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  1. Ferry's, I also had several Anglia's. Apparently none of the Australian delivered Anglia's were available with a heater. I have seen one with a heater that was imported from South Africa. Apparently back then, the poms thought it was so hot in Australia, we wouldn't need it!
  2. Sorry guys, looks like the links are not straight clicks, for some reason. You might have to copy the link into your browser address bar.
  3. Gday Everyone, Marc here from Perth. I have recently started a new YouTube Channel. Marc and Cars - Porsche Air Cooled Enthusiast https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWo3kLE5S6cJsnKVJdxDVSg Here are my videos to date. If you like them please share them, subscribe to the channel, give them a thumbs up. You know the drill. All comments and feedback appreciated. https://youtu.be/PitxXXZnEEs https://youtu.be/33pHqCWaHus https://youtu.be/U9-HqJhTT1s https://youtu.be/5GurQ6P6M2A https://youtu.be/d82mGdXipz4
  4. G'day all. Still struggling electrically with the back end of my car. Am on the hunt for a reverse light switch, for my 60 B. It is the one that screws in the side of my transmission. Have troubleshot, and discovered this bad boy is no good. I am unsure if the switch is the same as used on VW's of the era, or if I have to source overseas. If anyone has a local supplier, would love to hear about it. Thanks, Marc.
  5. Thanks for the link, but this is just the standard "Euro" Light. The Australian/Italian one has the amber, and red parts of the lenses swapped around, with a dual filament socket for the red.
  6. G'day from WA. I need some help or assistance in sourcing a pair of "Australian/Italian", tail lights. These are different to what was used everywhere else, due to the amber indicator being on the outside, and the dual filament globe on the inboard side. I've looked everywhere I can think of so any input on how to modify the existing lights or where I can get what I need, will be appreciated. Marc.

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