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  1. Might get in touch Sven and see what his after in particular
  2. Hey guys , I`m currently running SSI`s & a Two in One Out Dansk Sports Muffler on my SC. Sounds ok but nowhere near as good as a DP Motorsport one I had prior to putting on SSI`s. I really want something more lively but I can`t stand drone. If anyone is running a particular set up and can share advice or audio on the matter please post it up. Currently Im looking at a SCART sports Muffler which is amazing but comes in at USD $1800 plus any taxes on the way in + conversion ect so its going to be about $2500+ and without hearing one is person its a big commitment.
  3. Hey guys looking for new or used M&K two in one out for an SC with SSIS. Have a Dansk but it’s too quite.
  4. I would be getting an accountant to draw up the documentation or legal adviser to do so . Nothing to do with contracts but mainly outlining the reason , amount and there is no financial gain being made by yourself. My understanding is that the ATO are really looking into any amount changed between two parties over 10k . It is also common practice for banks to notify in some instances large amounts of money leaving accounts . This is all info that i have been told and best to be as clear and open with the people you pay to protect your money ( accountants and lawyers ) and have it on lock. Paperwork and a paper trial is always great to have down the track.
  5. Thanks heaps Andy . It was a fun build over the last few years and really hoping it goes to a great home.
  6. Lol ? As an Italian ; Definately not. It’s another 911. Not as clean , not as perfect as this one.
  7. 1980 911 SC SUNROOF COUPE . AUS DEL Australian delivered factory sunroof coupe. The car was delivered in the fastest colour Porsche made during that era; Guards Red. I have owned this car for approx. 4 years and during my ownership I have transformed the car to OEM +. Everything that the factory should have done back at the time of manufacturing if such resources were available. I have put it up for sale for the main reason that I had an amazing vision for the car, I achieved the vision, lived the vision and now I would like to move it along to a great new owner who can enjoy it for many years to come Exterior. The car was repainted approx. 10 years ago with Glasurit Paint as per factory in Guards Red. What you will notice with this paint that it is in fact a deeper tone or red then standard Guards Red. If I was to say it has a darker tone of purple through it rather than orange that would be a great description of the tone in comparison to orangey Reds of the era. Those of you who know my car know the depth of colour and the paint are beyond fantastic. It was professionally polished approx. 2years ago and is still gleaming. Currently this car is sitting on Fuch inspired Maxi lite wheels with satin anodized lip in 16 x7 and 16 x8. These wheels have a fantastic build quality and suit the vehicles originality staying true to period sizing. These wheels are laced in Dunlop Direzza ZR2s . These tires are an R Spec tire and work exceptionally well to fill out the guards. The rear wheels also have a set of 5mm spacers fitted assisting in the cars natural sporty profile. The car comes with factory fog lights (working) and factory front lower rubber lip. The car also has power mirrors and working power sunroof. When purchased the car came fitted with a 3.2 factory whale tail colour coded to the car. Since then I have removed this tail and fitted an original factory deck grill. Since there where 6 holes from the tail I had the original steel engine lid re-sprayed by Melbourne`s premier Porsche Painters (Paint & Custom). At this time I also had a very minor paint drip corrected around the edge rear window frame. After the work on the rear lid I did`nt want to put new holes in for the correct SC badge so opted for a decal in factory proportions. I have also fitted a classic Singer style side script in two tone along the lower door seals. These are currently in a low sheen red lighter than body colour and black. This script does well to separate the car from the pack. Most exterior rubbers have been replaced during my ownership included window seal front and rear (as the headliner needed these screens to be removed), side door rubbers, heaps of other small ones I can’t remember. The impact bumper and outside rubber parts are in fantastic condition and have always be treated with a silicone free polish to retain their subtle finish and characteristics. Visually they are all deep black too. Interior. During my ownership I have spent a tremendous amount of resources transforming the interior into the perfect mix of classic sports chic. I have replaced the roof liner with Porsche correct diamond pattern in black vinyl. This includes the tricky sunroof panel also. I have had the dash completely remolded. This is a very noticeable thing on older cars as the dash vinyl starts to let go after years of sun and use. The dash looks better in this car now then most modern cars. I was told the car was originally delivered with factory sports seats but at the time of purchase it had 3.2 tombstones in there so I spent a considerably amount of time sourcing original Porsche factory sports seats. These seats are also 4-x way adjustable. Both the drivers and passenger’s seat have this function and work faultlessly. I had these seats re-trimmed in full leather to match the rest of the interior. As per period seats the center panels are also perforated. One point of difference is the backs of the seats are also leather, generally sports seats have vinyl on the back, as it’s easier for the trimmer to stretch. The leather used is official leather from Bentley Motors and is made in Italy. This was an expensive venture but most defiantly elevates the driving experience giving comfort and support where required. I have also had the A -pillars redone in new black leather. A minor details but it adds to the new feeling. The car currently has Rennline black aluminum Sports matts on the drivers and passenger side, Passenger Foot Rest Black Rennline Door Black aluminium door handles, Rennline Door Black aluminium door lock twists, Rennline Black Hand brake lever, Rennline black sports gear knob, Rennline Black key hole cover , Rennline black Coupling Cover applied over carpet. The car also has a custom made fire extinguisher bracket fitted to the passenger seat. This was made out of lightweight aluminum and is fitted in a way that the passenger seat is still able to function and does not impede on the passengers comfort. I have also installed the Rennline