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  1. For the money and whats available to me locally, it looks like the way to go.
  2. Just bought a 996.1 C2. Before I look OS, does anyone have: Decent (new or used) set of coilovers/shocks and lowering springs GT3 or GT2 or pole position seats An exhaust for more bark Big brake kit or GT3/Turbo brakes, i'll consider them too please.
  3. reggiegums

    930 Parts

    My apologies. I did not know they differed through the years. Its a 1982. I don't need specific seats, just period seats is all.
  4. reggiegums

    930 Parts

    I'm looking for 930 parts, specifically: Front and rear seats KPH Speedometer Air con system Thanks
  5. Could you please PM me some pictures. Thanks
  6. I have a set of 993 electric seats. Located in WA. Open to offers as i don't know what they are worth. PM me if interested.
  7. Mine would be cheap as it still needs parts and the motor didn't cost me anything really.
  8. Hahaha...... true. 3.8 NA? from 964/993?? I'd much rather your engine. Can't beat a 3.8 NA engine.
  9. I have a semi complete 993 turbo engine if someone is looking to build a weapon for this.
  10. CS used H&R springs (already on car and new) with Bilstein B6XT (EURO $1075 inc shipping). Would suggest A- arm and front spring tops done at the same time. Small cost Turbo S- Bilstein PSS10- Came with car. All available from Carnewal- Gert. My personal opinion is to just get the H&R springs and B6XT- Height adjustable, cheaper and performs just as well. I think also less harsh.
  11. No worries. Perfect buyer makes the deal seamless.

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