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  1. As pictured all new and unused although some packets have been opened. New cost is over $2K Asking $1000
  2. Factory 996 GT3 headers with what I think is a Starr rear muffler and a couple of Magnaflow side mufflers. Sounds pretty good as is or remove the side mufflers for a more aurally rewarding system! $1250
  3. Not sure if this one has been posted before.....
  4. A couple more finds for the car turned up today...... Anyone know of any front bars for a club sport roll cage that need a good home?
  5. I think Farking good fun covers it prettty well! As you said, once everyone sorted out the pecking order it worked really well, and those of us at the pointy end weren't really dawdling through the stages 😎 To try to limit the group to 80kmh or 100 where signposted is a bit of a uphill task though and not really practical.
  6. Good to catch up mate, and certainly good fun on closed roads!
  7. Worth getting BWA in Sydney to price up what you need. Pretty sure they were cheaper than Porsche and it was Sachs .
  8. So grandpa has a medical episode behind the wheel and ploughs into you writing the car off and you get an $80k pay out and have to find a mere $150 large to replace what you had....?

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