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  1. ‘70 2.2 S in epoxy. Just about to go to paint. Then the real work starts ... Skunkwerks doing its thing
  2. As it happens, I showed the new rack to my wife (don’t.....!) and she went inside and got out a couple of period correct suitcases she got from her parents back in the day. Perfect. My 10 yo assembled... My 10 yo assembled... ... and he now knows what Locktite is. My work is done ...
  3. Dropped the front ride height by 25 mm. Fitted the Rennline roof rack. Test drove for balance and drag. Tick.
  4. The Cup R was a race car only designation. This one is said to be a “Club R”. Doesn’t exist This one also has sports seats with abdaptive controls. Looking good for my Gut of Neglect then. However, its a nicely spec’d car.
  5. Did the school run this morning. Was a bit fresh. The heated seats work! Such luxury. Thing is, when I bought the seats I missed the fact that they were heated. Bonus.
  6. The IROC for sale is never going to be a sensible proposition as a road car. I was involved in the build. Its a great race/club car but on the road would be a nightmare. It could be done but budget another 30 to make it sensible and able to get a RWC (and then check if the thing can actually be registered or put on club plates as not all can depending on previous reg status). Either of the 69 or the 76 would be great but as said above, plug in at least 200K and much searching for parts. And you wont see the car for 3 years. I'm with MFX. Buy something that's got a solid mechanical base and then tune it up from there. 3.6 gives you pub cred but these cars are light and you can do (or buy) a great smaller capacity engine that puts out say 180-220 bhp on carbs with a nice set of ratios that will be as much if not more fun to drive. For both cars you'd need to see whats there and then start assembling a parts list for each and once you've added that up and then seen someone about the labour to do it (good luck trying to lock anyone down on a number or time investment), you'll start searching for a good runner that needs love ... and if you're smart, you can drive it whilst making it your own.
  7. Try Rohan at Skunkwerks. PM me and I'll message you his number.
  8. Picked up the 912/6 following a few tweaks and took it for a proper thrashing. My 10 yo son just laughed the whole way. Tweaks - Fitted 7” rims all around, 6” spare, fitted new heated seats, fitted my spare 915 with close ratio straight cut gears (I’d forgotten about the racket the whine makes ... very boy racer ...) and trick Modena diff, Wevo shifter, new speedo (electronic to suit 915), new puk clutch and turbo pressure plate. On the weekend the boys and I are fitting the Rennline roof rack. My wife has a couple of 60’s suitcases so I’ll be loading those up for the odd display run. It runs a very strong 2.7 on 40 Weber’s with headers. It’s obviously been balanced and lightened internally as it spins up fast on the heel toe downshift. Said to make around 235 hp. Man it feels zippy. The ratios were for the IROC when it was a 3.6 and had around 350 hp so I wasn’t sure about gearing but it’s bang on. This car has had some smart money spent on it. Turbo tie rods, Koni sport shocks, solid bushes on everything, raised front spindle, adjustable sway bars (through body on front), S calipers, braided lines, strut brace, Momo Prototipo ... I’m sure there’s more as I go over the car. It’ll do daily driver duties for the next few weeks. Here are some pics.
  9. I bloody hope that this this is a wake up call to at least secure some sort of core self sufficiency. I’m not a nationalist by any means but there is something to be said for having capacity on shore. I but dream ....
  10. I’m looking for more unnecessary things to bolt onto the 912/6 outlaw. Does anyone have either or both of a set of early fog lights and/or early driving lights (the kind that either fit to the horn grill or that are fitting to the bonnet)?
  11. If you’re going to do it, thats the way. What a great color and such a sleeper. Well done.
  12. Yes, but the Fairmont seats have historic significance. They are from a time when Australia had a car manufacturing sector. For that matter, a manufacturing sector ...

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