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  1. I imported my race 356 few years ago. My car has nothing standard on it, brakes, steering, engine, gearbox, seats, roll cage, etc. Everything has been modified. importing wasn't an issue but registration was. I had to get an engineers report which was challenging Having said that, my opinion is you are better off finding one locally or building one yourself. 102k pounds is a lot of money. You will pay GST and LCT on top. So landed, this car will cost you well over AUD$200k. I think you can do better locally if you are welling to spend that much money
  2. Car still here, can't believe this hasn't sold yet If someone wants to turn it into a long nose RS look, I have fibreglass front & rear RS bumpers and front guards to go with it Can source the rest of the required panels as well Also I have to own a 928 at some stage in my life so would consider a partial swap
  3. I did a conversion on a T5 before, straight forward T6s are much more complicated due to the different fuel tank. I would avoid
  4. https://www.graysonline.com/lot/0037-3444627/motor-vehiclesmotor-cycles/1973-porsche-911-993-update-manual-coupe
  5. https://www.graysonline.com/lot/0037-3444627/motor-vehiclesmotor-cycles/1973-porsche-911-993-update-manual-coupe
  6. Had another non-paying bidder from Sydney this time The car still available and going back to auction starting tomorrow, I will post a link once its live You certainly could do a lot worse than my car. Getting a $40k shell might seem cheap but if you consider you will pour $30k or $40k in rust and panel repairs, it all adds up very quickly
  7. Wow, a non matching 912 with repro Fuchs and dodgy floor pan for $140k??? Good luck
  8. Had someone from FB this morning offering me $50k cash or $61k if I put it back to long nose in original colour I was tempted to accept but F off was easier
  9. They said they can pursue him but its a legal process which takes months with no guaranteed outcome anyway. Meanwhile the car will be on hold. Obviously I said don't bother, I am not just keep my life on hold for few months for an outcome
  10. Bloody sucks alright, the two idiots wasted 3 months for me now I reckon $63k for this car is a bargain so I am not giving it away. Worst case I will keep it and take a bigger loan for the house
  11. Another loser of a bidder from Sydney on Graysonline. Won the auction then did not pay claiming someone had his phone at the time a put bids on several cars car still available. Asking price now is $63k

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