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  1. Cam Arnott

    GT3 Bits

    Thanks Windsor, looks like they have rears but not fronts. Probably still cheaper than PCA pricing though by the looks!
  2. The ad's a little misleading - on one hand he says it was Scuds first factory CS and then it also says it was ordered with all of the CS options.....When I spoke to the seller last time it was listed, he checked the sticker and confirmed it was not a 003 car......
  3. Cam Arnott

    GT3 Bits

    Thanks Hugh 👍
  4. The link doesn't appear to be working Kurt Edit - Found it here - https://sites.google.com/gt3register.com/gt3registercom/home
  5. Cam Arnott

    GT3 Bits

    Cheers JF 😉 No one got any stock springs....?
  6. Very interesting Jason, thanks! Always thought those posted delivery numbers were a bit off in the split.....
  7. Cam Arnott

    GT3 Bits

    Thanks mate 🙏
  8. Sounds like everyone has had a crack at the thing! 🤣 The colour change thing did play on my mind for a little while. But I kept coming back to the numbers. 90 Mk1's delivered, say 10 or that have probably been written off or gone overseas, another 10 or so converted to race use in Nations cup etc . 13 touring spec cars. Many of the remainder that have had serious accident damage over the years. And now a rising market. I figured realistically there was 30-40 decent CS cars maximum with and how many of those are on the market at any given time? Added to that my lack of patience once I've made up my mind and the long held dream of a 996 GT3 and here we are!
  9. Cam Arnott

    GT3 Bits

    Looks good mate - what model is it?
  10. I also am not one to care much about originality... It also has .2RS style front bumper slots 🤯😆 Oh the horror!
  11. There's always one......🙄 I prefer my existing mechanic thanks! I know him quite well 🤣
  12. Cam Arnott

    GT3 Bits

    Guys I'm on the hunt for a set of Mk 1 springs and either a CR220 or CDR 220 996 stereo if anyone has anything. Cheers
  13. Hugh, nice pic yep they are a sweet looking thing! Funnily enough I was searching SA number plates the other day to see if Mezger or similar might be available! Wilson I suspect the price may have gone up from that point! I approached the owner and he wasn't that keen to part with it, but we did find a mutually acceptable number so all is good 😉You know Mike then? It's not perfect, and needs a few mechanical things attended to although then engine tested really well but it hasn't had any hits which many of them seem to have had.
  14. Thanks guys! I don't have many pics, just these two that one of the guys from work @porsche_lyf took. If anyone has a set of stock Mk1 springs or a CR220 or CDR220 stereo please let me know!
  15. Maybe.....at some stage.... but I confess the black is growing on me!

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