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  1. the only parts i can find now are the wheels...............and have to be shipping from Russia.
  2. So clean. What does the rest of the car look like?
  3. " Hi Mate, hows it going? Calling about your car you have listed for sale. Have you got 5 mins to talk about the car.....................owners, service history, blah, blah... Thanks for that. Car sounds good. I'm interstate, would it be ok if i got a buddy of mine to check it out for me or an inspection done. Great! We'll touch base again after the viewing/inspection and then we can talk about pricing and payment options" Boom!
  4. Monyx, I think you provoked him into that response. Having just sold a R32 GTR, I just think there are too many "buyers" like that out there. If you are genuine, go see the car first, rather than price being the first issue raised.
  5. Thanks but for the ML, he wanted white or black and with the power pack
  6. A mate of mine hates vegans and wants to buy a 92A Cayenne GTS or Turbo. White or black is his preference. Doesn't want to spend more than $75k. Let me know if you know of one please. He could be swayed by a W166 ML63
  7. Called and now wants over $70k. Shits me. Both sellers and buyers have to do research before setting a price and committing to buy/sell. You obviously haven't played in the GTR, Type R (DC2) and Supra market. Plenty of people buying these up. Even shit boxes, as long as they are cheap, they get snapped up.
  8. There was a fellow here that had a red one that was a WOVR and sold quickly around the $65k mark if i recall, about 12 months ago. He might be able to put you in touch with the new owner who might be inclined to sell for the right money.
  9. I don't have very many postable pics. I bought it sight unseen in QLD and shipping back to WA. Will post some up at a later stage. I hope this one is a rocket with the SR20 strapped to it. It also have new H&R suspension which might make it nice to drive. Its just got a standard cloth 190 sets. Looking around for a proper leather 16v interior.
  10. Do you have any parts left? PM me please if you do. After i bought the car I told my mechanic about it and turns out he has the cosworth motor and box in his storage shed. But that being said, i think I'll just enjoy the car with the existing motor and box for now.
  11. I'm particularly excited about my latest acquisition. Obviously, its a clone/recreation/re-imagination/homage to the Mercedes 190E EVO II. The basics are SR20 with 300RWHP. Can't wait for the transport.
  12. I don't think you should be turned off by a repairable write off, if you can even find one for sale and further considering your time frame. These cars were once very cheap circa $20k and were written off quite easily in the early 2000s due to panel damage. I also just learnt that cars that are older than 15 years do not need their VINs marked as repairable write-offs. All your panels in a Singer would be stripped off anyway. Just saying, it could be an option.
  13. Is there a time frame on this purchase? I just looked on asking prices on car sales. Unless you manage to find a repairable write off, I think you'll be hard pressed to find an original RHD, manual for less than $80k. I might be wrong.
  14. The onus is on the trustee to prove. He was just calling your bluff with serious sounding letters..

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