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  1. #1 Falken 968RS Peter Fitzgerald race car & #5 968RS Tribute car & last built .
  2. My 924GT , ex-UK car , I have now owned it for 10 years . low 34,000 miles previously owned in the UK by journalist Kyle Fortune & featured in magazines GT Porsche , 911 Porsche world
  3. I believe there are 15 Australian delivered cars ? I have the ex-Kyle Fortune car (UK & RHD ) owned it nearly 10 years ........great cars .....enjoy !!
  4. Don't wont to sound like a smart arse but I have 2 of the 5 Fitzgerald cars and they wouldn't be sold for anywhere near that asking price for the 968CS MO30 !!
  5. Simple ....find another 968 MO30 for less ? As far as the Fitzgerald cars go , the recent Black car was a bargain ( self interest ) driven both the 968cs & 944 Turbo S ...... yeah the 944 has 10 extra HP but the technology & 1 gear extra in the 968 makes way for a much better car !! ( in my opinion )
  6. Hi guys , a good mate of mine owned this car for about 12 years previous to the current owner , it is a genuine MO30 car , well maintained , few stone chips when I last saw it but an honest car !!! I have had 5 968cs's out of the 33 that came to our shores ........they are a great drivers/track car ! Still have 2 Fitzgerald 968 RS's ! Comparing them to 911's is wrong as they are 2 different cars . For those who think the asking price is a bit much ? try finding one ?? let alone an MO30 car of which there were only 14 aussie cars . This car sold through RSR Garage I believe for around $95 k ? approx. 3 years ago ??
  7. Hi guys , the #1 Falken car started life as a 968CS MO30 owned by Porsche Cars Aust. Was the 1993 Sandown 6 hour winner , 2nd in 1993 Bathurst 12 hour but disqualified for wrong front wheel offsets came back in 1994 Bathurst 12 Hour finishing 2nd outright in new Falken sponsorship colours Driven by Peter Fitzgerald & Jim Richards , In 1995 it was converted to 968RS replica by Fitzgerald Racing featuring lightweight windows , fiberglass front panels & debuted in Porsche Cup at the final Adelaide Grand Prix . The same year it raced in Targa Tasmania on day 2 dropping to 160th after a puncture & then went on to finish 5th outright . The car went on to do more Targa's Porsche Cup . Dutton rallies etc . I purchase the car in 2006 through RSR Garage it then being white & immediately set about returning it to its Falken Tyres Livery , it has only done a few PCV club days & demonstration laps at 2013 Rennsport Aust . The #5 car after much discussion with Fitzy was purchased by me as a genuine 968CS through RSR Garage with the sole idea of building a faithful tribute to the #1 Factory prototype car, only 968RS in Guards Red & also to compete in Le Mans out of the 4 Factory cars ,
  8. Hi DJM , the mechanical conversion plus replacing some worn suspension stuff , bonnet & front bar conversion , cad plating & powder coating some parts thru Fitzgerald Racing cost $90 k ( have receipts ) My cosmetic stuff , wheels , livery & interior trim another $10k approx.
  9. Hi guys , that is the only owner since Rob sold the car , it's a great car to drive as I shared the drive to Rennsport 2013 & back to Melbourne with Rob ! maybe self interest as own the #1 Falken Fitzy car & also the last #5 Red car that Fitzy built 18 months ago ! And you could not build one for the asking price !!
  10. Hi everyone , your thoughts are greatly appreciated !! RSR Porsches & coffee will continue !!...........will keep the post up dated !! , should anyone need any info regarding RSR Garage ? .......feel to contact me , cheers Craig

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