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  1. Correct. And yes, I’m selling my MK 1 but that means I’m also buying ... much to my wife’s, shall we say, “amazement”. I tell her she knows who she married and she says yeah, but back then you only had one car. Fair point.😇 Someone is having a look at it this morning. Mate, who wants to look at a dirty rotten import? They’re always a risk. We all know that. It’s received wisdom. Unless I’m selling one of course and then they’re a widely marketable “world car” so get in quick before some deep pocketed foreigner snaps it up after the latest big upswing on his crypto holding ...
  2. Just because they’re not on Carsales doesn’t mean there are none for sale. Just ask me ...
  3. The relevant stock item in this case is speed yellow. Hero colour!!
  4. The other good thing I noticed (given how much time I spent underneath it) was that it’s got a magnesium 7R case ... Nice.
  5. Finishing off my home made boot carpet. 2 metres of the best from Bunnings and a packet of press studs! And when that’s done ... onto this

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