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  1. Erm, I’ve alteady popped an O2 sensor. Feel like a real man. @hugh has pics and will post. I know the 991 RS is better but I seriously like this thing.
  2. I’ve said it on the forum elsewhere but the only car I truly regret selling is my 996 Turbo. To me, its still pretty much the complete package. Your mods are great. I know I’m not helping.
  3. So, the next bit. The 991 RS is with the new owner and I’ve got the 997.2 RS. Picked it up, drove back to work. Those straight through pipes!! No muffler after the cats. Just like my race car. The thing sounds like a Cup Car. Then smile fades as I contemplate the drive down the coast ... Anyway, then went to grab my 9 yo and take him to tennis. As I turned the corner there he was with mum waiting outside because I was late ... so I did what any self respecting Dad would do. Dropped it into first and took it to 7000! He starts jumping and yelping and when I pull up there’s Mum shaking her head at me and the boy ... “awesome Dad!” Peak hour traffic down the Nepean Highway. Nice test. Was OK actually. Wouldn’t do it each day if I had a choice but I could. But that’s me. Then down Pen Link and jump off to head to the destination. No drone or buzzing so whoever made the pipes knew what they were about. Could hold a conversation no problem but that wasn’t happening as the boy was listening to music. He’s got a bit of an eclectic play list on Spotify. Ranges from the Eagles, Led Zeppelin and ... well ... Rammstein (lucky the lyrics are in German! I do agree with him that they sound good when the car stereo is at 11). Maybe him listening to Rammstein means that the pipes aren’t so good and I’m suffering from progressive hearing loss! The backroads showed what the car is about. Smooth roads! Man, was it moving around. Bumps in the road? “Dad, I think I just lifted out of my seat!” (Laughing). And the sound? Did I mention the sound?? It was 28 degrees so down came the windows and listened to the snarl, scream, pop and crackle for the last 10 minutes of the drive. Better than Rammstein!
  4. I have it from a reliable source - me - that if you roll up, you’ll be welcomed. Have a go at registering but if not, tell them that the Event Chairman said it was fine! Looks like the weather will be kind to us so really looking forward to seeing you all there. See above
  5. They say as you get older the things you like get, well ... best left alone ! Today I traded in younger for older. I spent the weekend and a large part of last week getting reacquainted with the 07 RS. Loud, rattles at idle, baulky shift when cold, suspension solid enough to encourage compressive spinal damage on a spirited drive. I always like going for a blast in cars with one or other of my boys. We “needed” to go to Bunnings so of course we take the scenic route. We’re pumping along and get a little lift off over a particularly (dis)agreeable bit of road. “Air Dad?” “Yep” ”Nice” Anyway ... a couple of weeks before then I’d had the other RS with the flappy paddles out and had a little bit of a “go”. Incredible. 8800. Induction noise, razor sharp handling, the car treats you like a hero. “Of course that was you” it seems to say whilst probably snickering at you from behind its heat shield. Not a chance. It is always the car, never me. That thing is far better than anything you can sensibly throw at it on the road. Without doubt one of the most glorious things I’ve ever driven. And yet ... the one with 3 pedals, hugely overbraked with it ceramics and which could be seen off by a well driven Cayman (and as a matter of fact was shown a clean pair of heels by a new Alfa 4 door) was the one I enjoyed more. It at least feels like you might be up to the task driving it whereas the 991 just gets you into jail territory whilst shrugging and running a bit of “whatever ...” So, I’d been eyeing off another one of the RS variety for some time. A long time actually. One of the 2010 variety. I’ve looked for one for a while and couldn’t find one at the right time and the right place. Then I saw one locally. Called the guys selling, checked it’s background and all clear for me. Had 6 minor stage one revs which I took as a sign of “as intended” use. Anyway, having taken a Cup Car to 10000 +, these 6 puppies were just a light tickle of the rod bolt ... Some short haggling later and a deal was struck. So out with the new and in with the old. The teenager goes hunting for someone who has an Instagram account whilst the old school stager goes to someone who’s basically only just learned how to text ... Im a huge fan of the new cars Porsche makes but let’s not forget ... every Porsche (air or water cooled) before it from the 356 to the present is a special thing. The way they smell, sound, feel ... Younger is great but older is in some ways far more satisfying for the interactive challenge that analogue is over digital. Easter beckons so take yours out or con a mate who has one and go for a burn. Even if it has flappy paddles. At least you won’t get a crampy left calf ...
  6. My son saw one down on the Mornington Peninsula today. Sent me pics. Looks better in the wild. Big arse as standard is a good move. The front of it will take some getting used to.
  7. If it’s “removed” its a Monty that it will be replaced. The premise of LCT was a great load of BS in the first place. Australia did not ever make ‘luxury’ cars. The cut in point for LCT was generally above new car price of what was manufactured or sold here. There was no “protection” of local manufacturing in play. In any event, it didn’t work did it? It is and always has been a source of revenue. That’s OK - although as a frequent flyer in this space I’d rather it not be there. That said, no one is going to bleed for those who play and buy in this space. Nor should they. The real issue is that the BS story used as a rationale to support the tax remains and to cover the revenue gap if forced to get rid of it, it will be replaced by something else. It’s a tax on consumption so will be reinvented. It’s also good source of easy kanga for the government and immune from populist attack. I mean, who’s going to hit the streets with placards saying “tax my luxury car at your peril” and (deservedly) get anything less than a “pss off you w@nker”?
  8. Seems like it has had a fruitful life. When competing, did it spend time on a race track or tarmac rallying?
  9. Great minds ... that’s the story that got me thinking ...
  10. Feedback please. I have a 1970 2.2S and boy is it a project. Have all the necessary bits including the right motor but not the one it left the birthing suite with. I can do the full house resto - we’re still at the stage of fixing up the usual tin worm issues ... Skunkwerks doing its best work ... OR I can do something a little “special” and go a little way off the original build sheet (which I have) and personalise it “in period” with a bunch of “sports purpose” elements drawn from what Porsche offered at the time. Thoughts?
  11. Got it now. Thanks. Arnage and I have (good) history. He buys low, sells high! Some call it market manipulation!! He means well. So, here’s the list ... I know this is a P car forum but I think you’ll agree these are pretty cool. Pity I can’t be in the running as I’m the executor! 1. 1988 Lotus Esprit Turbo Series II HCi 2. 1972 Panther J72 3. 19070 Rolls Royce Mulliner Park Ward 4. 1978 Ferrari 308 GTS 5. 1984 AC Cobra Autokraft Mark IV - is on the register 6. 1978 Lamborghini Countach LP400S 7. 1985 Lamborghini Jalapa 3.5 GTS 8. 1973 Ferrari Dino 246 GTS 9. 1976 Ferrari 308 GT4 10. 1972 Ferrari 365 GTC4 11. 1979 Ferrari 512 BB 12. 1986 Ferrari Testarossa 13. 1969 Lamborghini Isolero S 2+2 14. 1991 GT40 Replica (not able to be registered - care car) 15. 1974 De Tomaso Pantera GTS If you or anyone you know is interested in being a part of the EOI, PM me and I will give you some more details on how to be a part of the EOI.

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