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  1. Thanks for this. Good to be reminded of what's important. Now it's a matter of putting time in to talk to sellers and seeing some cars including a trip interstate.
  2. Hi all Have been a lifelong porsche fan and member of this site for a few years and learnt a lot from the various discussions. This is my first post. I am finally in a position to purchase a 911 and narrowed my search down to a 997.2 or 997.2S Coupe. Budget is around $100-120k. Priorities are low mileage, condition and service history. I'll probably go with a manual but I haven't ruled out PDK. Will decide after a test drive. No real colour preferences but based on carsales it may have to be black. I have no idea what a fair price to pay is and what the premium over a 997.1 with similar kms should be. Any help would be much appreciated. There are 6 cars on carsales (997.2) priced from $105-126k, 5 in VIC and 1 in WA. Does anyone know any of these cars? Thanks Paul

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