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  1. Lee you have no idea how much restraint I've shown until now!
  2. Here I was, trying to stay strong to my desire for BBS's and you post these......
  3. Justin, I know the feeling.... I lost an Omega Speedmaster about 15 years ago. The first really nice watch I bought myself! I can help you replace that Tudor 😉
  4. It's time to move on a couple of things in my stash to make way for others. #1 Tudor Heritage Chrono - I've owned this one for about 10 years and have loved it. It has seen regular use and when not worn, it's generally been on a watch winder. It has been serviced once by a former Rolex master tech about 3 years ago but I can't find the receipt. Usual signs of regular wear and scratches on the band. Full set with box, papers and extra strap (never worn). $4490 obo or consider trade + cash for Omega Speedmaster Professional or Rolex Submariner black dial, preferably pre 2000's Mobile is 0437 seven one eight 889 #2 - Heuer Monza 40th Anniversary Edition. Very little wrist time, fantastic condition. Full set with box, papers and purchase receipt. $5750 obo or consider trade plus cash for Omega Speedmaster Professional or Rolex Submariner black dial. Preferably pre 2000. Mobile is 0437 seven one eight 889 Just adding the Monza was recently pressure tested and accuracy checked at OBR Horology in Adelaide.
  5. Pretty reasonably priced I would have thought if it hasn't had a major off.....
  6. Yep my old car. They are BBS RS's in 16's
  7. Hi Peter Two things - One was that I wanted a slightly taller ratio. The other was the higher wear factor in that the 8:32 ratio of the 4.0 - the 4.0 r&p wears faster than the 3.89 from the because the 4.0 has an even tooth count that causes accelerated wear as the ring teeth hit the pinion teeth at the same spot every revolution. 3.89 solves that problem with an uneven tooth count. Probably not a biggie in a road car vs a Cupcar but I only wanted to pull the box apart once!
  8. Beyond Rad grill badge - $75 posted in Aus Number plate frame - $75 posted in Aus SOLD Magnetic shark fins $65 posted in Aus

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