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  1. Its ridiculous anyone can justify these prices. I just got a car resprayed and bodykit adjusted (putty, shaped etc) (not a porsche) windows and doors off, not engine bay for $5k cash. The quality is not bad and I'm sure ZAG does exceptional work but come on.
  2. I'll admit it. I was a 911 snob. Took the little BS out with a driving group on the weekend for fast country driving and now admit i was wrong. Acceleration...bad. A WRX can just blast pass. But the true measure of the car is in the fast corners. WOW. I was pushing e92 m3s and CLA 45s out of the way in the twisties. Unlike a 911, there is no weight following through on the bends. Its just steer in and steer out. And the brakes.....small in size compared to some of the monster calipers today, but perfect, i mean perfect for the small car. It could use more torque lower in the range but there is plenty above 4,000prm and at speeds well pass the highway speeds it is just brilliant. Maybe the car needs to lose some weight, shorter gearing from 1-3 and maybe another 50hp and i think it truly is the best sports car out there.
  3. Disassembled 993 turbo engine for sale from 1997 car. Looking for offers around the $18k mark. PM if interested. I'm not very technical but listed below are the major components I know the names of. Includes but not limited to: Case with original Porsche stamped engine number Crank shaft 2x stock turbos barrels/rods and pistons (would not use) valves and valve covers head studs Others...
  4. BUMP. Looking to clear space. Offers welcome or buy the lot for $4,500
  5. Just got myself a 2000 Boxster S manual. Straight to the workshop to remove that rear wing then to the open road to see what the fuss is all about.
  6. Clearing out spares. Located in Perth but will pack for shipping. OZ magnesium wheels with racing tyres- 18x8.5 ET52 and 18x10 ET47- $1,200 964 standard steering wheel- $500 993 standard air bag steering wheel-$500 Another steering wheel that looks identical to the 964 one but i don't know what model its for-$400? 993 MOMO RS 3 spoke steering wheel- $500 Brand new 964/993 RS engine mounts $450 shipped Standard 964 muffler -$800 964 heater blower- $300? D90 wheels and tyres for 964- $700 Genuine 993 "Turbo" centre caps- $500 Genuine "Carrera" with separate"S" boot lid badge- $90 Genuine grey porsche centre caps- $200 964 set of brake calipers, rotors and pads -$1,000 My pricing might be off and am negotiable on these. Ask for photos. PM, email: reggiegums@hotmail.com or 0423 622 971. Will swap for recaro pole positions/SPG or GT2 or GT3 seats or looking to purchase.
  7. Chased you for photos. Never came. Gave up
  8. I think he was looking for replica. You never came back to me.
  9. I think everything needs a price listed, not as a rule but as a reference point for purchasers. Everyone has their own strategy on pricing but if you've decided to sell something, price it to sell and move faster than everyone elses.
  10. This might help. From my firm https://www.rsm.global/australia/insights/insights-individuals/government-stimulus-package
  11. I run the RS mounts also. I might have a brand new spare set somewhere.

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