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  1. March 9th OK for me, weekend before at V8's in Adelaide
  2. I too am starting to look for a Cayman 981 manual if possible - nothing around at the moment but 20 GT4's on Carsales! If only I could stretch to that!
  3. Barks

    Boxster Air Bag

    Brave man...well done!
  4. I recently tried Beadmaker - google it - its getting great reviews on YouTube and I found it to be fantastic - same use as Aqua Wax after first application. Available online from a mob in Carrum delivered or click and collect for $20.
  5. Barks

    Australian motorsport future

    I too am a 12 hour regular - much better crowd than the 1000 in November IMHO. However I also enjoy the V8's and regularly attend their races. I don't think Supercars know what to back either but they're having an eachway bet since they purchased the 12 race.
  6. Barks

    356 coupe

    More Pics! Great work mate
  7. The White GT2 RS (the guys first Porsche) I believe is a PFA member? I met him at a Dak Dak morning rego AUD 865 I believe.
  8. Sam a You Tuber driving his 911T around the world visits Lorbeks with a few PFA members cars thrown in for good measure
  9. Same thing happened to a mate of mine - ordered a manual M2, they delivered an auto - so they loaned him an X5 until the re-order came in !
  10. Barks

    Tyre Blackener

    dan_189 Try Car Care Products from Mr Detail - he's not far from Dak Dak in Moorabbin
  11. Nice work and beautiful car!
  12. Not me but when I worked at a Self Serve Petrol Station on a busy Sunday a woman came in and bought a litre of oil, then another one and another... once the rush had cleared I went out to the forecourt to see what she was doing. She had kept adding oil (about 6 litres by now) because she couldn't see it in the oil filler hole! We convinced her to stop and call her husband as we didn't have a mechanic on duty. He duly arrived and thanked us - towed the car home to drain the oil.
  13. Absolutely Great Podcast - especially when they get Seinfeld on there. The ribbing is merciless and always all things Porsche.
  14. Barks

    Tyre Blackener

    I use the Meguiars too, the Ultimate Tyre Gel applied with a foam pad, no sling but can transfer if rubbed against.

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