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  1. Porsche sells it. It doesn’t work. Don’t give yourself the brain damage.
  2. C4S is the best looking 996. Color? Yes.
  3. Nope. This is the 2010 RS that I swapped for the 991.1. It keeps company with an orange one though ...
  4. I know. I’m sorry. It was impulsive.
  5. I know this shot is “off topic” ...
  6. It says, “I’ve given up. On everything.”
  7. Some of these pics must be getting quite old ... Anything newer?
  8. So harsh. So accurate.
  9. Skidmarks

    3.2 Carrera x 2

    Hi everyone. Im looking for 2 project cars. Both 3.2 Carrera‘s. Needs to be complete and if possible numbers still matching. Local or OS but RHD Im looking for project cars so can be as ratty as you like.
  10. When I got my 997.2 GT3RS, the carbon trim above the glove box had de laminated and the dealer ordered a replacement. Many months later it turns up. Excited, go out to fit it. Look’s too short .... And why wont the existing trim bit come off? Its the wrong bit. Turns out the part that came was not for a GT3 but I think standard 997 with the cup holders which the RS doesn’t have. So, its for sale. Price new $480.00.00 What am I bid?

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