Accelerator pedal and Black surround black also. This is a hinged floor mounted pedal and allows for progressive throttle response in a more lineal way. Some factory pedals have too much slack at the start; this hinged pedal allows a very clean line of power deliverance when the accelerator is compressed. I have the other two pedals covers NOS as I didn’t fit them due to tight spacing in the wheel well . I have installed a Pioneer head unit with Bluetooth speaker and JL Audio Splits in the door. The splits operate in such a way that the tweeters are mounted in the center of the speakers meaning no extra holes were needed to put into door cards. The quality of the unit is fantastic and was chosen due to being able to match the colour of the display to the instrument cluster (Amber orange) and no solid buttons on the front. It’s just a screen and a dial giving it a timeless style and elegant presence. The JL Audio splits were also the top series that were availiable to purchase at the time and have enough bass and tremble to easily blair your favourtie INXS tune with the windows down and sunroof open. As I wanted a fresh interior I also replaced both Sun visors with Porsche OEM replacement ones. These were around $700 but were the last piece to finish the fresh interior look. At the time I also replaced the revision mirror with an OEM Porsche one. Another costly exercise but worth the finished product. The steering wheel is a 370mm MOMO Ghibli in black with MOMO horn button. A fantastic wheel with a great diameter giving very easy steering at low and quicker speeds. As I built this car for the duality of regularity events and Sunday cruising my wife’s request was to have working air con. I researched extensively and ended up installing the AUTOHUAS HAMILTON KIT. The kit saves weight, pumps out more cold air then a modern car and looks factory. The kit included micro lines, an extra auxiliary fan and a larger condenser. This kit fitted comes in at around $7k. It has three speeds. Even on a 40-degree day I’m yet to try 3 (being the coldest). One of the main functions of this kit is the Sserpentine type evaporator core with TX valve. The car has one key to open both doors and ignition. There are two keys. The car is also fitted with a Rennline kill switch and battery isolator. As I don’t get to drive the car very often so I had this with the Rennline plate installed in the frunk to stop battery drain but ultimately as an extra step of theft prevention. The key can be removed and replaced in seconds. In the funk you will also find a SWAY AWAY bar fitted to the strut towers. This is a great minor upgrade that provides a little more compliance from the front of the car. Coupled wit the sports seats the car has very minimal body roll but is not harsh. Suspension I had the cars suspension stripped down and refurbished during the build. As the shocks where in good condition I had them fully rebuilt and refurbished. They are Bilstein Sports that are in the car currently. I had all the control arms and mounts sandblasted and repainted. I have installed a 28mm rear torsion bar, Turbo Tie Rods and new bushing (Rennline being a little firmer then factory) including trail arm bushings. At this time all the spring plates were reset and all spring plate angles were set up too. Electrical I have since done a full electrical upgrade and placed the car on an electrical diet so to say. This work includes rewiring the headlights, new interior lighting, new dash lighting, flash to pass, oil sender gauge repaired and Speedo by Howard instruments. Further wiring saw old central locking kits, alarms and speakers removed. This electrical re-wire also saw the current stereo wired in properly and the Rennline Battery kill-switch professionally installed along with the power to the Porsche Sports seats. There was a lot of work here to get this as clean and simple as it is as these older cars over time see so many modifications to keep up with the times. I can confidently say that this car is ready for another 36 years of ownership with its current electrical configuration. Transmission I have had a full transmission rebuilt preformed by Auto Coupe. I found the shifting a little to loose so Darren rebuild the whole transmission. During this process it saw a replacement of 1st -4th gear dog & synchro rings, 1st -4th gear sliding sleeves, 3rd gear synchro circlip, replacement of pinion depth shims, repair to gear selector rod and a full oil change of course. During this time I also elected to put in a WEVO short shift and new PSJ. After this upgrade the car was unrecognizable by driving standards and really made a massive difference in the driving experience. Cosmetically the gear selector boot was also replaced along with the throttle rod connector boot. Engine / Exhaust Fortunately the engine of this car was in good health. The previous owner to me owned it for 15 years and started it regularly but it saw limited use. As I was doing so much work to the rest of the car the engine was removed and treated to so modern TLC. Hoses and clamps were all replaced. New spark plugs were fitted, new injectors, new air box, new air pump assembly, new tin wear, valve clearance adjustment, replacement of bell crank bushes, replaced thermostat o’ring and oil pressure switch. Cosmetically it saw the fan and housing sandblasted and repainted along wit the engine mount bar mount also. Cosmetically also I have replaced all factory decals with the correct engine bay decals (valve adjustment, weight load, pressures etc.) Since my ownership the car has been maintained by Auto coupe as mentioned and being the owner I’m what ever it needed it got. Last year I decided that I would like the car to sound, breath and respond a little better so I opted for SSI`s. I purchased the original set up and had it professional installed which also saw new oil cooler lines being fitted too. During this process the car got new oil tank thermo lines, engine to thermo lines, oil thermostat, oil level and sender & gasket. At this stage the engine oil was drained along with the gearbox oil too and all dialed in to run like a dream. Along with this upgrade I have also added a 2 in 1 out made by Dansk. It’s a sports pipe and is very discreet and has zero drone and is a free flowing style and sounds great when coming on and off the throttle. Since then the car has been driven maybe 20 times (6 or so to and from scheduled maintenance) can support with logbook due to being registered on Club registration in VIC. The car has just come back from a full service on 15th October 2018 This is its annual service and included Changed engine oil and filter. 
