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  1. I Bought this as it was advertised as for my Cayman but its definitely not! Looks more like it will fit and earlier car (see the second pic). If anyone's interested I'll take $50 plus postage. Cheers
  2. Some form of not naturally occurring silicon!
  3. Yayyyyyyy! Keep us in the loop - I'm looking to get this too
  4. Has anyone had any experience with non OEM brake pads. Ideally for fast road use not track. Less dust would also be a bonus if possible. Cheers
  5. Arne kistudios.com do them as a kit
  6. I just swapped one out last weekend. I ended up wrecking the one coming out! Its not too hard to get the clips lifted with a small screwdriver although at the end I thought one was still engaged it turns out it was the wiring lead holding it back. My tip would be to take out the radio and reach in from underneath to unlplug the lead and get at the two bottom clips. The replacement just slid straight back in and sits nice and snug.
  7. At that time he also had a Ferrari 458 in Hublot livery. I believe he got rid of the GT3 when he got his Lambo! Hell of a nice guy though.
  8. I know that car! Had the pleasure of being taken on a hot lap of Sandown in it. Used to be owned by Bernard of Monards Melbourne.

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