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  1. Hi Tom, PM sent, I think I have the Maestro's books somewhere
  2. rafikdous

    A project for someone?

    If I recall correctly, he started advertising it nearly 2 years ago at $60k Sometimes you just have to ask "why bother". Yes 356s are getting rare and expensive but they are not that rare nor that expensive to justify taking this project on Parts car at best and should be priced around $10k. I just spent $2.5k on a nose panel yesterday for my '58 speedster
  3. @Dalai you picture above summarises everything good about an SC. just have a look at you car's happy face. Love it
  4. @JDM_Damo this used to be my car and there is a detailed thread on the restoration on here. PM me if you need any details, I can certainly tell you all about it I also have a Spyder replica which we can talk about
  5. Don't believe it will pass the ADR rules and might be difficult to fit seat belts to it but its a current model so with a little bit of modifications, you can fit it in a 992 Very little use. Minor skid marks https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/216925297093400/?ref=search&referral_code=marketplace_search&referral_story_type=post&tracking=browse_serp%3A8742b293-8ea8-4329-a433-5e46790b6f94
  6. Wouldn't it be easier for them to just pay the $25 membership fee rather than trying so many options to post a car without being a financial member? All of that to avoid $25? How much did you pay for your coffees last week?
  7. After speaking to few people, sadly I am not proceeding with the 3.3 turbo for many reasons, drivability, running costs, gearbox, etc I will stick with the 3.2 and figure out what I can do with it later thank you all for the input
  8. I am building an RSR replica using a '77 shell. The car is far from original so I do not care about matching numbers, originality, etc I planned to put a 3.2L in it out of an '89 car. I now have an option (at extra $$s, approx $15k) to put a 3.3L turbo charged engine also out of an '89 I do not know enough about 3.3L turbos except they were widow makers but I am leaning towards it Which should I go for? The car has a 915 box at this stage I know myself, I will finish the car, drive it around for year, get bored then sell it for the next project. So long term ownership is not a concern to me
  9. I sold my '83 230GE Merc G Wagon oct last year for $34k. The guy who bought it advertised last month for $64k and it was sold in less than a week Thats nearly 200% ROI in 10 months
  10. Yep sure, $100k for this. No worries https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1955-porsche-550-manual/OAG-AD-20037045/?Cr=0
  11. i gave up on engineering my LS1 G Wagon in Victoria even though it was engineered and registered in Qld

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