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  1. craiggt3rs

    968 Turbo RS anyone?

    Hi DJM , the mechanical conversion plus replacing some worn suspension stuff , bonnet & front bar conversion , cad plating & powder coating some parts thru Fitzgerald Racing cost $90 k ( have receipts ) My cosmetic stuff , wheels , livery & interior trim another $10k approx.
  2. craiggt3rs

    968 Turbo RS anyone?

    Hi guys , that is the only owner since Rob sold the car , it's a great car to drive as I shared the drive to Rennsport 2013 & back to Melbourne with Rob ! maybe self interest as own the #1 Falken Fitzy car & also the last #5 Red car that Fitzy built 18 months ago ! And you could not build one for the asking price !!
  3. craiggt3rs

    Vale Mr RSR Garage Rob Raymer

    Hi everyone , your thoughts are greatly appreciated !! RSR Porsches & coffee will continue !!...........will keep the post up dated !! , should anyone need any info regarding RSR Garage ? .......feel to contact me , cheers Craig
  4. craiggt3rs

    Alan Hamilton's 944 cup car

    Hi guys , I own the 944 Cup Car again after selling it to Alan a few years ago ! ......... a very special car now sitting with my 924GT & ex-Fitzgerald 968 RS Turbo , Cheers Craig

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