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  1. There will be those that will cut more than a few laps on the day. I will be one as I’m renowned for simply driving until the fuel/brakes/tyres give out. Once at a test at QR, my engineer called me in. After 3-4 laps more the increasing stridency of his demands got so annoying I pulled the radio lead out of my helmet. Not to be deterred, he jumped the pit wall and simply stood in he middle of the track to block me. Didn’t look happy. Maybe it was that I was (inadvertently of course) taking miles off the tyres that we’d decided to use in the 1 race ... who knows. Anyway, make sure you have enough rubber on your car as you’ll have to drive home on them. Check your rotors and pads for material and thickness. If your rotors are close, especially at the front, think about changing them as the heat will cause cracking. Brake fluid - get it changed to race fluid. No one needs a long pedal into turn 1 ... As for fuel, I’ve arranged for a 1000 litres of 98 and 1000 litres of 102 to be on hand. All Unleaded and in 25 litre drums. It’s a “just in case” you get caught short. Not forced to buy it. There will also be fuel at Winton and in Benalla. Our good friends at Panta Fuels (declared interest - they help Rohan and I out for fuel when we race) will be there. It’s good stuff and shipped direct from Europe rather than being mixed here and then drummed up like some others. It’s as safe as houses. The last time I was at Winton we had 40 litres left over and the 07 RS was a little low so I fueled up with the 102 race juice. Made a real difference in torque and throttle response. Just what you need for the drive home down the Hume! Let’s just say I wasn’t using constant throttle at times ...! More to come ...
  2. Skidmarks

    Fuchs copies

    I think the model designation has, perhaps unkindly, been nominated as the Outa Rounda’s ...
  3. Skidmarks

    Fuchs copies

    Could be wheels made by Harry Witham. I’ve seen some of his that look similar.
  4. There were some Tourings turned into race cars. I had one. Full bore AGT spec in the end. Still had it on plates so perhaps it still qualified as a road car ... It’s now at the wreckers after I got toweled up in Tassie in 2007.
  5. We have loads of time in the day so a track walk could be one for everyone. Just the right way to allow the coffee and bacon and egg buns to make their way through the system before the action starts. And the walk could be for everyone including those not venturing onto the track. Perhaps an open forum format and those with some experience of the track could lead the discussion. There will be those that will be far more scientific in relation to getting the best out of Winton than me as my basic rules for any track are:- 1. out lap 2. set track record 3. in lap 4. find appropriate company with which to “celebrate”. May be tricky in Benalla ... I nail 1 and 3 every time. 2 not so much any more. 4 ... ? A laudable goal tempered by reality and a strong bond with my balance sheet and love of my family ... Other than that:- 1. brake late, hard initial pedal pressure and bleed off 2. Turn in 3. Say hello to the apex, maintain mid corner speed 4. Look forward at all times 5. As soon as you can, get the right foot to the firewall ... and repeat ... Simple! I also suggest we all brush up on our excuse lines about why any particular lap didn’t yield the optimum outcome. Examples:- 1. Pressures weren’t right 2. Track hadn’t rubbered up 3. Too much/little front/rear bar 4. Not enough/too much compression/rebound on the fronts/rears, wrong spring rates 5. Ratios not right 6. Wrong compound 7. Pads and rotors not matched to optimise brake temp 8. Not enough wing on the back 9. Not enough camber on the front 10. Was on a flyer but couldn’t get a clean lap 11 ... and the one that always works best for me - Rohan baulked me. Again. When I was lapping him. Again. Please note, the first 9 can be used by anyone at any time as even if your car doesn’t have any of the features that relate to the excuse - people will appreciate the fact that notwithstanding this, you respect them enough to bullshit them. Never, ever say “it was me”. It’ll get you ejected from the venue. Have a good day.
  6. Just did the test run to bed them in. Mission accomplished. Pagid RSH 4-2 all round does the trick.
  7. Fronts are in on one side. 3 more corners to go ...
  8. You’ll have a ball I’m thinking we may have a session at the start of the day where someone who knows the track can do a walk around with those that haven’t been as well as a refresher for those that have. Would that be a useful part of the day?
  9. Saved myself $600 today. The 2.4S had flat batteries even though I had the trickle charger on for the duration of the LockDan. Jumped it and drove 50km. No charge. Looked like they were cactus. Then noticed that the main power cable was loose and barely in at the terminal end. Reinserted and drove for about 20 km. Sorted! This afternoon it’s fitting the new Pagid’s to the 2.7 Carrera to see if that gives it any better pedal bite as right now, it’s push the pedal and a couple of Hail Mary’s ...
  10. 2 more to add it the list. Cayman GT4 Clubsport 2008 GT3 Cup
  11. Back in the day a new shell was $42k landed.
  12. Just 2. Then, RSR on the trailer, me driving one up and ... I’ll think of something ...

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