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  1. You could have just sent me a private reminder rather than posting here. PS. I never PM'ed you.
  2. OK. just got a message from the guy who viewed the car back then. Rust- seemingly taken care of. Interior trim needed replacing- seemingly taken care of. Oil leaks- In my opinion, normal. Don't know what current seller has done.
  3. I tried to snag it at $39k. but apparently current seller was so pushy that the nice nurse caved and sold to him after telling me she would talk to me first after her shift. At $39k it was a no brainer to take the risk. At $65k.....maybe. Why no ppi? Someone i know went to have a look at the car and from memory said that it wasn't worth the money. So maybe......... engine............
  4. Yes. Silver one asking $95k in Vic and green one asking $100k in WA.
  5. What a great idea for a new series/project. The 986 has a good following locally and internationally. Your subscribers will jump.
  6. Dear All, Please let me know if anyone knows of a rolling chasis for sale. With my budget I am open to imports/LHD/WOVR. As long as its got a registrable VIN. I have my own engine and can source a gearbox but do not want to do any bodywork or limited bodywork. I can also supply my own wheels and brakes and suspension setup. Thanks and kind regards Reg
  7. Firstly, I have no photos. Coincidentally, 2 964 imports have come up First one Green RHD HK delivered 964 C4 manual. 60,000kms with full rebuild. Second one Silver RHD Jap delivered 964 C2 auto. 80,000kms. Unknown if rebuilt but doubt it. What do you think values are at these days?
  8. Thats mad. Wonder why that is. My premiums with them have only risen about 5% on average.
  9. Its a 914-6 engine. Apparently a quick way to know is where its stamped. Apparently stamped in a different location to 911s. I'll revert with the engine no.
  10. Porsche 914-6 engine for sale. 2.0 liter. Removed years ago from a running car to swap for 3.0 liter. Looking for $8,000 ONO. Disassembled and almost complete. Located in Perth. Will ship. PM for details.
  11. Its ridiculous anyone can justify these prices. I just got a car resprayed and bodykit adjusted (putty, shaped etc) (not a porsche) windows and doors off, not engine bay for $5k cash. The quality is not bad and I'm sure ZAG does exceptional work but come on.

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