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  1. Great video and sound quality, thank you for sharing.It sure did look cold on top of the hill!
  2. I noticed the "Naughty Flap" is up in the rear. I wonder if it was manually raised before or .....??
  3. The performance/handling package you will get for that price is stunning.
  4. Thank you for sharing your experience. Even though painful for you it has confirmed that my prefered choice of repairer based on research is indeed a quality repairer. I hope I never have to meet them!! Congratulations on getting it back and it looks fantastic in the photos.
  5. Very close friend managed to do half an oil change on he’s AMG. Wasnt aware that there is a front and rear sump plug on these engines. (The two sumps are separated due to a cross member and oil is pumped from one to the other) He was confused as why it took such a small amount of oil to fill such a large engine!
  6. I feel in reality the 911 has been making a slow conservative march towards being a Grand Tourer. The Boxster and Cayman are the sports cars now this new design looks far more like a GT and looks the goods.
  7. Definatley one for @Nicco, whilst you would of been piloting around HQ’s your European brothers had these: https://petrolicious.com/films/1976-porsche-911-targa-dial-911-to-call-this-ex-police-car or was it FJ’s in your era 😊✌️
  8. Indeed, the Air Cooled ones kind of seep it !
  9. https://www.epa.vic.gov.au/about-us/news-centre/news-and-updates/news/2018/october/19/epa-charges-porsche-retail-group-over-oil-spill
  10. Good Grief I'm shocked positive words about PDK Once you really get to know it you will be even more impressed. Leave it in full auto mode without sports mode selected and it will poodle around like a economy hatchback. Select manual mode and sports plus and you will smile every time you nail it and shift up. This is the true genius of this box in manual mode sports plus it provides all the response and feel of a traditional manual car just significantly faster gear changes (which equates to the performance improvement over the manual) it also allows you to keep both hands on the steering wheel at all times which is a huge advantage through twisty tight mountain roads. Sports plus mode shifts make the overpriced sports chrono worthwhile! On a downside you do however loose the traditional involvement that a manual operated clutch provides.
  11. I cannot recall if ultra violet was PTS at the time. If it was there’s $10K straight up if that helps in the price justification!
  12. Thanks for the friendly Wave gents. I was out with some friends with mixed marque's Porsche & AMG Nice to see some familiar PFA faces and cars going in the opposite direction and also staying on the correct side of the road. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for some other Porsche Drivers yesterday. Come across some drivers on the wrong side of the road on Nayook-Powelltown road. You would think after coming across one car that they would pull their head in however nope, everyone that was following me had to deal with them. Note these were not part of the PFA run however their cars appear on photo's on a Facebook page for another event yesterday. Maybe it needs to explained that these are not closed road events!
  13. Back when the product was real Nakamichi, fantastic head units.
  14. I think I would of preferred to be Mr Eureka driving and Bolwell Those Dragway wheels are awful disliked them in the 70's and 80's still dislike them!

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