good car control as that is a heavy car, tons of grunt and rubber that was going off pretty quick. That is one special place. We were on the 12hr support card this time last year, on the couch this year 'remembering when'...
  11. Has anyone fitted their G series 80s 911 with coil over shocks on the front? (I.e the normal shock with a spring coil helper). - What sort of all up cost ( based on new gear, installed and set up)? - while anyone can bolt them up, these cars can be a bit sensitive to weight distribution / ride height. Any acknowledged gurus on getting set up and weight distribution right? - of those that have actually done the conversion, any lessons learned or things you would do differently next time around? - did the coil overs actually make any objective difference to dive / inclination to rub tyre on front guard when fully loaded up on maximum attack?
  12. Rafikdous has an amazing 'quiver' of P Cars that would be the envy of most people. I had a McRae 550 Spyder in NZ for 4-5 years (McRae was a f1/f5000 guy who sold his race car manufacturing in the UK to Penske as the basis of their Indycar team). He built 39 almost exact replicas in the 1990's. some things to consider - even the worst replica is still a thing of beauty and über cool - at coffe shops people trample over GT3 and Lamborghini owners just to take a look, 100% chance of being the coolest cat there - the better the replica / recreation = the more faithful it is to the original = this is 1953 technology and chassis development. The can get quite hairy quite quick as they are a very primitive ladder chassis. They make a g series Porsche 911 feel like a sophisticated modern car - no reason to be scared of owning one as the parts are generally Porsche 914 or VW grafts, plenty of supply and most VW shops can handle any issues. - a professionally built one will (most likely) be better built than one built in a shed. Beck and the professional builders figure out pretty quickly what works and what doesn't and less things just fall off unexpectedly while I am a purest, I actually rate the 550s built for a short time in NSW, bodies made in Brazil from memory but powered by the Subaru 120kw boxer 4 cylinder, has all the looks of the classic but fuel injected start first time reliability and modern synchro 5 speed box. Having seen one of Rafs 356's I would say if you are after a purist 550 Spyder, his would be a great one to look into as he has good gear and looks after it.
  13. Brey Krause Harness Bar in great condition. Mounts direct to the B pillar with no modifications / additional equipment req. Very easy to install / uninstall. Perfect for doing track days. Beautiful tig/img workmanship. Shoulder harness straps mounts direct to the bar (ie no need for seperate eye bolts in rear). Avaliable for pickup in St Kilda Road, Melbourne from 13 Jan 2020. for sale $375 Material: Type 304, stainless steel. Finish: Satin finish stainless. Weight: 4.5kg Models: All 911 Coupes '74 - '98. Installation: Bar attaches to factory mounting points in "B" pillars. Miscellaneous: Bar is designed to allow enough seat travel for tall drivers.

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