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  1. Always happy to provide my feedback on insurance. Was with Shannons for a few years at about $6k a year on various cars. Moved to Famous recently, higher agreed value, better customer service and save about $2k a year. Famous also doesn't have limited mileage whereas Shannons does. Their reasoning is, yes I have 6 cars but only 1 driver can drive a car at any one time. However, the true test is claiming, which I hope I never have to go through.
  2. Sorry but at the starting bid price of $110k, its not exactly cheap. You can buy an oz delivered one. Or did I miss something?
  3. Boy oh boy. On paper, price wise, these are the obvious choice compared to the 997 GT3.
  4. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/westminster/cars-vans-utes/porsche-911-wale-tail-only/1210245868 I wouldn't bother with this, viewed it and most of the bolts are missing/rotted off. Felt really soft too.
  5. Don't want to hijack this thread anymore than I have. PM me and we can talk on the phone.
  6. If for some reason or other, the purchase falls through. Could you put me onto the lead. Have been waiting for the right one to come along too.
  7. I agree that all 997 gt3s on carsales right now are grossly overpriced. There I said it. Hope you manage to buy it.
  8. Very nice, the white old in SA? Trade-in.
  9. I sincerely hope that he gets the books back as that is easily 15% of the sale premium right there. Better check the last mechanic, maybe, just maybe was taken out to stamp and not returned.
  10. The insurance company would have paid this out and pickles would have done a valuation on the wreck. $114k, if correct, would have been under the valuation and accordingly, passed in and will be offered again at auction, unless they get a suitable private offer.
  11. Thanks for the message Paul but thats what I have at the moment and want to go back to the Carrera style.
  12. Thats the bees knees. Best value 911 now is the 991 GT3.
  13. Looking for a complete, if possible, 993/964 deck lid. Please PM me.

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