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  1. Grimmy

    Cayman GT4 RS

    Thank you for the the informative post and video.
  2. Stunning Melbourne day. Caught up with a mate who has recently moved to the bush at the Toolshed Bar in Noojee. Perfect excuse to press the White Night into duty, roads were empty, venue was quiet, weather was perfect for windows down punting through the hills. Pretty much as good as it gets. As long as you time it to miss the school drop-offs and pickups a Monday midday targa is about as good as it gets !! Terrific opportunity to be reminded of how seriously good these sports cars are.
  3. Also could be pressed into duty as a 'mobility scooter'
  4. noted that an R is for sale on carsales at the moment
  5. Lucky no scrape this time but if it was a tiny bit lower...
  6. Nice photo's @Niko Agree that Saphire blue spyder is delicous
  7. Amazing to think the old "only driven to church on sunday" BS is still around given the amount of information on the internet available to the average astute consumer. Even more so in this case as they are a limited delivery number vehicle and followed by enthusiasts. I have in recent times still be told "never been in an accident" when enquiring about cars, how can you even make that statement.... it would be hard to support with actual evidence if put to task.
  8. There you go… didn’t know that was an option.
  9. Having owned a couple of caymans I would say that by a large factor they have been the car's that have responsed best to any steering input. You can literally place those cars where you want into a corner, even responding very well to steering adjustments mid corner which would see many a car that is pro ported to be a "handler" become very unstable. When pushed hard they are still calibrated to understeer and my experience has been that it would take a fair effort on a public road to induce oversteer. I have always ran Michelin PS previously however when I purchased the current one it had a fresh set of Pzero's on it. Like all new tyres they are excellent. They are now 2 or so years old and I think they will "time out" before I wear them out. In my personal experience the best mod you can do on a "sorted" Porsche is a set of new tyres! My thoughts on the P'zero's ...... Noisy lot's of road noise however Porsche's are not a quiet place to be in when It comes to road noise. Guess it helps dull the the trim squeaks! I shall be going with another option in about a year when I feel their time is up? How old are the tyres? they have a date stamp on them.
  10. Grimmy

    Cayman GT4 RS

    I was reflecting the other day on my initial enthusiasm for this vehicle. The reflection was a result of driving my Cayman S on public country roads that Vicroads are aggressively reducing speed limits on, rolling road blocks of "Sunday drivers" and aggressive rule enforcement. I come to the conclusion that I utilised a very moderate amount of the performance and abilities of my current vehicle and reflected on why would I want a race car that has compromises to be registered that our roads will NEVER allow the use of such performance! Yep, Pretty boring reflection.... maybe Ive been beaten down! Oh well no need to get my feathers ruffled about allocations etc and I can leave the coin in the bank! Maybe I can take my greying mop of hair, purchase a land cruiser with a great big van and drive on said roads 20 below the limit ensuring that I have at least 15 cars held up behind me and lean on the throttle when any over taking opportunities present. On the other hand GT and RS cars appear to have been a prudent fiscal investment of late!
  11. Grimmy

    Cayman GT4 RS

    Hopefully you will be able to follow up with a few words about your impressions of the vehicle.

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