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  1. Can’t stop helping the regions. Port Elliot today.
  2. Carrickalinga via Wickham Hill and Myponga dam. Catering supplied by Yankalilla Bakery.
  3. Mine’s one in front. I could get away uphill but not downhill. Today, I got put in my place. 😁
  4. I’m still driving. And I’m seeing plenty of others out too. Motorbikes especially. Saw a couple of 911s yesterday near Cudlee Creek so it’s not just me. I just don’t get out of my car. The other day a few of us had a great 3 hour run. All stayed in our cars and used walkie-talkies to say hello, work out route, chat afterwards for a bit and say goodbye. No passengers, we had a great time. As long as I’m causing no harm and I’m not breaking the law, I’ll keep doing it. It’s good for my mental health and for the family’s sanity too.
  5. mhh

    992 Turbo S

    Love this 930 homage on the Cab
  6. Today we did Strathgordon (incredible), Bothwell, Deloraine, Cethana and just got back on the ferry. Sunshine all day. Tomorrow, back to the murder capital.
  7. Off the ferry this morning, Upper Castra, Burnie, Hellyer, Reece Dam, Strahan and now in Hobart for dinner. Big day!
  8. mhh

    992 Turbo first images

    From Feb 2019...
  9. I did 5,000km in Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland and Italy in September and didn’t see a single cop on the road outside the cities. Italy had some point to point cameras but according to my mailbox, they don’t seem to work. I’m going back ASAP! Meanwhile, thank God for Tassie. (On the ferry tomorrow night.)

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