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  1. FL7

    3.0 SC engine build suggestions

    Less than $10k is pretty cheap to get 20-30% added HP. without too much internal work. I just got a decent exhaust for my 996 and I reckon have got 10-15% added HP not alot of $. Sounds better than my GT3 and nearly as much fun. Good luck on engine rebuild.
  2. FL7

    3.0 SC engine build suggestions

    Here are General HP improvements for 3.0L which a few of engine experts go for. High Comp Piston and Rings - Say Comp to 10.1 (+20% HP) - 30-40HP No need to Change Cam unless you want to go to PMO's. Using existing Fuel injection OK - If PMO's and Cam this will add another around 30-40HP. $6-$7k+ labour. SSI's and High Output and flow exhaust (Peter Starr does the best around) - 10-20% extra HPP. Say 30HP. Will sound awesome and no drone like a Monty. If using an Oz Engine - Base is 185-190HP. Above will get you to around 250HP. Twin point distributor maybe another 10HP or more. Not sure of cost. If I wanted around 250HP for minimal cost I would go for High Comp Piston/Rings, SSI and Exhaust - Say $7-$10k plus labour - Best bang for buck for sure. At least it will be easy to drive and not too wild.
  3. FL7

    3.0 SC engine build suggestions

    Would the chev small block last another 300,000 kms b4 another rebuild? I wouldn't think so. German engineering and quality hands down.
  4. FL7

    3.0 SC engine build suggestions

    If u start off with an oz delivered u have around 190hp. PMO's, S cam and SSI's and exhaust will increase this by around 50-60. Whether it is 250/60 or 300. The power to weight makes this very fast. Suspension and tyre upgrades a must. I have plans to do these mods on either a 3l or 3.2, with a wide body to keep the power in check
  5. FL7

    3.0 SC engine build suggestions

    That is the general rule what can be achieved. Not at the wheels. Not necessarily from those 4 stages, bit what these engines can get without massive internal stressed. 3.0l - 300hp. 3.2l - 320hp. 3.6l - 360hp. This is from the air-cooled engine experts who have built race engines. Those 4 stages are most efficient and easily reversible. Interesting that a 911 engine book I read quoted those 4 items as upgrades. Exactly what my expert air-cooled engine builder told me.
  6. FL7

    3.0 SC engine build suggestions

    Theory is that a 3l, can get up to 300 hp without significant internal work, so 250hp should be relatively easy. Parts below will be circa $15k. 1) SSI's and decent muffler should b the start. Peter Starr muffler is best around. No drone, awesome sound. 2) PMO's. 3) Matching S Cam for PMO's. 4) High comp piston and rings. You can go more, but cost will keep going up. Above four are best bang for your buck IMO. Good luck.
  7. The pictures on Fabspeed site for the Maxflow look like these Mufflers, so it looks like this. I also have bypass catalytic converters. I will throw these in. Basically they are the existing catalytic converters with the insides removed. I think it gives more power, but not sure.
  8. Not sure what you mean. To fit 996 model.
  9. For sale. Genuine 996 exhaust tips. $300 of make an offer. https://ibb.co/dhyqRT
  10. https://ibb.co/fCyFRT Fabspeed Mufflers for Sale. Suits Porsche 996. $800 or make an offer
  11. For Sale 4 Wheels & Tyres. Genuine Porsche 996 Wheels with Handkook track tyres. Suit 996, 987 Cayman and Boxster. Tyres about 80% tread. $1,500 or make an offer. Rear 255 x 40 r 17 Front 225 x 45 r 17 https://ibb.co/j0WKmT https://ibb.co/j4XW0o https://ibb.co/nPng0o
  12. Hi, I am a financial. Have been a member since March. My status just got corrected today. A system issue.
  13. From a 3.4. I think will also fit the 3.6.

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