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  1. Sven - let your .....ahem......mate know that from a test fit today on a factory wide body / supersport / M491 with rear spacers removed. The rears are pretty much bang on. The fronts are probably about a half inch too wide with the existing 225 tyres. Cheers
  2. Thanks mate, I think Tim likes his 17's though!
  3. Set of 4 magnesium centered race wheels 8 & 9 x 16 in wide body 911 fitment. These were re-barreled from 15” to 16” a couple of years ago with new German inners and outers. Shod with Pirelli Trofeo R tyres with about 1000km and one trackday of use - 225/50 and 245/45. Fronts approx 125mm Frontspace and 115mm backspace.Rears approx 170mm Frontspace and 90mm backspace.Can remove tyres if preferred for a lower price. BBS wheel nuts and washers and wheel centre caps included.Strong, light and rare wheels! $3990 onoPH: 0437 seven one eight 889
  4. Hi Reggie - I've just cleared out some messages, please give it another crack.
  5. Gents - If anyone has any interest in a white Oz delivered 996 GT3 that has been seriously modded to pretty much Cupcar specs, please PM and I can put you in touch with the owner. The car is not advertised anywhere currently. Please only PM if you are a serious buyer. Sub six figure asking.
  6. Looking for a pair in good condition please, not the fat bastard versions! FIA version preferred but not critical. PM or 0437 seven one eight 889
  7. I'm helping a customer to try to track down his old 911SC. From his email to me - 'RHD Australian-compliance 911SC coupe which I bought through John Newell Motors in Sydney in 1978. I took delivery of the car at the Stuttgart Porsche factory outlet on 2nd January 1979. The car had a silver exterior and black interior. It was fitted with a driver’s external mirror but no passenger side external mirror. It did not have air conditioning. I brought it to Sydney, and sold it in the early 1980s'. If anyone has any leads on this car please PM me. Sorry I don't have an old rego number at this stage, the owner is hunting for an old pic.. Thanks, Cam
  8. OK so I have this flat Momo Prototipo 370mm that is surplus to requirements. I have the dished 370 mm version in my car and don't need a second wheel! This is the perfect size to be able to see your instruments properly without it looking like anything too big!This is the undated version which indicates it date from before 1975/1976. The leather is in really great condition with a bit of patina but is still lovely and soft. The stitching is in excellent condition. Sadly the previous owner had painted the front of the wheel purple I have sanded the paint and previous rough sanding marks out of it, unfortunately there was no black anodise left as it had been sanded off as part of the purple paint job.I'm offering it as is or I can paint the front of the wheel in Wurth Satin black. These seem to sell for around $1000US and up depending on condition.I would ideally like to trade this for a 350mm Prototipo (for my Baja!) plus some cash my way but will sell it outright. Its a hard one to price given its not in original condition but lets start at $800 AUS (minus trade in!)PM or 0437 seven one eight 889
  9. Greg 6 " Barrels here - https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/parkside/wheels-tyres-rims/bbs-rs-16-wheel-barrels/1201382994 Cheers, Cam (mine)
  10. Hi Mate - No, like the Deser and BF Torino after market seats that are fitted in many of these cars they do not come with ADR approval, nor engineering certification. Personally I've had a lot of cars with aftermarket seats and its not something I've ever worried about......

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