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  1. It’s on Facebook marketplace. It has quite a few things that need sorting. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1233014957501094/
  2. That must be a special model. The owner says he’s changed the timing belt.
  3. They’re yours if you want them. There’s no rush if you need time to organise pick up
  4. I just replaced the shift cables on my Boxster 987S thinking that one had snapped. Turns out it had just popped off (fore and aft cable). Anyway before I throw these cables in the bin can anyone use them? About 93k km on them afaik. Collect inner west Sydney.
  5. Aha I missed the bit about WoVR. In that case it’s about right!
  6. That’s very cheap by the current market’s standards.
  7. At a certain point in time they stopped putting the option sticker on the bonnet and just put one in the logbook. Not sure what year it changed. That car sounds like a dud though.
  8. The rare 1989 model. That must be why he wants $20k for a broken one
  9. I have a 2005 987S too and I’m not particularly worried about the IMS. If it has the smaller, replaceable type I’ll do it when it’s due for a clutch. Mine has an engine number higher than the magical 61504715 but I don’t put complete faith in that method of determining whether the IMS is the later style or not.
  10. I’ve also read that the early 987 cars are less likely to score as they are only 3.2 and have thicker cylinder walls which disperse heat better than the bored out 3.4. That’s what I tell myself when I go to sleep at night.
  11. Drivers seat looks like it’s got the plague. Body has a few visible marks even in his blurry photos. There are much nicer cars out there for similar money
  12. I’ve been using an icarsoft and it’s been fine. Have used it to read codes, reset service light and cycle the ABS solenoids.
  13. I notice that he's since changed the ad to say it's a UK import. I think it's also a bit strange that he claims extensive restoration work but zero details about it in the ad other than to say he's had the seats retrimmed. Not that it means anything, but just seems odd.

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