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    Ducati 900SS
  1. base

    Should I PPI?

    I’ve done the Putty many times on my Ducati so know it well. I’ll try to make it
  2. base

    Should I PPI?

    Thanks Tips. My first Porsche. Looking forward to it after years of waiting for these things to depreciate into the value zone.
  3. base

    Should I PPI?

    Deal is done. I’ll furnish some photos once I collect next week. Thanks for the advice.
  4. base

    Should I PPI?

    I’ll try not to disappoint
  5. base

    Should I PPI?

    Thanks for the reply. Seller seems very honest and legit. I don’t have any concerns.
  6. base

    Should I PPI?

    I’m looking at a 987.1 Boxster which is very tidy with an immaculate service history. Most recently it’s been serviced at Hamilton’s on a yearly basis. Should I bother with PPI? Car has around 80k on it and feels tight.

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