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  1. I need some advice. I’ve got a set of Zuffenhaus 17” Fuchs reps. 8’s and 9’s. I’m looking for the best R compound tyres that might fit. They’ll be on the 3.9 IROC . The idea is to use them on hillclimbs and events where the Hoosiers won’t get up to temp quickly enough. It’s been a long time since I’ve used R rubber so any tips and leads are welcome.
  2. Consider an older generation BMW E 70 X5 50D. I had one for a while and it was great on all fronts. Towed race cars and assorted stuff on a trailer that was used for earthmoving equipment (true story). All up just on 3T. Great economy, nice interior and I think still a nice looking car. Price about 40-50k I know but one for the list. Also have a think about the Ford Ranger 5 cyl 3.2. I drive one as a daily and use it to tow race car stuff. Wildtrak is good because of the extra fruit. XLT is also good if it’s got the comms pack. You can get good used ones at reasonable price points. If you’re after covered load space, put a cab over the tub. There are also some Tickford enhanced used ones out there. A good used Raptor is one to consider but the lower towing capacity due to the coil rear suspension might be an issue for some. The benefit on the Raptor is that it’s really nice on the inside and looks wise you can channel your inner Baha ... ... and just to balance out my declared Ford bias, new Colorado’s will be going VERY cheap in the next 2 months. They’re also a good option.
  3. Australian spec cars were full fat as well. Im guessing that if you imported it, you’d be in it more. Bring in to sell, yep - a bit of a struggle - and some of the feedback here illustrates that. To own and enjoy - no brainer. What would you replace it with?? Here’a the thing. There’s a dirty little bastard child UK import 996 GT3 RS with “massive” k’s on the market right now asking just a little less than 2 pure breeds being sold by CTS and Duttons. It might be a little heavy on asking price or Duttons/CTS ask is low (suppressed snigger). The point I’m trying to support - and the argument has its Swiss cheese elements - is that for truly rare and special cars, the location of country of first delivery is becoming a little less of an issue. Higher k’s - yep, will stay up there as a factor when comparing. Of course my sanctimonious piety would go out the window if I were a buyer of that 996 and would be whipping the import/high k’s horse for all I’m worth - its off a dealer after all! Not that I’m looking at it of course ....
  4. Let’s step back here and take a breath. It’s a 997.2 GT3 RS. They were all born in the same hospital. Dodgy diff (maybe). Rebuild cost 1500. I know because Ive done it. New diff cost 3500. I know because I’ve also done it (yes, I’m hard on the gear ..) Both plus labour. Replacement rotors. Where’d that come from? After 80,000? Don’t think so. On the premise of 80,000 km stop start city traffic, no chance. Nowhere near enough heat generated to cause appreciable wear. Pads maybe. Even so, shop smart and it’s 10K. Anyone who pays full freight isn’t trying hard enough. 80,000 km is 80,000 km ... $250,000 is wildly pessimistic. There is also a solid case for the proposition that a higher km car is a safer bet that one that’s not been used as much. Yes, the market values lower k cars and if I can, I buy those but ... ... it’s still a 997.2 GT3 RS Also, I like the “gaiters” that you’ve put on the side of the seats. Smart way to protect against wear. Also says something about the owner ... in a positive way.
  5. Depends on the level of desperation of the buyer or seller!
  6. Mid to high 3’s 997.1 recently sold for 330k
  7. I don't have the 996 RS, just a lowly Mk1 GT3 ... As against the 997.1 RS and also the 997.2 RS, the GT3 is hands down more analogue and characterful but in all other respects the other 2 cars are better. I'd argue that even the 997 RS's still have that "old style" feel. Certainly as against the 991.1 RS they are still more "traditional".
  8. I’ll let you know when I get them! Also seeing if they fit the IROC - in which case I’ll bolt on some slicks and see if I can’t crack a 26 at Winton!!
  9. Not sure why you’d buy a Spyder or GT4 based on this.

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