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  1. all Porsches (except the 550) were passed in at Shannons last night
  2. This looks like fun https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/burwood/cars-vans-utes/porsche-race-car/1194755409
  3. rafikdous

    German autofest - Melbourne 27th Aug

    this year's coming up. See you there
  4. Interesting they left the type 4 cooling in place. I couldn't get that on mine. I had to remove the fan, etc otherwise the engine/gearbox sat too far to the rear and the axles angle was too sharp Unless they moved the firewall forward!
  5. rafikdous

    Complete exhaust for 3L (?)

    Can’t find any writing on it let me know if you are interested or not. Otherwise going on eBay and FB
  6. rafikdous

    Complete exhaust for 3L (?)

    I measured the exhaust on a mate’s ‘80 SC 3L and it is the same. So the exhaust will fit a 3L
  7. rafikdous

    WTB 964/993 CAB Rear Seats

    This? in melbourne. Base pads will need a good clean
  8. rafikdous

    993 headlight reflector

    Thanks Raven, it could do the trick. I will try i tried polishing it but it made it worse. Another option is to get it replated if I can find someone to chrome plate plastic
  9. rafikdous

    993 headlight reflector

    My car failed road worthy because of a dim left headlight, the reflector has its chrome surface deteriorating Does anyone have a spare out there? I am after the reflector only cheers
  10. Driver's door on the silver door looks dodgy
  11. The guy I bought this system from said it was for a 2.2L but it didn’t fit, I think its either for a 2.7 or 3.0L I took some measurements for whoever is interested. The last one is from centre to centre Cost me $600. Looking to get that back or ONO Pick up from Kew East or I can ship at buyers expense
  12. Last it was on eBay, it struggled to get to $9k
  13. rafikdous

    Sports Headers and Muffler suit 3.0

    Try again Mike, I cleared some messages