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  1. Skidmarks

    [VIC] #HANGARBANGER2 27.01.19

    Right guys. Shameless Hijack here. Some of you might recall last year there was a small car gathering at Flinders on the Mornington Peninsula over Easter which was anticipated to get around 80 cars of various flavours. Wrong. 250 plus cars turned up and the towns head count swelled to 3500 for the morning and afternoon! Well, it's on again. Sunday 21 April, 2019. Registrations are open now. Skunkwerks will be displaying as well as a number of clubs and various manufacturers being formally represented - Porsche being one off course. So, save the date and otherwise, go the www.flindersmotoringheritage.com.au for details and how to register. I can organise a specific area for PFA'ers if that helps. This year the charitable support will be directed to youth, aged care and health projects in and around the Peninsula with the event being coordinated by the Flinders Lions Club. My involvement? I was "elected" to be the Chair of the organising committee ... because I "had a few cars" apparently. It's a relaxed day. Roll up, park up, walk around and enjoy. If your t-shirt has a collar, you're trying too hard ... I'll start another thread but thought whilst people were still basking in the glow of HB2, I'd leverage the opportunity (as they say).
  2. Skidmarks

    Space saver

    Thanks guys. Have secured the space saver. Now for the rocking horse sh#t ... anyone got the lighter?
  3. Skidmarks

    Space saver

    Hi all. Anyone with a space saver? Grey steel centre. It’s for my 74 2.7 Carrera. Doesnt need the right date stamp. I’ll leave that to see if the concourse judges pick it up ... 🤪 I also need a lighter insert (the bit you push in) for the same car. Needs to be 70’s vintage. Too obvious for said judges!!! Taking the pi$$ re concourse (of course). See what I did there ...?
  4. Skidmarks

    [VIC] #HANGARBANGER2 27.01.19

    Great to see my old 356 down there. And also the green car - 72 S soon to return home to Che Skids Looks like a great turnout and well done to all who made long journeys.
  5. Skidmarks

    [VIC] #HANGARBANGER2 27.01.19

    I shared a house with a guy for a while. We also played in bands together for a long time. I played the Rhodes, he had a very special hotrodded Gibson SG. Long days and nights working on doing the best we could of the Doobies, Steely Dan and for shits and giggles, he’d do some Larry Carlton whilst I tried in vain to keep up. I learned a lot from him. He was wise. He liked to travel. Each time he went away, he’d make it a point to give me his SG to mind. I put it under my bed as I knew what it had cost him to get it (and it wasn’t money). After he came back from one trip I asked him why he always gave it to me to mind. ”Because you can’t play guitar” was his reply. So GUT, I’m happy for you to have the keys and take good care of my car ...
  6. Skidmarks

    2007 997 GT3 RS

    Price sorts the men out from the pre pubescents ... 🤑
  7. Skidmarks

    [VIC] #HANGARBANGER2 27.01.19

    Enjoy the day guys. I won’t make it as I have credits to earn ... Can someone make sure Rohan doesn’t succumb to the urge to go all Walter Röhrl and take my orange car for a couple of laps around the facility ... please.
  8. Short description... Its a GT3 RS. Orange. Black wheels. Low k’s. Mint. I have spanked it a couple of times. Loved it. If you’re a starter, PM me and we can talk. Price commensurate with what it is.

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