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  1. 2013 Boxster S Manual 33000kms black on black sports chrono sports exhaust PASM PTV (torque vectoring) PCM w/ Nav, Bluetooth, Digital TV and Digital Radio dials in guards red worth over $180000 when new. meticulously cared for.... Expressions of interest over $120000 only. Looking to move up to a 997.2 911 please PM. Photos can be emailed.
  2. Alright guys, had a few discussions. Let's bring it down to $49500 ono
  3. Am testing out a 911 Turbo today. Also a 997.2 C2S. Anyone have opinions on what is reasonable to pay for 2005 996 Turbo with 65000 kms, or a 2009 C2S
  4. 996 Turbo seems pretty close to the mark, Vas. Especially after a bit of loving. Any opinions on older 911 Turbo vs newer Cayman S?
  5. Fair point Tazzieman re IMS. It should be considered a cost of admission to the marque When I say slow, I do mean point-to-point speed. The Box corners like a dream. I imagine a Cayman is even better. I guess something sub 5s would be in the zone. I shall look at the 930. Keep the advice coming. Cheers.
  6. Hey PFA, Am regrettably having to sell my 2005 987 Box S (if anyone is interested, it's in the forum marketplace) due to investing in a new business. Aim is to replace my loss with a 2nd hand P car in the near future (ie sometime in 2015) The advice / opinions I need are on a newer Cayman S vs older 911 Carrera S (nothing earlier than a 2009). I would only ever get a manual. I love the way the Boxster handles but would not mind if it were a little faster. I spent a fortune getting the IMS upgraded to the solution, so anything earlier than a 2009 is out of the question as I want the security of a DFI engine. Thanks so much. Prav
  7. Sorry all - typo on the price. Now corrected. Dear Forum, I am collecting expressions of interest. Up for sale (potentially) is my Silver (with Black leather interior) 987 March 2005 Build Boxster S manual with about 78,000km on the odo. The car drives brilliantly and has been fastidiously maintained throughout its life. The car lives in Melbourne's inner eastern suburbs Most importantly, the car has had the LN Engineering IMS Solution (not the ceramic bearing) installed by BWA Auto in Seven Hills, who are the Australian distributor of LN parts. This alone cost roughly $3000. As all of you know, it is rare to have a 987 that can even have the IMS upgrade. At the time the IMS Solution was fitted, the car had the clutch, dual mass flywheel and air-oil separator all upgraded to new. Over the last 6 months, I have spent over $7000 to bring this car back to its best and I am very sorry indeed to see it go. I am considering selling - only for the right price - because I have bought a new business and it is becoming difficult to sustain two cars at the moment. Just last year, roughly $2000 was spent on the car at its Porsche Centre service. The car is in fantastic condition and comes with: Two keys, with Porsche keyrings All ownership manuals Service documents, including the most recent overhaul worth nearly $7000 in a single service. Full service history through Porsche Centres (except for the BWA service and upgrade) Fully functional and water-tight roof Porsche factory-fitted Navigation (PCM II) Xenon Headlights with Washers I am in no rush at all to sell this car, so will not entertain unreasonably low offers. And I am selling the car at a considerable loss to myself, especially given the better part of $10k has been spent on it over the past 15 months. This is a sale by an enthusiast to an enthusiast. My asking price is $52,000 ono Feel free to get in touch. I will post photos early next week when back. Prav
  8. Tim, I might start an argument here by saying that the decision to own a Porsche, especially a Box or Cayman, is not really a decision made from a practical standpoint. I have owned an Audi TT, a BMW 135i and a Renault RS in the lead up to my Boxster. Those were all 2+2 cars with folding rear seats and even they would occasionally prove to be unhelpful when needing a "practical" car. The Box (I have an '05) is really a car bought for the raw, visceral thrill of mid-engined engineering brilliance. It is slower than my 135i but kills it for poise, apex predation and driver-machine unity. It blows me away how good it really is... So, if it will stop you getting from A to B, then don't swap your 4D Beemer for a smaller 2D P. But if you can keep on keeping on, your emotional elation will beat that practical voice into submission. That's my two bob. PK
  9. But she's so god-damn beautiful. Love a girl in red.
