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  1. Yep Wheel Solutions are the go to place , had many sets done ...........great work !!
  2. Hi i sold it about 10 years ago with approximately 60,000 km's and it was immaculate & i believed it has been well looked after since !!
  3. John Bowes car i believe went overseas i also owned that prior to him & an owner in between , it was an MO30 car
  4. My old car !.......only Riviera Blue 968CS delivered to Australia
  5. Was that the 1st Guards Red car which was auctioned at Amelia Island ??
  6. Magnificent cars & so underated !! The inspiration for me to build another 968 Turbo RS tribute the 5th car built by Fitzgerald racing , the original prototype & only Guards Red car of the four sold in 2012 for $342,000 USD at auction
  7. RSR Garage Cars & Coffee Brighton 2017
  8. PCV Club night before lockdown with my 3.6 Turbo
  9. Yep that's why i love mine !!! Great viewing !!!
  10. Yes still have the the Falken tyres 968RS & also the 5th Fitzgerald Racing 968RS pictured on forum some time ago
  11. Hi it is a UK car #440 brought here in 2006 originally owned by GT Porsche journalist Kyle Fortune & featured in many of the magazines currently 36,000 miles . The Australian delivered Black car is here in Melbourne owned by PCV member who bought it new , sold it & bought it back again some years ago

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