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  1. Wondering if anyone in Victoria has any knowledge first hand on the requirements and legal obligations involved in removing factory seats and replacing with another brand. My questions are mainly around : Are there any insurance technicalities ? Aside from declaring the cars seats will be changed ? VASS Certification . Is this required? Australian Standards & Compliance ? Anything to note with either ? Seats I'm looking at are BF Torino Seats / GTS Classics. Going into a G- Series Any first hand knowledge or input from people running these seats would be appreciated Steve
  2. Hey mate this one has rego but needs just a little freshen up here and there. Miss your red one ! Mainly after headers , screamer pipe , large MoMo wheel , drivers seat of any kind with bolster and shocks.
  3. Steve88

    Recaro Seat x1

    Hey All , After a single Recaro seat. Any condition as I will be trimming. Rails are a bonus. To fit G-Body car Regards Steve
  4. Hi All , Chasing some parts for a 1984 930. Check your parts bin in case you have anything you may want to offload. Looking for second hand : *Muffler *Headers & Screamer Pipe *BF Torino Seat / GTS Classic Seat / Factory Sports Seat x 1 *17inch Fuch Replicas *Up-rated Torison Bars front and rear *Sports shocks / un-used or excess . Happy to re-valve current but if you had them lying around *Front Strut Tower Brace. *R-Spec 16inch Tires . 205/ 45/16 & 245/24/16 . Or any 16inch combo you may have Or anything else 930 related you may want to offload. Feel free to drop me a DM and see where we get to. Regards Steve
  5. Brilliant car and set up amazingly . Lots of documented work done in recent times and brilliant previous owner too . This is the one that got away for me .
  6. Hey mate cant remember maybe a little north of that for the pair . They are pretty swish though
  7. Hey Tips , I bit the bullet an got two new ones from PCM . Well worth it for me , otherwise I would jump on Sierra Madre and buy OEM style ones. I feel like you can buy the lower bin section too if you look hard enough . Fell like i saw them a while ago. Best of luck
  8. We purchased our interior from http://www.lakewell.com/en/porsche/911
  9. Might get in touch Sven and see what his after in particular
  10. Hey guys , I`m currently running SSI`s & a Two in One Out Dansk Sports Muffler on my SC. Sounds ok but nowhere near as good as a DP Motorsport one I had prior to putting on SSI`s. I really want something more lively but I can`t stand drone. If anyone is running a particular set up and can share advice or audio on the matter please post it up. Currently Im looking at a SCART sports Muffler which is amazing but comes in at USD $1800 plus any taxes on the way in + conversion ect so its going to be about $2500+ and without hearing one is person its a big commitment.
  11. Hey guys looking for new or used M&K two in one out for an SC with SSIS. Have a Dansk but it’s too quite.
  12. I would be getting an accountant to draw up the documentation or legal adviser to do so . Nothing to do with contracts but mainly outlining the reason , amount and there is no financial gain being made by yourself. My understanding is that the ATO are really looking into any amount changed between two parties over 10k . It is also common practice for banks to notify in some instances large amounts of money leaving accounts . This is all info that i have been told and best to be as clear and open with the people you pay to protect your money ( accountants and lawyers ) and have it on lock. Paperwork and a paper trial is always great to have down the track.
  13. Amazing day guys . Thanks so much to everyone at PFA & those behind the scenes that put the day together . Fantastic facility and great members really made this my favourite event I have done with the car. Cant wait for the next one !

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