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  1. As Lee said, Beck or not, it's a great looking car My Beck has a Beck ID plate but not all of them do. But I can see similarities between yours and mine, seats, steering wheel, dash layout etc
  2. thanks Mike. I am away till Monday. Will measure when I go back home Cheers
  3. excuse me for asking but are you sure this is a Beck? Beck definitely did not have the vents on the rear guards nor flared front guards Possible that someone modified the car later of course Very well presented, GLWS
  4. Hi Mike What's the distance between the two tips and how much higher/lower does it sit compared to stock exhaust?
  5. Wow you all had you grumpy tablet today, have you??? Call the guy, he will tell the number. I just don't have it because it's not my car. No tactics nor hiding a number
  6. Posting on behalf of a friend of mine who is not on any forums He has a 2011 Spyder with very low klms, 16k so its in as new condition Its a 7 speed PDK auto For any further info or questions, please call Joseph directly on 0421 773 377 The car is located in the Docklands, Melbourne
  7. I wouldn't take Graysonline auction results as a market guideline. Everything on Grays sells cheap On the other hand, have a look at some of the Shannons results, pretty much everything is over market value 1988 Carrera $118k 1963 356SC $197k I wouldn't call that a tanked market
  8. rafikdous

    356 coupe

    great work Neil. I like the look without the headlights.
  9. As far as I know there isn't a 30 years rolling rule, its pre '89 regardless of what year we are in now
  10. It has been delayed to up to July 2021 https://www.infrastructure.gov.au/vehicles/rvs/index.aspx
  11. The extension has been approved. Now up to July 2021 https://www.infrastructure.gov.au/vehicles/rvs/index.aspx
  12. Yes that's right, scroll down. Sorry, not sure how to post a direct link
  13. I have a refurbished set of cup wheels with centre caps. Don't need them anymoreFronts are 7.5x17 ET23Backs are 9x17 ET15 Listed on FB here https://www.facebook.com/groups/213705582741068/ Cheers
  14. I might have one, problem is finding it. I moved house few weeks ago and everything in boxes somewhere
  15. I have a fully 'reco'd '71 engine that I might consider selling

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