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  1. I’m about to release some stock onto the market but it’s all 15” Fuchs. Have been dripping the bigger stuff out off market so as to not cruel the pricing on those and have nil stock at the moment.
  2. Go to your socket set, find one that is just a little smaller and smash it on with a hammer. It will come off. Then do the same thing with the other 3 and you’ll have a matched set and new master key for your set. Easy.
  3. UPDATE - WE HAVE A DATE Put this one in your diaries - 14, 15 and 16 January, 2022 I'm working with the events team at Winton on a draft program and outline in the next 7-10 days. I'll then send it around to a few of you lunatics for some feedback to see if I've hit the right tone and format - knowing that you can't please everyone ... Right now the thinking is:- 1. Thursday - drop your stuff and cars and set up what you need to set up 2. Friday 14th - fun stuff on track, off track, skid pan, show and shine, concourse, stuff for friends and family, food and beverages during and then, more importantly, late in the day at a location of your choice but best at the track for a few, exchange views on each others cars and driving (facts preferred but not mandatory) and move onto whatever is planned for the evening 3. Saturday 15th - repeat Friday 4. Sunday 16th - repeat Friday and Saturday but perhaps less drinks for those hitting the road, tearful goodbyes, promises to keep in touch, BS about how good your mates cars/driving was ... the usual. Stay tuned.
  4. .... still reeling from mrar’s smack down .... I’ll find out more and look for another thread ... 😁
  5. Just some random data. 2 997.1 GT3 RS’s sold last week for around 370K. And no, mine was not one of them.
  6. Call booked with Winton tomorrow afternoon Proper update to follow.
  7. Update Well, sort of … I’ve settled on Winton and January, possibly early February My aim is to get back to you all in the next couple of weeks with more detail so you can start to plan. Apologies for the lack of communication.
  8. I used to own this car. It’s a cracker. C4S is without doubt the best iteration of the 996 series.
  9. Hi all, I've got a client who needs a mid 60's Merc inspected for mechanical, body and originality. The car is in Melbourne. Any tips as to who's the best? Car is in the $200K plus bracket. And no, not asking for a "friend" ....

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