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  1. Like all sophisticated works of art there are many layers to be discovered, some of which don’t catch the eye at first glance.
  2. People who seem to know more about oil than me talk about used oil becoming acidic and attacking bearings so I would have though at least regular fluid changes would be worthwhile to keep ones precious low mileage object in top shape. I just thought it odd that they quoted how many services it’s had considering that they are few.
  3. A fastidious owner but it’s only had a service once every four years on average? Looks nice though. Shame no one has enjoyed driving it much.
  4. Yes and check that panel gap at the leading edge of the bonnet.
  5. My favourite bit is how they have matched the red highlights on the AC vents to the red highlights on the steering wheel cover.
  6. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/637018250534012
  7. And then Hoovie blew up the V8 on the track because it got starved of oil.
  8. Very sad and kind of inexplicable. Did someone buy it and get sick or die? What other explanation could there be for not driving it?
  9. I used it on a 987 Boxster S. No computer required, it's a hand held unit that looks generic and comes preloaded with Porsche specific diagnostic programmes. If you just want to reset the Service Now warning or check/reset error codes I think it would be fine. Let me know if there's anything in particular you were looking for in the menu options and I'll have a look
  10. Merv I used the iCarSoft unit today, seemed to work fine. It's actually better built than I expected, feels pretty solid. Doesn't have a touch screen, selections are all made using buttons but it works fine. I reset my oil service (Service Now) warning no problem - there's an oil reset section just for that. You select your vehicle type or let it work it out automatically. Selecting the oil reset made the cluster beep and then the warning was gone. I didn't spend much time in the diagnostics section, but did find one warning about my left hand door, presumably related to the floppy handle due to the broken plastic axle in the door I need to fix. For about $200, you can't really go wrong I think. I've uploaded a bunch of photos of the screen, showing the models it supports and the different diagnostic sections it has.
  11. Hi Merv no update sorry. I haven’t used it yet. There’s a possibility I might get a chance this afternoon if I get time to change my oil. Will let you know.
  12. I bought one a couple of weeks ago. Planning to use it to reset the service light on my 987 when I change the oil next. It’s supposed to be able to read Porsche codes and do the service reset. I’ll post about after I’ve used it if you’re interested.
  13. I’d be wary. Looks like the same vehicle is advertised on CS with different year and price. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2005-Porsche-Boxster-S-987-Manual-MY05/SSE-AD-6565742

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