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  1. Front guards, bonnet, deck lid and bumpers are bolt on replacement Rear guards are more complicated, they will need to be removed and the original grafted on No structural mods thanks 9er
  2. Here you go, thanks mate 1957 Aussie delivered and I have some history with it Was registered till 2015 I think. Runs well. Some rust bubbles in the left door and some paint grazing on the roof and deck lid. But hey, its the original 62 years old paint, what do you expect I am replacing the car, didn't like the crappy after market ones on it. Interior is perfect and retrimmed in leather Looking to get $15k ono the first picture was half way through polishing it
  3. Sorry Cam, been under the pump a little I found both sides I think the one on the left of the picture is the left side. Please note the shocker mounting bolt will need to be drilled out and replaced
  4. thanks all @Tips, roundie is coming up for sale too. I polished it on the weekend and replacing the carpets this week
  5. I bought a house so trying to off load 3 cars including the '73 993 update, a 550 replica and a '57 Benz 190 roundie Tried Greysonline because it was the quickest and most convenient to place a car with. However, the '73 has not sold after two auctions Shannons seem to involve a lot more, needs longer lead time and more expensive. They charge $550 entry fee and 11% (ouch) of the selling price for a reserve auction Anyone had experience with Shannons? Or have general advice? Not keen on Gumtree and Carsales at this stage, don't have time for time wasters and idiots
  6. rafikdous


    Yep, you have the early linkage
  7. I wonder how long this view will last before the pressure from the greenies and politically correct change it https://www.theweek.co.uk/electric-cars/100376/porsche-911-company-chief-says-sports-car-will-not-go-electric
  8. A set of 4 in great condition. Pictures were taken before washing them, sorry16x6 with 185/55 near new tyresI had them on my 356 for a while they changed my mind (again) Price negotiable. Listed on Gumtree for $900. Cost me over $1,200 with tyres. Open for a swap to something else https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/kew-east/wheels-tyres-rims/porsche-d90-wheels/1204638517
  9. rafikdous

    356 coupe

    I wish I have 1% of your skills
  10. rafikdous


    Hi Daniel, Most likely the linkage at the end of the tunnel. Pre-As and early As had a fairly crude and complicated linkage Took me a while to refit mine on a Pre A and even longer to get it right Do you have this type of linkage?
  11. Let the abuse begin. Someone smoking cheap weed https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1993-porsche-911-turbo-964-manual/SSE-AD-6080143?utm_campaign=search-alert&utm_source=notification-center&utm_medium=email
  12. This thing is like John Farnham https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1955-Porsche-356-1500-Manual/SSE-AD-6060423?pageSource=details&id=SSE-AD-6060423

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