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  1. Thanks phill. I’ll look at shipping costs to sydney
  2. Gday phil What is the date stamp on the tyres please. Cheers Hughesy
  3. Hi champion. Please join us for the run to mount panarama. Cheers Hughesy
  4. Pm sent Brett. My mate is passing through tomorrow if we can agree on price. Cheers hughesy
  5. Gday How long since it’s been used hughesy
  6. in all seriousness, IF you bought a car like that and your primary drive was investment, the question begs...... would you drive it anywhere near it potential or just pootle around nervously hoping nothing goes wrong? buy a cracking 3.2 or similar , drive the nuts off it and youll still probably come out ahead in two years..with a smile on ya dial my 2 bobs worth
  7. ? this is why this forum is so damn good thanks stew
  8. brilliant thanks dreamr and steve on it cheers hughesy
  9. has anyone repainted the rear relector off a G SERIES with success mine looks patchy in the reflection, so i repainted the rear side to fill the the ares where the paint was missing but this made no difference the rear surface is a corrugated/honeycombed surface which is damn near impossible to strip any/all advice appreciated cheers hughesy

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