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  1. Getting to the pointy end.... I love yellow dots!
  2. @spiller the toe arms are the RSS ones from Design 911 in the UK. I couldn't find anything locally.
  3. Still waiting for the gearbox shims and a couple of parts for the front struts but at least the rears are in along with some new rear disks.....
  4. No mate, not me! Getting close but now waiting on a couple of shims to come from Germany...!🙄 Some new suspension to go in shortly as well. I wondered why it was so bloody stiff and discovered it has Cup Car suspension..... Back to stock it is!
  5. Looks great Jason, almost makes me like Speed Yellow! 🙃 Kurt, once its all back together I'll probably sell the 4.0 and will ping you. Here's a few more pics of progress. Glad you guys are adding more content, the for sale thread is just not enough GT3 action !😁
  6. Mainly track work wear I think Mick, the car only has about 70,000 k's. Box wasn't bad at idle surprisingly although the LW flywheel masks whatever else may have been going on! Jason yep I hear you, I'm pretty sure I'm at mid-high $20's and I get my parts at cost!! There's a couple of new gears in that figure as well.
  7. Not that much......and it had a top end refresh before I sent it on its way.
  8. Seems like all the GT3 action is on the for sale thread. So let me start with a few pics of my gearbox rebuild on the 996Mk1 CS.... What started as a refresh of 2nd and 3rd gear synchros has become a little more serious. A bit of a while you're in there, scope creep kind of thing.......🙄 Anyway, all new bearings, steel synchros, some new gears, shift fork, a 3.89 crown wheel & pinion in place of the 4.0 Cup Car ratio that was in there, plus a new LSD, clutch plate, pressure plate, throw out bearing, clutch for blah blah! Eye watering cost, but do it once, do it properly.......
  9. Im looking for the 8kg bottle & mount that would have come with a 996 GT3. Anyone got anything lurking in their shed...?
  10. Swweeeeeet!!! I really think you should post a vid of the car doing a drive-by so we can hear some exhaust noise......! Anyone else with me on this.....?
  11. Next year for me too I suspect!
  12. @Skidmarks I think you've done those wheels justice!
  13. Looks like one of these - https://dasnine.com.au/collections/perfomance-parts/products/shift-kit-short-shift-kit

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