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  1. Didn't see the thread till Pauly just told me about it (wasn't in Events section), not enough notice to attend... Merry Xmas to all!!!
  2. Yes it is... It took 7 years to build and some subtle but meaningful body alterations to get it to the level it is. It has since been sold to a collector who is appreciating and driving it. It's as good as an outlaw gets (even with a volkswagen motor in it).
  3. Mark Banks built outlaw. It goes as good as it looks... You may find this hard to believe, but that Colour is the Holden VZ Commodore martini-mica-metallic (#justsayin)
  4. Lol, all good ;-) I have another one that just landed if you're interested?
  5. Apologies Simonk if it was me that didn't respond to your honk. It was probably because the ridiculously loud, massively over-powered lawn mower sitting behind me, so I couldn't hear
  6. Thought that Ascort was Adam EMPI's??? (Pics of his driveway too) ;-) PM me if you want to discuss 912's Cheers
  7. If you are still in the market for a LWB longhood 911 (RHD), call me 0414313335
  8. Hi Will, Painted Dash 912's were built from April '65 in BOTH the Porsche & Karmann factories simultaneously. 35xxxx - Porsche Factory 45xxxx - Karmann Factory Due to the Karmann factory having more resources (man power & equipment/size), they completed approx 1500 painted dash cars, whilst Porsche completed approx 750 (not confirmed exact numbers). High numbers of US ordered vehicles forced the 'out-sourcing' , but quality was maintained. The one you inspected (350557) would imply the 557th built at the Porsche factory (who predominantly built for the European & Australian market etc), which would confirm the '65 build. COA would confirm the date of completion along with engine/gearbox numbers along with paint codes and options (to see if the gauges / sway are OG?). It is likely at some stage someone has painted the dash and installed trim to 'update' the look of the dash to a 911 (912's after the painted dash era were adorned with brushed Alluminium dash trim). You have my details if you'd like any other info, and the guys on this forum like Chris, Lee, Steve and others are very knowledgable and can also help. Cheers Roni
  9. Thanks pal, I do recall the Gallardo (and he gave it the beans when the lights changed). I just got done chow'n down at Mad Mex on Flinders Lane. Damn their food is good. Shout out next time ;-) (null)
  10. Thanks Trev! DEPOSIT TAKEN!!! (not even 24hrs after listing... Great pics taken by Autography Photographics) (null)

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