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  1. Yeah, Rohan and I went a bit “his and hers” … I was actually looking at the one I bought myself for him to buy, but when we found the one Rohan now has locally, I thought it rude to upset the guy I’d been talking to so, of course, did the right thing … So the 930 got the chop!
  2. The 930 is sold. This is what’s replacing it. 2009 GT3 Cup S 4.0 litre, 600 bhp, big aero, ABS and traction control. Now to learn to drive it …
  3. EV’s are already dirty. In Australia, you’re charging the car from predominantly coal fired sources. Renewable sources that dominate supply are a fair way off given the current spend on that infrastructure. As for the metals and other parts of a battery are mined, processed and then turned into a battery, Google it. Pretty confronting. And then there’s the disposal once they’ve reached the end of their usable life. Not sure how that will work but I’m concerned that before a sustainable solution is found, it will be messy for a while. Don’t get me wrong, EV’s are a great thing. Fast, quiet, don’t’ stink up the joint. I’ve driven a couple of Taycan’s and they got it very right. Hydrogen is also very much in play and I suspect will be a big part of the long term solution. EV will, comparatively, be more short term. There’s no doubt that we have to clean the joint up ICE cars are much cleaner than they ever were and cars going electric is not the only answer to the problem we have. Promoting EV’s is conspicuous and makes those that set policy look like they’re active and care. But to me , it’s a bit like me telling my teen son to clean up his room and him just picking up his jocks, leaving the rest and me thinking, “great those stinking jocks are gone. Good outcome”. We both feel like something was done but one is just going through the motions and the other saying that’s fine Overall change will take time so those living their lives (careers?) on a 3-4 year election cycle will not be brave enough to to be forward looking and take the time to communicate and bring everyone who has a stake in the game along for the journey in a way that supports the outcome we all want - a clean place to live now and for our kids and theirs. And it’s all very well for us here. We have the access to capital and social wealth to act. But much (most?) of the world is not so fortunate. Me driving an EV is not going to make much difference to the air quality in a “developing economy” so the big task is also there. And they can’t do it and won’t do it without a good alternative . And fair enough too. And certainly not whilst we’re talking a big game but playing a small one. And selling them coal … I’m no angel here so on an objective level, talking the talk. I have more cars than I can drive at one time and most have a prodigious thirst. MFI anyone? The answer? NFI. It’s Sunday morning, I’m one coffee down and pontificating. Should get into politics! Skidmo. Sounds catchy. I even have an off the cuff comment ready to go for the Forth Column that will make it past my empathy coach - “I don’t hold the fuel hose mate”. Election slogan? “Stop Cows Farting”.
  4. Thanks to all We actually raised $41,000 Great cars, great weather, great people Perfect!
  5. All cleaned and ready for display tomorrow Looks like we’ll have a cracking day weather wise 180 cars entered to show so plenty to see There’s also music, food vans and the delights of the towns other shops to enjoy Hope to see you there
  6. No, but I know someone who has. Wouldn’t be something for me based on what I heard from him.
  7. Took the 2.7 Carrera for a run down the coast Had a look around and at 5.30, potato cakes and flake, Chardy from the local deli out of a paper cup that I pinched from the coffee shop and head to the beach with my wife watching the sun go down Darkness fell and a spirited drive back home (only had one glass (cup) of the Chardy) Back in the garage … Pinging of the headers as they cooled, half burnt hydrocarbons in the air and the faint whiff of hot oil A good day.
  8. It’s Last call for entries We’ve got 165 cars but room for a few more Weather will be great. 21 deg So, enter or come down for a look It will be another great day.
  9. Just a quick reminder - to either enter or just come for the day and see what’s there Currently 145 cars entered to display so plenty to see and do.
  10. Righto. Have done some thinking, talking to people who know and arrived at a price. I’ve concluded that ones asking over the 400K are taking mind expanding non prescription pharmaceuticals. Except maybe the 3.0 litre one. Am cleaning and taking pics for Carsales in the next day or so. And sedatives to deal with the keyboard kings and their insightful questions.
  11. What about those that hold for a while and then sell? Are they “flippers”? Is there a period after which someone is no longer a flipper? Does using the car whilst holding it bring it outside the definition? If so, how much and what use? Can you not use and still not be a flipper?
  12. If you’re a 930 buyer, I’m a seller!

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