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  1. nick964

    cayenne 9PA PCM

    Hi, is it possible to replace a PCM unit with the standard OEM single DIN unit with open shelf underneath ? thanks Nick
  2. Saw a beautiful dark blue 987.2 parked on toorak road in glen iris yesterday. anyone on the forum ?
  3. What kind of discounts are people getting on new cars ? ..any difference from model to model ? lifecycle ? The new 718 spyder is very tempting. Looks incredible. Have been watching youtube reviews of the previous model and are unanimously glowing. Nick 928 s4 911T
  4. nick964

    Panamera and 959

    https://goo.gl/photos/zuUUZBbkh1DBHxHNA a few photos. ..incredible in the flesh.
  5. nick964

    Panamera and 959

    Sorry... Porsche centre Melbourne.
  6. nick964

    Panamera and 959

    If anyone's going to the Panamera launch today, there is a pristine white 959 in the service area Nick
  7. no worries Simon. My silly remark about safety was just to show how much "better" value my car is if slate grey is your colour ?
  8. I also apologise for poor attempt at humour.. and self promotion of my car (also slate grey 964 but 4WD and a touch cheaper) ?
  9. i love the colour, but only have a budget of 108k, and want the added safety of 4 wheel drive... What to do.. what to do... ?
  10. Not exactly. Just realised that it's the only car I have with decent AC so might need to hang on to it until the end of the summer. ..not that keeping hold of it looks to be a problem right now ?
  11. geezus.. that '79 on gumtree didn't last long ! (although don't know how long it has been there pre rearing it's head here) ..how much were they asking ? ..and did anyone here snap it up ?
  12. thanks Ozvino. they have admitted they did the damage by using the G101 cleaner, however have made it pretty clear that they do not intend to replace the wheels as my wheels were not perfect before the G101 damage. But if it is not possible to re-anodise them to match factory then.... What would the new wheels cost from Porsche ?

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