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  1. Ash, I know of a matching numbers car but its a lefty. I think from memory its a T6B. If this is of interest I can see if its still available. Someone was sniffing on it a little while back but I don't think a deal was done. Cheers
  2. Just to clarify I'm looking for the whole assembly not just the tube section.
  3. Yes they are handed due to the shock absorber mount orientation.
  4. Thanks but no joy with Greg
  5. As per the title I'm looking for a straight left hand side axle tube for a 356C. PM or 0437 seven one eight 889 Thanks Cam
  6. Ideally looking for one that is complete with fuel rails, throttle body etc. PM me or mobile 0437 718 889
  7. Still hunting......
  8. How many seats of wheels for your car can you have before you are considered a Wheel Whore.....?!
  9. I know of a pair of front and rear 935 complete guards in steel that were cut off something years ago. Not sure on their provenance and they have been around a while
  10. Does anyone have anything sitting doing nothing? Busted is fine as they are for a couple of project cars and will be rebuilt. PM me or mobile 0437 718 889

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