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  1. Brand new 23mm and 50mm wheel spacers. $650 plus postage Ph 0437 seven one eight 889
  2. Not that that is a bad thing! Confirm sold thanks Sven
  3. 8 & 9 inch Campagnolos in Anthracite, brand new never been on the road. Fitted with brand new 225 and near new 245 Pirelli Trofeo R tyres. New 23mm and 50mm spacers to suit non turbo wide bodied 911 included. $4400 OBO More pics on Instagram @cambiscuit The orange stripe is easily removed vinyl. Sold the car so these are surplus! PM or Mobile 0437 seven one eight 889
  4. No, hoping for a complete skin if possible. Cheers
  5. Looking for a 911 roof cut or roof skin or the non sunroof variety please. It can be cut slightly inboard of the rain gutters. PM or Mobile 0437 seven one eight 889 Cheers Cam
  6. No longer available - Very good buying there I would think. Given the very limited RHD numbers and how many people seem to be on the hunt for one at the moment, I agree the UK import issue may not be the such a barrier for these. Its not like the Brits don't like buying collectibles back when they come up for sale
  7. Thanks Guys - yes it didn't last long before a deposit was taken. And agree with you Lee!
  8. Cam Arnott

    Targa Roof

    Erm Michel this is my wanted post why are you jumping on to something that was offered to me.....?
  9. Certainly slim pickings on the 996 GT3 front at the moment.....
  10. Me three, I suspect I'll be giving Richmonds the Gulf Blue 911 shortly as I can't be arsed with the clowns that come out of the woodwork from Carsales etc...
  11. Bang on the money I think. One sold in SA about a month ago with a few more thousand km's for just slightly less.....
  12. I was thinking about making contact with Manthey to see if they were still producing the upgrade kits.....🤤
  13. What other mods Jason, other than the airbox and Motec?

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