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  1. The guy I bought this system from said it was for a 2.2L but it didn’t fit, I think its either for a 2.7 or 3.0L I took some measurements for whoever is interested. The last one is from centre to centre Cost me $600. Looking to get that back or ONO Pick up from Kew East or I can ship at buyers expense
  2. Last it was on eBay, it struggled to get to $9k
  3. rafikdous

    Sports Headers and Muffler suit 3.0

    Try again Mike, I cleared some messages
  4. rafikdous

    Sports Headers and Muffler suit 3.0

    Mike, I might have something for you but I am out of town for few weeks
  5. rafikdous

    914/6 GT Build

    Great start Craig, looking forward to the rest of the build
  6. rafikdous

    Porsche 718 RSK replica

    that's different, RSK718 back and 550 Spyder front. Kinda RSK550 Ironically the number plates on my ex-RSK was RSK550
  7. rafikdous

    Ineffective brake pedal

    Everything looks to be in order No air in the system, all the pistons are moving freely (I removed the pads and had my wife press the pedal) So I think I just need to drive it for a bit to get everything settled. Problem is the road worth guy is unlikely to pass it as it is Will see
  8. rafikdous

    RSK718 replica. Special thread for GUT and LeeM

    Another $2k drop
  9. rafikdous

    Repro fuchs (sold)

  10. rafikdous

    RSK718 replica. Special thread for GUT and LeeM

    He dropped it by another $8k. That’s from $90k to $66.5k in 3 days
  11. rafikdous

    25 cars that will kill you

    😄 no, 930
  12. rafikdous

    25 cars that will kill you

    And guess what's on top of the list? no surprise https://www.msn.com/en-au/motoring/ownership/25-cars-that-could-kill-you/ss-AAyjMLj?ocid=spartanntp#image=1
  13. rafikdous

    WTB 19" 997S Lobsters

    There is a set of FB for $2.5k in melbourne the bloke called Kaz Siddigue. Look him up
  14. Was going to use them on my 356 but they don’t fit under the rear guards. Bought the 14x5.5 from here on PFA, so these are up for sale No numbers or stamping on the back so see pictures for width and backspace Lip to lip they are 200mm which makes them 7inch. Backspace is 130mm so measurement from mounting face to outer lip is 70mm Tyres have tread but old Asking $1,000ono pick up from East Kew or can arrange shipping
  15. rafikdous

    Event s for the 70th Anniversary

    So what’s happening in Vic? I know there is a gathering from7 to 9am this Sunday at north road Brighton I thought there was something else also happening at Geelong, anyone knows?