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  1. Hey Byron, I just sent you a message.
  2. I also just made the switch to NRMA VVC (Veteran, Vintage & Classic) away from Shannons.
  3. G'day Folks, Does anyone have an old 993 airbag module lying around that they would be willing to donate to science? It can be from a crashed car or one that can't be reset with a scanner. Preferable if the history is known but its OK if it is unknown. The part number I am looking for is 99361821700. I am happy to pay for the postage to Sydney. Let me know if you can help, it will be greatly appreciated. Cheers & Thanks Alan
  4. I have subscribed to their channel after watching all the episodes one after the other. I love the quality of the work and the humour is fantastic but you would have to wonder why spend all that time and effort on a Mini? Love it and recommend it highly, very entertaining!
  5. On this very special anniversary of the landing at Gallipoli 100 years ago, may we take a moment to commemorate the sacrifices made by ALL service personnel who ever served to help make our Great country what it is today. Gracious God please have mercy on those who perished in this conflict and all others, take them into your loving care where they will dwell forever in paradise. LEST WE FORGET.
  6. BALLS OF STEEL. That would also explain the need for a bag holder.
  7. He will be calling the cricket in Heaven with Tony G for eternity. I'm looking forward to it but I sure will miss it till I get there. R.I.P. Risky
  8. What brings a smile to my face is pulling the chain of all the people handing out the "How to Vote" pre-litter outside polling booths. Today it was the turn of the Greenie lady, she quickly got up on the soap box and began preaching when I told her there was no such thing as climate change. And I told someone else that I only use the eeene meene miney mo method... I consider this part of my civic duty. Edit: the Aussies winning their 5th ICC cricket World Cup. Good job boys!!!
  9. Yep, there were two VW type 3's in my collection, one of them was a white '73 wagon which I bought in 1982, this thing could do 100mph all day and went like a scalded cat with hot chilly sauce on its bottom. Somewhere I have pictures of it at one of the Porsche NSW concourse days when they were held at Vaucluse House. I sold it to my bro in 1988 and he kept it till 2013.
  10. Thanks Niko, we often look back in amazement as to how the threads of our lives are woven into a wonderful tapestry by one infinitely more knowledgeable and talented than ourselves. We are indeed very blessed.
  11. My first car was a 63 XL Falcon sedan, 2 speed auto which I bought for $30 at 16 years old. It had been stolen and recovered, the engine didn't run, it had the front right corner pushed in but NO tin worm. I didn't find out it had slight hail damage till it was home the next day. Over the next year or so I fixed it up and took it over the pits but is only a small part of the story. My neighbor's girlfriend would regularly come over and talk to me while I worked on it, see my dear mate Pat was like a bear with a sore head if anyone woke him up before midday on the weekend and she would finish her allotted household chores as quickly as possible on Saturday morning and then leave the house before her mum gave her some more to do. So I was always up early and into it and she had to walk past my place to get to his so would stop and talk to me from around 9.30 till noon almost every Saturday. I too had a girlfriend so there was nothing sneaky going on. So after while, he broke it off with her and because she didn't live too far away, I would see her around and we kept in touch, she made me promise to show her the car once it was finished. As it happened, I broke up with my GF a few weeks before finishing and registering the car so I did as promised, I took her out in it and asked her to be my girlfriend, that was 15/12/1979 and she is now my darling wife of nearly 32 years. As for the car, it was parked out the front in mid January 80 when an old guy knocked on the door and wanted to buy it, he made me an offer I couldn't refuse so it went. All up I have had 32 cars since that one, some really cool ones too but none have as good a story. Cheers Alan
  12. Ring less and crank less! It's electric. Now once they develop the refillable sugar battery that is tipped to be smaller and more powerful than lithium, that will change the way we power our cars. But if they make a retrofit kit for my car and it needed a rebuild, I'd consider putting ringless pistons in there. Cheers Alan

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