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  1. Bargain. And if you convert the km into miles it sounds like low mileage!
  2. Hoovie wasn’t too keen on his LS swap!
  3. Nice sounding car but too much cheesy orchestral library music blocking the sound of that glorious motor. And a Frenchman drinking Nespresso? Something doesn’t add up....
  4. I always pick up the phone if I’m interested in a car. It usually works out much better that way. And I don’t make offers until I’ve inspected the car and ready to buy it.
  5. Highish mileage and auto, that accounts for some of the low price. If it were manual I’d take a chance on it, but I would never own an automatic car.
  6. base

    Should I PPI?

    Yes if the copper count starts going up it’s probably your bearings down to the last layer and an early warning means just replacing the bearings and not the crank. Aluminium going up is probably the bores or pistons. Hopefully I’ll see neither
  7. base

    Should I PPI?

    For anyone who is interested here is what my oil looked like after about six months and 2000km since last oil change. Metallic numbers all look excellent based on other analysis charts I’ve seen posted on m96 specific forums. I think I’ll do this each time I change the oil and see if it moves around. I used Nulon oil for this oil change. I wonder if that will make a difference?
  8. base

    Should I PPI?

    Dropped the oil yesterday and sent a stool sample off to Nulon for testing. The oil looked pretty fresh after 2000km and when I cut open the filter there were only a couple of miniscule metallic specs on it. I think my motor is quite healthy. Paranoia over.
  9. base

    Should I PPI?

    Yes exactly.
  10. base

    Should I PPI?

    Yes hopefully it’s something that simple! I’m paranoid after seeing so many stories of m96 engines carking it.
  11. base

    Should I PPI?

    Thanks Merv I’ll keep those in mind. Now just crossing my fingers that the ticking noise I can hear in the engine isn’t a bad bearing after giving the car an Italian tune up...
  12. base

    Should I PPI?

    Cool thanks. Funny, the Mu pads on my Integra don’t make a sound! They are a bit dusty though.
  13. base

    Should I PPI?

    I’m pretty sure my speakers are ok. It’s just not a very good stereo (I’m a musician and pretty fussy). At some stage I’ll replace the speakers with modern ones and probably a modern head unit. Happy listening to the Swiss watch behind me for the moment. Ill do the brakes myself. Any suggestions on parts? I saw in this forum that people order bits from Autohaus. I’ve had good results on a Honda with DBA rotors and Project Mu pads. Should I just just go standard on this car? Not really planning to do track days in it.
  14. base

    Should I PPI?

    I promised photos so here’s a couple. Haven’t taken many - too busy driving it. What a machine! So far the car appears sound. Only real problems are the brakes will need replacing at some stage and the PCM stereo sounds awful!

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