 Checked all lights and electrical systems. 
Removed all wheels checked tires, brakes and suspension. Pressure bled brake system. 
 Cleaned, refitted and tensioned wheels. Set tires pressures. Checked and corrected all levels. 
 Pretty standard stuff to be honest, but these cars love fresh oil and when everything is maintained to this level they are very rewarding cars to own. At this stage I had an issue with the passenger widow not going down which was a fixed as it was a loose wire in door seal. There was also an issue with hot start, which was traced back to a fuel accumulator pump. This was replaced and rectified at this time. The car currently sits ready for its new owner is brilliant mechanical and cosmetic condition. Extras The car comes with a heap of extras in a box all sealed up these include. *Factory Original Fuchs Wheels X 4 *3.2 Tail in perfect condition *Original handbrake lever, door handles, door pins *Brand new shifter OEM shifter knob $$ * Original Blaupunkt radio delivered with Car. This has been refurbished and has had an pod cable set up in rear (non visible) * Original Factory steering wheel. Leather in brilliant condition with horn panel present * New fog light bulbs * New Head Light H4 High intensity bulbs * Black Carpet front and rear Matts * Un-used Clear decal for shark fins * Yellow contact to “French” the front fog lights * Original air box (current one has better induction noise and is a lot more flattering in the rear) Includes From Factory *Two keys *Original book with plastic cover which has previous owners details and some history. Shows delivering to AUS 1981 *Factory spare wheel *Original jack but also new style jack plate locally made (much safer) It`s truly a brilliant car with nothing to spend in a stunning combination of Guards Red and Biscuit. I have really tried to make this as brief as possible but looking back now I don’t think I have done a very good job at doing so but there is so much more which I have not listed that’s not worth typing and can be validated by seeing the car in the flesh and by sightings receipts and photographs of works done. If your serious about buying one of the best SC`s in Australia that has the ability to put the Mrs. and kids in the car and head out to a winey on a 40degree day, SMT`s or even a track day. This car was made to have the flexibility of being a practical sports car that can conquer a modern lifestyle. Get in touch if you think this may be for you. have a heap of photos and heaps more info I didnt include so feel free to get in touch Regards Steve Contactable through here via DM Steve
  8. Amazing day guys . Thanks so much to everyone at PFA & those behind the scenes that put the day together . Fantastic facility and great members really made this my favourite event I have done with the car. Cant wait for the next one !
  9. Haven't been on in months . Second week back and already back into the depths of the P-dark web
  10. Mechanically well sorted NA is tone of the better ways to keep an SC with some tricks of course When I started to dip my toes in the water with my SC over 3 years now ( novice still ) I have learnt that anything you do engine wise in most cases ( for big power ) its all or nothing . Supercharge , Bore out , Compression Upgrade , Turbo Charge , Twin Turbo , Twin Plug and Unicorn Sperm Intake With Glitter Cannon System the runs on the tears of virgins budget $40k These including the unicorn upgrade will yield generally the same results delivered in slightly different ways . Get yourself a magician ( Can recommend one if you need ) Just my opinion on this one . Tickle the SC and make it mechanically sound and you will be laughing . Best of luck.
  11. Mine is still freezing cold one 1. Still never game enough to dial it to 2 or 3 ?
  12. Just received this same kit today. I won't sell my DP until I test the drone . Good heads up !

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