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  1. rafikdous

    Slant nose, slope nose, flat nose, flachbau etc

    I know of a cab (not a coupe)
  2. rafikdous

    Wide guards brake fins

    ? friend of mine working on a factory slant nose cab
  3. Specially the "WAIL TAIL SPOILER" option. very rare
  4. rafikdous

    Wide guards brake fins

    Where do I get the brake fins highlighted in the picture from?
  5. rafikdous

    911sc Exhaust

    +1, thanks Simon
  6. Anyone have an email address for Porsche to request info on a car please? I had Harry's but he's on leave for couple of weeks Need to get info on a 912 whether it was an original RHD delivery or not
  7. rafikdous

    I smell a rat

    Damn I had my heart set on the $16k E type ??
  8. Last week a company listed 2 356s on gumtree for what seemed liked VERY reasonable prices. The company was listed as a car dealer (no name) in NSW tried calling few times, no response and I get the overseas diversion beeps then a message in Italian The two cars were taken off Gumtree a day later Overnight, a company with the name of 3MD Autos in Maitland NSW listed a heap of VERY cheap cars. For example, Jag E type for $18k. A 190SL for $42k. A soft window targa for $26k.A 912 for $16k. Again, a NSW number which when you call, goes to overseas and then an Italian message followed by an English one Webpage is https://www.3mdautosales.com Beware, looks dodgy and too good to be true
  9. I had a vision for those seats but after Lee's comment, I am completely put off
  10. rafikdous

    Tangerine '70 T targa resto

    Looks very similar but not the same car
  11. rafikdous

    Complete exhaust for 3L (?)

    Its sold, thank you
  12. rafikdous

    914/6 GT Build

    What's going on Craig? Been a while, any updates?
  13. rafikdous

    Tangerine '70 T targa resto

    Although I sold the car few months ago, I have been tracking its progress Engine is full reco’d and running. Interior is complete it will be on the market within 4 weeks I reckon
  14. all Porsches (except the 550) were passed in at Shannons last night