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  1. This is what it sounds like ... And yes, I did warm it up! IMG_6176.MOV
  2. I’m about to go outside, fire it up and remind the neighbors what a bypass pipe on a 3.8 RS sounds like!
  3. 390K for that car is a completely ridiculous price irrespective of the low km’s. At that price the owner is not a real seller - but rather someone in search of a wood duck. The black car at 173 might be a little heavy but I don’t think by that much.
  4. I can confidently say there are more than 7 ...
  5. Skunkwerks. They do all my stuff. No P tax. No BS. They’re crazy busy so you may need to wait. I can show you some of their work if you like.
  6. Starting to be sorry I said this .... 😂
  7. I don’t need this ... PM sent. Have mercy ...
  8. Great to have your unique insights back for all to see.
  9. Thanks Dave. The tank is at Skunkwerks in Colac so that might be a great solution. Darren at Autocoupe also gave me a tip which is great.
  10. Skidmarks

    RS plastic tank

    Hi guys, I would appreciate a recommendation. My 74 Carrera came with the 85 litre plastic tank but it suffered some damage - being a split at the top of the tank. Can anyone recommend a repairer as I’d like to have it fixed and refit the tank. And no, it’s not for sale!

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