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  1. Will be keen on others views here as well. I have done a few of the worn suspension bits over the last few years - but that has just been replacing like for like. I am thnking something perhaps a little less dramatic than coilovers etc - perhaps just a set of new springs to lower the ride height a touch (more for visual appeal than any major handling upgrade).
  2. sorry - been asleep at the wheel ..... price was around $1,200 from memory - better option financially than a new one for me. In terms of time I had mine done in the midst of their move, so a bit longer, but was in no hurry
  3. Diggin, I don't have a 987.2 so take the following with a grain of salt. I guess it depends what you are looking for - a better sound or a performance gain? I recently had Autohaus do some work on my exhaust for the sole reason of getting a better sound. It was a much cheaper (but not cheap) option than a new exhaust system and the result is pretty good - it certainly does sound better. They essentially send it away to an exhaust guy and they cut it open, do some mods internally, and stick it back together. May be worth considering if it is purely sound, and has the benefits of looking stock. Other advice is do a ring around a few specialists - mist will be able to point you in the direction you are after.
  4. I had autohaus do my 986 S exhaust about a month or so ago (maybe a bit linger). Happy with the results. Nice low end noise and no droning on the freeway. At least it now sounds more like it should. I will be keen on your comments once done.
  5. Mike, loving your constant acquisition of and tinkering with P cars. And of course your sharing of the experience ... If you get any good tips for caring for a rag top, other than the Meguiars stuff, would be keen to know.
  6. On the way to the city from Sydney airport this morning the brand new 911 Carrera S (yes the new turbo) in red. Some nice subtle changes to the body, and the new vents over the engine cover look quite good. I assume is was a PCSS demo car. I was within the confines of the bus, so now idea what is sounds like.
  7. may have to do the same thing - only seems right.
  8. Based on previous posts - I envy your office location - personally I would spend the majority of the day peering out the window.
  9. installed a set of grossly oversized ACT European style number plates - look ok at the rear, but need to investigate options for the front.
  10. Based on experience, Porsche independents can also do the reprogramming.
  11. A quick farewell drive to Sydney - dark and wet run through McCarrs Creek Rd. Not ideal, but better than not doing it.
  12. baso

    Car Cover

    Glad to hear that as I have just bought one to go in the soon to be garage
  13. definitely needs to be seen to be believed ......
  14. don't have a good history - ended up off the bike on most previous attempts. Never say never again though ….. Will buy mtb when I get there, but a cheap and cheerful version to follow the little guy around. The roadie will not be doing the 'family run'
  15. The 930 is gone and he has a beast to replace it

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