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  1. have a spare blown 1997 993 turbo M64.60 that is disassembled for sale. I'm not very technical but most parts are available. Found the crank and oil pump. From what I am told a piston blew and cracked the case???? Case has been repaired from what i know but I do not know if previous owner pressure tested. The cylinder heads are in good condition from what I am told. I was thinking of rebuilding the motor but after pricing in parts and especially labour, its not economically viable to spend that sort of money when all my cars already have very good motors in them. Looking for $20k for the engine as a whole (SOLD) I also have the following parts: OZ magnesium wheels with racing tyres- 18x8.5 ET52 and 18x10 ET47- $2,000 Stock 993 twin turbos (included in the engine price above) (SOLD) 2x 4 spoke standard steering wheels for 964 and 993-$500 each 993 MOMO RS 3 spoke steering wheel- $500 Brand new in box RUF wheels 18x8.5 ET58 and 18x10 ET66- - $3,500 (SOLD) 2 sets 964/993 RS engine mounts $350 each Standard 964 muffler -$800 Standard $993 muffler $800 (SOLD) D90 wheels and tyres for 964- $700 Genuine 993 "Turbo" centre caps- $500 Genuine "Carrera" with separate"S" boot lid badge- $90 Genuine grey porsche centre caps- $200 Will take offers. Located in Perth. PM me if you are interested in any parts and I will send photos.
  2. Thanks for all the feedback. The mounts and suspension had all been done recently by the previous owner. Mechanic put the car on a rolling dyno and it was the drive-train. Turns out that when disconnecting the front wheel drive, the previous owner simply detached the front diff and axel and placed a cover. The drive shaft was spinning freely and wobbling around at higher speed. My mechanic simply disconnected the driveshaft from the rear and problem solved. case closed. Thank you all.
  3. Very good point. Thanks you. Will check Will check Forgot to mention that its a turbo thats been modified to run only RWD. I appreciate the suggestions very much. The mechanic is running the car on a rolling dyno today so will hopefully we can rule out several possibilities and narrow it down.
  4. Thanks fellas. I swapped out my wheels from my other 993, balanced and new tyres. very minor difference. The vibration seems to come from the rear. almost no vibrations through the steering wheel. Looking online, it may be the dual mass flywheel and maybe crankshaft also. Sounds expensive.
  5. My 993 develops a nasty vibration when the speed goes past say 110kph. The vibration seems to come through the rear and the gearbox. The steering is fine. Swapped out the wheels and the vibrations is still there. Running PSS10s and bushings seem good. Anyone have any suggestions?
  6. I've got a set of brand new RS 964/993 engine mounts if you're looking.
  7. $100k for a SC? Unless the car was immaculate with all maintenance works done and low kms, near perfect body and interior, I would be very hard pressed to say its a fair price. The seller would also find it very difficult to sell that car at that price point. You could almost buy a decent enough 964 which has the "classic" look but much better engine and suspension. I think you just need to shop better. This is my personal opinion.
  8. reggiegums


    On a side note, I think I own a 993 that previously belonged to Anthony "Go-show" Gobert.
  9. Went away for 3 weeks and forgot to put the trickle charger on. Battery is now flat in my 993. Been charging for 2 days and still no luck. Clicks but won't crank. Has anyone fitted a lithium-ion battery in their air-cooled car? Where can I get one? Any comments? Thoughts?
  10. I would do the coolant pipes first if not already done.
  11. I also think that with the strength of the JDM market, you're selling an appreciating car for one that is not. Just saying. That 240Z is mint and I know of 2 in Vic that could do with a full resto plus RB26.
  12. Looks bloody good. But if you were looking to monetize the 204z to keep buying shells for your builds, then potentially this 996 might be harder to move than the 240z.
  13. If thats the only difference then i'll buy the first one. Thanks very much.

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