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  1. I’ve owned both. Liked the first one better.
  2. Let me know if you’re selling the mag case gearbox. (if that doesn’t get you thinking … 😀)
  3. Entered the IROC for Bathurst … Be rude not to … Up the mountain I’ll drop a little time. Across the top, I’ll hose them. Down Conrod, goodnight Irene … 700 hp wins every time - all gains lost! And repeat … Can’t wait.
  4. Nil stock. Sold. Be careful what you wish for. Was noisy
  5. News! Ascot Insurance Group - Major sponsor Very happy to announce that Ascot is supporting the event They know insurance. The owner drives a Porsche. Declaration of interest (sort of). They insure my cars. Top service. www.ascot insurance.com.au
  6. 2.2 S gets its heart back ... Then we kick it in guys (Barry) and see what sounds it makes and then back to Skunkwerks for final assembly
  7. Good stuff!! Update Entries are due to open 3 November Visit the web site so you don’t miss out.
  8. I need one as well. To move front and rear bars as well as assorted other parts.

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