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  1. Wow, great job so far keep the updates coming. As an aside I remember a motoring mag in the 80's featured HOT911 - I thought it was the best looking thing ever in black & mustard coloured wheels - still looks great today.
  2. Lovely car, I'm envious!
  3. Woman wondering ..what's that in my boot?
  4. Because real Porsches have a trunk in the front!
  5. I was gunna take a cheap shot about airbags deployed...………...
  6. "Will try to keep this one in its current form. Off for a clear wrap...an RS wheel....and an exhaust" Ha Ha Ha "current form" well that didn't last long!!! Congrats, gorgeous car
  7. Haleakala is amazing! Its like being on the moon at the top! We did it in a Geo Metro back in the day! (think first barina!)
  8. WOW! That's looking great...
  9. I watched the build videos on Hoonigan - right down to the last minute - an awesome car!!!
  10. Finally fitted my DAS Nine short shifter - a quick test drive before console reassembly to find out I had no reverse! A quick adjustment of the cable linkage (back to its original setting!) and all 6 plus reverse present. Nice direct shifting no slop.
  11. When I was looking for my 987 CS I looked at one Porsche Brighton had in stock - I was given the keys and let loose unsupervised for an hour without any problems. But I agree with Hugh - a wider variety at a PFA get together!
  12. rufmichan where abouts in VIC are you? You could always come along to a meet up at Dak Dak or similar and get a good look and taste of a wide range of cars - maybe even a ride! Plus you get to meet a great bunch of people with a passion for Porsche.

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