  10. Michel, Great advice. And thanks. I called Porsche Parramatta (who know the car) and was told that no P centre will do IMS. In their opinion, BWA and Autohaus were on par. And they said they knew of several cars that had stuff done at BWA. Of course, then came the spiel about not going to a Porsche centre blah blah blah. Bob Whyms knew a lot about the LN parts, of course, and his labour quotes were very reasonable. I didn't pay a lot for the car given the quality of the books, so I'll put this extra cost to an investment in my sanity. And this car is going to be driven like its stolen, so best to iron out the wrinkles. Fingers crossed that my March 2005 build means I have a small IMS - only one way to know. Will report back with experiences. Pick up car from seller on Tuesday. Pick up from BWA the Monday after. Here's hoping. PK
  11. Dear Team, Just looking at post purchase enhancement of bits and pieces on the 05 987 Bx S just acquired. Sent an email to LN engineering and they passed it on to BWA Auto (who apparently is their Australian distributor). Had a lengthy (30mins chat) with Bob Whyms. Seems like a really decent guy. Also very reasonable service costs. Does anyone have experience with these guys? Looking at giving them a not-to-small amount of money to look at and and potentially fix the IMS on the Box (was going to do rebuild with Weltmeister in VIC but now nervous about driving the car from Sydney to Canberra to Melbourne!). Any and all thoughts very welcome. Cheers P
  12. Dear All, Just an update. Decided to suck up the risks and doubt and fear and go for it!! The black boxster from my colleague fell through, but I managed to find an early 2005 987 Arctic Silver Boxster S Manual with 71+k kms for under $45k. Always serviced through Porsche. Perfect books. Perfect Porsche History. Chuffed to bits. Now comes the spend on servicing, looking through the oil filter, praying for no metal / plastic flakes and keeping fingers crossed..... See you at an SMT near you. Cheers, PK
  13. SUPER QUICK SUMMARY: Hey guys. I want someone to look at my IMS and clutch status. Should I go to: 1) BWA Auto in Seven Hills (apparently they are the importer for LN Engineering) 2) AutoHaus Hamilton in Dee Why (Grant has been really polite) 3) Weltmeister in Melbourne (Matt has been a champion!) 4) Somewhere else? Would be great to know what people think of these garages. I will most likely get a post purchase service done by P Centre Willoughby for $695 (it gives me 12 months of P roadside assist) and get them to give me the filter to cut up..... AND THE FULL POST: Dear Team, So I have bitten the bullet. 2005 987 Box S Manual with 71,000kms on the odometer. So far, all servicing done annually through P centres only (Parramatta, Melbourne and Willoughby). Most recent service done 6 months ago. I am wanting the car to be serviced, have the oil filter taken out and checked for IMS / engine debris, change over the oil and, potentially, drop the gearbox and get an idea of which size IMS I have and the degree of wear on the clutch - maybe change it all if clutch is worn / engine can take the IMS solution. I spoke at length to the owner at BWA Auto in Seven Hills. Apparently they are the importer for LN products, including the IMS solution. He says the best move, to protect the car, is to bring the car in, drop the gearbox, take a look at the clutch and IMS and change whatever can / needs to be changed (and at least know I have the larger IMS bearing or the small one.....). The exercise is upto $5000! (Yikes!). I am also tossing up, if the oil filter is free of any debris, whether I should just drive the car to Canberra / Melbourne or wherever I have to go and attend to the problem down the track, just keep checking the filter every 5000kms..... (which a $1300 per year exercise, sad face.....). Has anyone heard of BWA? Are they good? Should I go elsewhere? Autohaus Hamilton? Weltmeister Melbourne? BWA do all sorts of prestige marques, whilst Autohaus and Weltmesiter are P specific. Thoughts? As always, thank-you. PK
  14. Prav

    IMS guardian

    Amanda, You were tossing up between different garages then went with Weltmeister. What clinched it for you? PK
  15. Prav

    IMS guardian

    I would call Matt at Weltmeister. I think he looked after Amanda's 987 IMS and I've been speaking to him re my 987 engine rebuild. Tell him you got his name from the forum. If it's Porsche and worth knowing / doing, he's the man.

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