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  1. I had my car for sale on PFA for 5 days now and it hasn't sold. This forum is shizen, I want my $25 back
  2. Yes that’s right, this car is a ‘73 original RHD delivered in the UK it was completely restored and updated to a 993 RS look about 5 years ago. Factory 993 steel panels were used. No fibreglass Paint and body work is perfect except for a small crack on the front bumper it has zero rust and I mean that. Any inspection is welcome it has a 3L SC engine running Webers and the original 5 speed gearbox Interior has also been updated to RS finish including turtle back seats, dash top, doors and steering wheel it has a sunroof i have the engineers report and import approval with me. It’s on a club permit which I believe is not transferable unless you are a member of the same club i honestly love driving this car but I am about to start house extension and need the $$s. So not open for swaps etc, need to sell it So please contact me only if you are serious and not going to low ball it. Won’t work the car is in Kew East in Melbourne i will be advertising it for $72k on carsales, Facebook etc but will make allowance for a PFA members for a no fuss sale
  3. Thats one mighty super charger on this car
  4. rafikdous

    Everyone please read

    Thanks Lee, very noble cause to delete ALL the 914 threads Apologies to 914 owners
  5. Just wondering why did you remove the front clip and buy a new one? The original looked solid GLWTS
  6. Yes, PM your email and I will send you pictures Or email me on iiivvi@hotmail.com Can't be bothered uploading pics then posting here
  7. That wasn’t the Fox’s main reason mate, it was having a $20m building being tax deductible because it a charitable venture
  8. Lindsay Fox has been walking that fine line for years with his "museum" too
  9. Ok, I just wasted half hour reading the double dutch on the parliament site and also on the Infrastructure site and I am none the wiser Simple question, can you now import a 25+ years old 964 or not? If yes, how? The only options available on the vehicle import site are either personal import (own it for more than 12 months overseas) or through the RAWS Go here for eligibility assessment and see what I mean https://infrastructure.gov.au/vehicles/imports/quiz/
  10. rafikdous

    Crank Pulley washer

    Did you find one? I am off to the USA next week for business and will be attending al the Porsche events in LA so can get you one of you want
  11. rafikdous

    356 coupe

    Nah, East Kew but the car is stored in Braeside Drop me a PM with your number, would love to catch up and see your great work

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