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  1. You would think for a $300k car, the dealer would put more description of the car and shouldn’t worry about paying few $$s to Carsales.com.au!! https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/Porsche-911-1974/OAG-AD-16827988?utm_campaign=search-alert&utm_source=notification-center&utm_medium=email
  2. rafikdous

    Need a 200mm pressure plate

    No idea Merv, I replaced the pressure plate and have been driving it for a week now. All good so far
  3. rafikdous

    Slant nose, slope nose, flat nose, flachbau etc

    No sorry but have a set of Borbets
  4. rafikdous

    Need a 200mm pressure plate

    Yeah I am puzzled with the condition of the fingers. But the release bearing looked fine
  5. Chopped targa. $50k to put it back to long nose targa. Cost of restoration is killing some good cars unfortunatly
  6. rafikdous

    Need a 200mm pressure plate

    thanks Merv I ended up getting mine from AA Pistons in the USA Fitted it on the weekend. Works now but the pedal travel is still too long. Probably about 50 to 70mm of free travel. So need to do some adjustments still
  7. I don’t think the picture is of the actual car. Ad says no rear quarters, pic show quarters. He must have used the pic for reference only
  8. rafikdous


    Welcome. Why is your forum name backwards? 😀
  9. rafikdous

    Need a 200mm pressure plate

    Nope, not compatible with VWs. You need to machine the flywheel 2mm
  10. I usually tell them to go and multiply (using the appropriate words) scumbags need to be told that they are. Maybe one day they will realise and straighten up
  11. rafikdous

    Need a 200mm pressure plate

    $980+GST from Porsche, ouch Ordered from the States at about $320 landed
  12. rafikdous

    Need a 200mm pressure plate

    I know I can buy them from the States any locally? Mine is chewed up
  13. rafikdous

    Pelican Parts Voucher - wanted if you are not requiring

    I didn't get the Pelican one but I have the Sierra Madre code if you want it
  14. rafikdous

    944 Cookies

    Hi Lee, I have a friend of mine who has a set of Cookies in Sydney. No idea what they are, I think they are 7"
  15. rafikdous

    Slant nose, slope nose, flat nose, flachbau etc

    I know of a cab (not a coupe)

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