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  1. That pricing is more in the non S ballpark. For example: https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2005-porsche-boxster-987-manual-my05/OAG-AD-18588798/?Cr=0
  2. There’s something about that fleshy pink interior and the hardtop that I find very unappealing. I’m sure it looks better in the flesh though since he’s photos aren’t the best.
  3. Before I bought my 987 I looked at quite a few 986’s. I saw a number that had much lower kms than this one. The best of the lot had LN engineering IMS installed, looked absolutely immaculate and the guy was asking $24k. So this guy who won’t budge is dreaming.
  4. Not much of a problem on this generation, but being an early 997 may be doable depending on the engine number. Later ones you can’t get to it anyway. If it’s an early enough car to change it, just wait until clutch time. Hamilton’s would probably say the same thing.
  5. Great looking cars but that silly roof and the price are both major turnoffs for me.
  6. Having recently bought exactly the car he’s after I can safely say he won’t find one at that price.
  7. base

    Should I PPI?

    Did the brakes on my Boxster over the last couple of weekends. Not difficult but literally a pain in the back when you’re doing it on jack stands with a dodgy lower back. Would have taken only one day if I’d been sent the correct front pads the first time. Apparently the 987 switched from 986 style pads to 997 style ones at some date after my car was produced.... The old discs had pretty nasty lips on them. No wonder the brakes didn’t impress.
  8. Regarding the IMS, Hamilton’s have a sensible article on it here. If the engine number is later than the one mentioned in the article it is very unlikely to fail. As others have indicated there was no IMS at all from 2009.
  9. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1999-Porsche-Boxster-986-Manual/SSE-AD-6254340/ less than 50k on the clock! Could be a bargain or a nightmare...
  10. As an experiment I bought an el cheapo one of these on eBay last week to see exactly how bad they are before taking more drastic action such as replacing the head unit. I’m actually stunned that the FM transmitter/Bluetooth device I bought for $20 including postage doesn’t sound horrible. In fact it actually sounds good! The audio quality from my iPhone through this into the stock radio sounds much better than actual radio stations and I’m thinking that I’m not going to touch a thing. Very pleased. The device I bought is a tiny little thing that fits inside the centre console cubby where the 12v socket is. A lot of them are too big to fit in there so I picked one that is just a small cylindrical design.
  11. Nice car. I just don’t understand why they’re so mean with oil changes. It’s only had the oil changed twice in 30k.

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