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  1. Hey @9er yes, back in Nov. Sold it cheap at $58k
  2. Three the story goes like this Years ago I bought a project McRae from a Kiwi bloke relocated to Sydney, started restoring the car. Got divorced, sold the 550 to me and went back to Auckland the car has a brand new chassis, 914 running gear and 914 suspension. It’s black and needs the wiring and interior done then last year a mate of mine & I went to LA for the Porsche weekend. Ended up getting caught in the hype and we bought two Becks. The one here for sale and another which is getting a full Resto and near completion so too much money owed to the bank and two too many 550s we are trying to move any two of them this one here for low $70s the McRae for $42k the other Beck once finished for $80k full restored all of the cars are LHD
  3. Decided to sell one of my 550s Its a Beck with a 1916 fuel injected reco'd engine Has the wet weather gear with it, soft top and side curtains Asking price will include Victorian RWC so the can will be ready for club rego. Otherwise negotiable Any questions, please ask PS I lowered the rear since taking the pics https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1955-porsche-550-manual/SSE-AD-6493846/?Cr=1
  4. Based on this concept, we don't need steering wheels anymore, we can just use the wipers position to steer the car 😁😁
  5. thanks @TINGY996, reached out to Dennis but he does not have any
  6. Looking great Craig. I assume you stopped counting how much its costing you ages ago Can't wait to see the painted shell
  7. that would be great. My email address is iiivvi@hotmail.com or if you want to offload it, let me know
  8. Looking for sales literature about 1993 964 Speedster Similar to this https://www.amazon.com/1993-1994-Porsche-Speedster-Brochure/dp/B00OV994IK Or anything else
  9. Hey Tom I have two wind deflectors included. They are one piece though See the right side of the picture
  10. Everything except the panel basically Looking for $250ono Pick up from kew east Will need your ID before you turn up at my place
  11. In good condition just dusty Apologies about the poor picture Its at the panel shop and difficult to get to at this stage Looking for $250ono Pickup from Kew East Will need your ID before you turn up at my place
  12. Overall in good condition One has couple of surface cracks as pictured Looking for $400 Ono Pickup from Kew East Will need your ID before you turn up at my place

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