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  1. When I originally saw this add at the time I thought what on earth is the seller thinking? 987.2's are now at a point where they are most likely going to be sought by an enthusiast. An enthusiast is not likely to want to plonk kids/girlfriends/cats/dogs/fluffy toys etc on their car and possibly most likely be turned off by this add!
  2. Niko your S is pretty close to R spec! In a nutshell the R was lowered, light weight wheels, light weight alloy doors from the GT3, Cloth Pull tab's instead of plastic handles and the nice little cover over the instruments deleted. Body styling wise it has the Aero kit specified which I could never understand as it adds weight and the R was marketed about saving weight! Of course you could have A/C delete and PCM delete as well however I have never seen one in Australia that had the deletion done. I don't think that you will notice the 8kw difference between the S and the R / Black edition. Of course if you want an R for the "Badge" and the collectability aspect then yes I get it however you could build a better R from an S base and have a much wider choice of vehicles.
  3. Review: 2021 Porsche Cayman GTS 4.0 Is Perfect But Also a Little Too Perfect (thedrive.com)
  4. Guess they are meeting market demand and there must be a demand for a manual roof variant of the Boxster. I personally have always viewed the Boxster Spyder as a desirable low volume "halo" model for the range if this variant went global it would somewhat dilute that position. IMHO https://www.motor1.com/news/502359/porsche-718-spyder-four-cylinder/
  5. I have often pondered that at some point Dino Juice is going to become very expensive for us "Hold outs" as the demand/volume drops and the distribution network shrinks. Sure it is going to be some time before we will be buying drums to fuel our cars but at some point the large scale commercial refining/distribution and retailing is going to wind back significantly.
  6. Hope things are healing real quick for you, the BBC will be missing you 😢
  7. Yes I agree. Shame as IMHO that combination would be the ultimate "affordable" Porsche sports car.
  8. Remember to this day those bloody external door handles. As a teenager finding he’s own strength opening the door to jump in the passenger seat pulled the door handle clean off. The boss said it’s ok son happens all the time as I sheepishly handed him he’s door handle! When ever I see one of those XD,XE,XF I just see the bloody door handles smiling at me 😁
  9. Ok Niko out for a romantic drive with the Mrs...... Time to fess up fella what have you purchased 🤣
  10. Be aware that if it is a modern model with a battery monitoring circuit it is not recommended to connect directly to the NEGATIVE terminal. There is a post that is specifically assigned for the connection.

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