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  1. Been on CS for years for obvious reasons. Whoever did that to it should be locked up
  2. rafikdous

    356 & 912 engines.

    Yep, that's a type 3 engine. 1500 or 1600
  3. in case you have a lazy $875k https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/porsche-911-1993/sse-ad-12547049/?utm_campaign=search-alert&utm_source=sfmc&utm_medium=email&csn_atid=729271b8-c9eb-4004-afee-af376ed9b5a2
  4. $230k for a previously written off RSR recreation? Why?? https://www.grays.com/lot/0001-50007902/classic-cars/1976-porsche-911-sc-rsr-tribute-wovr-inspected?redirect=0
  5. i had my Beck fully registered in Victoria. But I would say I was very lucky on the day when I took it to VicRoads. Club permit is a lot easier which is more than enough anyway. I didn't really need full rego, I wasn't going to drive it everyday
  6. This didn't last long. It was advertised for $399,990 https://www.carsales.com.au/link/HwQBCJwJxs3Jgy3_yMcmoQhqctszv2dQEf0SC_VSkvA1SY7GTDaTSXG8eYisUkCbzm3W-XbCzA0OHIoqWmzCZeWV9hzejouTrLT-AZu71N0hYg1U18KeKcOYRFnJe22BclAlLXpkNKMOqi7YF1U0MSUpubvxH45z3-fqDlvOIGLDuhIhd8_V92XnSZd_5zZy9D3P_Ii_nOHj1xQshsYaP6b0_74PLLjBEa4tbEbNkgutFgA=
  7. That's very true. Few years ago I bought a UK car from a "friend". The car was brilliant. Later I accidentally got to know that it was an insurance write off in the UK. Stolen, stripped of some panels and the engine. No damage but the engine was re-stamped. I took a hit selling it. Learnt my lesson. It cost $25 to do an online check on UK cars so do it a save yourself the disappointment.
  8. Yes that's what I was referring to. The 356 Speedster seats has a similar concept although the frame is made out of timber. Thanks
  9. What do you do with back seat access if you fit fixed back front seats? Just ignore back seats? Has anyone tried to hinge the front seats AKA 356 speedsters?
  10. rafikdous

    356 Outlaw build

    i sent you a PM about the green glass. Checking before I post it on FB
  11. @@Quackers found one
  12. Four of them. I can get pictures of the other 3. Only used to roll the car around in my garage Everything is brand new including Continental tyres. All details are in the pictures. Backspace is approximately 145mm. ET40 I would swap them for late 70s period looking deep dish rims if you have some Cost over $4,500. Asking $2,500 ono
  13. I have 3 piece wheels. The centres are original 15" Fuchs (magnesium?) the rims are aluminium. The chrome is pretty ordinary and flaking everywhere. I just want to strip the chrome because I am going for the anodised look. The platers needs 4 to 6 weeks to strip them, I am not interested in waiting that long. Read online I can use house hold bleach to soaking the wheels for a day then the chrome will come off. Will the bleach cause any damage to the magnesium centre or the aluminium rims?

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