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  1. I agree re the values above
  2. 996.1 GT3, 996.2 GT3RS, 997.1 GT3RS, 997.2 GT3RS
  3. MK 2 GT3 and C4S now sold Just have the 356 left.
  4. Mine won’t make the back of your car look like a plumbers arse. Just saying ...
  5. Only have the MK 2 one left. Have try and get it to you on the weekend Im open to offer on the C4S and 356 ones.
  6. The 6.2 I had had an RS rear wing so yes, but was a bit tight in the arse.
  7. UPDATE BUMP Genuine Porsche indoor car covers - all lightly used GT3 series 2 996 Carrera 4S 356 all $555.00 each OBO
  8. Never raced at the Bend but been to Mallala a LOT. Great and under rated track. Very technical. Has history The “Facilities” ... how those “grandstands” have not been condemned is beyond me. The most hardened rigger would give it the “fark that” if you asked them to climb up ... And yet we do. And the pits. Yes they are. Tin sheds that you wouldn’t think about putting your lawn mower in. My local Karting track has more modern scutineering sheds. The dummy grid is a challenge as any car with serious lock stops won’t make the left hand turn to enter the track Shelter and shade - that’s for (insert preferred designation as I’m not game to just in case I try to run for PM and someone checks these posts out and I have to abort the run for Canberra) And because of all that, it’s one of my favourite ever tracks.

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