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  1. Scammers are most effective responding to wanted ads. I nearly got scammed twice on the G wagon forum
  2. @luzzo, yes should've mentioned its fully optioned manual couple Goldish silvery colour Sat nav localised with aussie maps Digital speedo set to klms. Analog dial still in miles Fully service history
  3. Brought to Perth by the original owner in 2010. 83,000 on the clock. Presents perfectly. Looking on Carsales, cheapest carrera 4s is $108k. What would this one be considering its a UK delivery?
  4. I would ask why you want to import from SA? Is it cheaper or you have a specific car in mind? It doesn't sound like you found a specific car. In this case I go back to the first question. I ask because I was considering importing a 356 PreA from SA. The car wasn't cheap, it was reasonably priced. There were too many challenges. Transferring the money, shipping but above all peace of mind. After negotiating for weeks, the seller tells me the car didn't have a chassis number and he didn't know why. Unlike shipping from common routes like USA or Europe, shipping was quite expensive and I believe there are extra steps in SA to obtain export approval to get the car to leave the country. I decided to walk away. Wasn't worth all the hassle and risks for me.
  5. Yes it's red No idea how it was imported. The import approval wasn't available to view yet
  6. I was at Grays yesterday, they have a stunning LHD 2000 GT3 coming up next auction. Only 3500 ks on the clock Buy, use for track days for 4 years then club rego
  7. I agree. You could buy a brilliant 356 cab for less money now so why bother going through the pain of restoring it for 5 years
  8. Hmmm, don't know about the scares & bruises etc. Would I prefer to look at an Elle Macpherson or a 50 years old Collingwood supporter with half her teeth missing and saggy tattoos?? I know what the answer is Apologies for the stereo typing of Collingwood supporters 😁
  9. buy the car, then try to sell each rudge for more than $50k each like this guy https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Porsche-356-Original-Carrera-GT-Wheel-Restored-date-stamped-11-58-1/163304702586
  10. gets uglier each time I look at it The deck lid is a work of art, isn't it?
  11. Common guys, everyone is doing it tough. No need to make it every more difficult for a guy who's trying to make a living I am referring to flooding him with emails. Of course false advertising is not on
  12. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Porsche-928s-4-7-V8-1984-coupe-924-944-911-not-BMW-Mercedes-Alfa-Ferrari-lotus/274665542803?hash=item3ff3579493:g:vCYAAOSwVJBgFU3B Not sure about his attempt to fix the cracked dashboard pad using bog?!

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