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  1. Its awful that your father passed at such a young age, you can visit he's grave as long as you exercise social distancing guidelines. I think this was further clarified yesterday in the media. It would Vicpol have done a very average job of instructing the members on how to conduct themselves to date.
  2. The sad thing is that the sound is a result of specific exhaust tuning and the artificial sound created in the cabin by the soundakator. The specific exhaust tuning being the use of unequal length headers, if you use equal length headers on a WRX for example it will sound similar to any other 4 cylinder. (ie) completely looses the "WRX Throb" At the release of the 718 Porsche put out a video series, part of that was a video discussing how they tuned the sound, its artificial just like all the pops and crackles from the previous generation 981. Its all tuned to what they think the (global) market will like. The 987/997 generation did not have the pops and crakles when you back off however by the time of the 981 it was the thing that manufacturers were doing. Artificially creating a pop or crackle. The sound the 718 makes is more of a result of what they thought the market wanted rather than what it could sound like....
  3. Black Rock Motors 133-143 Bluff Rd 3193 Black Rock, Australia You can always find out from Carsales adds by scrolling right down to the bottom to find the LMCT number (they have to include this by law but hide it right down the bottom)
  4. And what was PCA's response with the consumers indifference to the sound????..... Sports exhaust standard!!! Exact opposite of what should have been done. 1. Piss off the stupid Soundaktor 2. Remove the uneven lengths of the headers (ie) remove the Subaru style throb 3. Tune out the resonant frequencies that create resonate in the cabin During the introduction of this model I watched a video about Porsche going to considerable efforts to tune the sound of the vehicle.... IMHO they need to revisit the brief on that one. As I stated previously the engine's performance is not the issue , the chassis is superb, the steering felt maybe even slightly better than my mates 981S (with steering plus option) however a little less feedback than what I'm used to with my 987.2 And why would you not be happy with the BBC!!! And that was/is the issue for me. EVERYTHING about the vehicle is superb however it just does not sound like a $150k+ vehicle and the sound is a deal breaker for me.
  5. Wow Nico your genuis is almost equal to your good looks 😁
  6. And it certainly shows in the current secondhand market. I’ve seen much younger 718 examples being marketed at prices close or below 981 variants. Ironic as they are faster, and enjoy a few enhancements in the chassis (brakes) over the 981 but it seems the sound turns people away like it did me. I really wanted to like it however as previously stated after doing a considerable test a few years back I couldn’t do it. In fact when I jumped back into mine instantly it felt so much smoother and refined without all the resonance. The 718 S was a demonstrator so virtually new,a really pity because it really is an excellent chassis and certainly felt like it had more urge than my friends 981S.
  7. New year project I'm thinking !!
  8. I spent a day doing an extended test drive of a 718 Cayman S doing quite a bit of the SMT route. Everything about the car except the engine sound and reverb in the cabin is superb! Handling, ride and power delivery is excellent, being a turbo significantly more torque down low than the N/A six. I have subsequently learnt that some of the sound in the cabin is due to a Soundaktor creating artificial (bad) sound in the cabin. Problem is also that is creates a resonance and rattles various different pieces of interior trim at different points during the rev range. I would be really interested to drive it with that soundakator module disconnected.
  9. I don’t know but instead of editing it I must of deleted it! Thanks again for the photos the BBC looks real good. And yes you can see it sits a little lower than Chris P’s GT4
  10. Without question 987 Caymans look so much better lowered. I was really impressed with how Niko's BBC looked after having the factory stilts removed. The only thing that has caused me pause in doing exactly the same thing is the fear of dreaded "bump and bounce" when punting it through the twisty bits. Im really interested to get some feedback on what the experience has been so far as the Cayman handles so well with the standard setup. This is purely a cosmetic thing for me and I dont want to "bugger up" the current handling. Also did you look into H&R v's EIBACH debtate?? interested in any feedback on this.
  11. Every single day I consider that I won the lottery of life living in Australia.
  12. Ive had more negative responses from others on the road whilst driving a porsche than any other car. I recall one SMT heading into Gembrook a guy was doing a "wanker" type motion out he's windows at the procession of Porsches going the other way. Had people give me the finger whilst heading in the other direction in Yarra Valley etc. On those two occasions would appear to be local lads. I couldn't care less! They are sadly mistaken if they think I drive this car to impress anyone or indeed even care what others think but it seems to effect some people oh well too bad for them. To think this is limited only to Australia is not correct it is a global thing
  13. No room for a full-size pinball? coffee table is the answer!
  14. Yes, 2009+ i.e 987.2 there is no IMS ! Copletley different engine to the 987

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