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  1. Thanks guys. Had a go with a very mild cleaner wax, let it soften and then worked at it slowly for about 30 minutes on and off and it removed it. Thank fark!
  2. Guys, I’m in need of some advice. I park my car in an underground car park and there was a rainwater leak which deposited a whole lot of whitish water and a fairly localized buildup of “something”. Most wiped away but there is this residue that is hard/impossible to get off using Quick Detailer. Here’s the rub. Its in the middle of the roof on a deep clear coat over a carbon weave (visible). I don’t want to hack at it but does anyone have any thoughts on how to treat/remove? I don’t think its been etched into the surface.
  3. Original owner was a guy by the name of Guigni (not sure if spelled that right). Then Perry Spiridis for a time, Phil Verwoert and then me. Yes, it has a catch tank, high flow air filter. It’s also got bigger cams and solid lifters. Peter Fitzgerald did the work. It raced for a time in Porsche Cup.
  4. I’m sure it was an option box I ticked ... Anyway, I counter that penalty by taking a wiz before a run.
  5. This will be my weapon of choice. Will have the backup set of jocks in the glovebox ....
  6. That red one used to be mine. Brilliant car and I still miss it. I took it to Winton one time, did about 80 laps, filled it with fuel and drove home. Harsh car but so analogue. Still, they paid me a mozza for it and I retired some debt so not too bad ...
  7. I don’t think it is as the car doesn’t have a rear wiper which mine does. Also, this one looks like its a proper yellow rather than the Kodak which has a distinctly orange element. Also, this one looks like its had two exhausts at some stage whereas mine has the original apron under the bumper. Nice shot though.
  8. Copped more grief tonight from her and the 2 boys. They checked Carsales and saw it was still there. Got the “please explain” when I walked in. Now that’s just not cricket. Quoting someone to themselves ....
  9. Thanks. I won’t get what I’m asking but perhaps someone who sees the car for what it is gets close. I am in deep kaka with my wife and kids on this one. The howls of outrage when I told them it was up ... Got up early this morning and woke my wife. I’m off to work and say”what’s the plan for today?”. Her reply - “take the E off Carsales”. We’ll see.
  10. Hi guys. Its going. See Carsales. Its the Beige one. Family not happy but I said I have plenty more ...
  11. Thanks. You’re a better man than I. I had to take apart the carby on my 10 yo’s Kart the other day. Photographed everything and reassembled before I forgot sheet. Needed a drink and a rest after that!
  12. Yes, that’s when Rob has it. I sold it to him and then bought it back.
  13. That was me. Nope. Factory supplied Paint to Sample (yes they did it in 81) Kodak Yellow. Only one like it in Australia if not the world.

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