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  1. Removing the oil temp/pressure gauge from inside the car can give you additional access. Somewhat restrictive because of the demister guide tube up to the windscreen, but will still give you an idea of where you're looking.
  2. Sometimes the windscreen washers oneway valves block up or become restrictive, maybe have a look at them as well. Items 29 & 26 on drawing, 29 is for the RH washer nozzle.
  3. Wow, amazing that it has been in private hands for all these years. Anyone care to guess a price.
  4. With the FM payment thing, I have set up a pre-approved yearly payment through PayPal that is paid on the same day/month every year. That way, I don't have to worry about the FM expiry date.
  5. I scanned this Porsche Technical Bulletin for you, hopefully it is of some help.
  6. This compliance plate below is from the Gumtree add that we are discussing. I'm curious myself about its origin as well, but the detail on the plate has spiked my curiosity even more. Who would include the DR. ING. h.c.F. PORSCHE AG without some sort of formal knowledge. Another detail from the plate is that the car we are discussing is also a 1978 model year car, the forth digit number 8 in the vin determines the model year.
  7. Here ya go Stepo 😉
  8. Hey Gavin (G2), There are no PM's from you in my inbox.
  9. Hey Gavin, The reader is 54cm front to back x 43cm wide x 50cm high.
  10. Canon microfiche reader & Porsche 911SC spare parts microfiche film. I have had these items for about 20 years & it's time to downsize some items from the mancave. It is always a conversation piece when people don't recognise what it is.😀 Pickup only from Shellharbour area NSW. $40 ono.

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