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  1. I'm thinking they are for the bumper bar supports.
  2. Is item 32 what you're looking for Mike? Item 32 - 901 424 543 00
  3. Another Ebay option, it's a different way to achieve a classic look. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/173520253076?ssPageName=STRK:MESINDXX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1436.l2649
  4. Hey Peter, Can you share who you used for the yellow zinc plating & were you happy with the quality? I need to have most of the fasteners & assorted brackets on my car redone for my restoration, so I'm looking for a recommendation.
  5. AdRock, an early Ford MK1 Cortina or Anglia use a clutch plate that fits the 915 gearbox input shaft splines. You would need the 20 spline X 7/8" Ford clutch plate, just trying to help you widen your search for a clutch plate. Photo shows the Ford clutch plate on my 915. I made this with the Ford clutch plate.
  6. Make sure Autohaus check out the panel misalignment at the lower part of the front mudguard.
  7. Hey PFAer's, Can anyone assist with the dimensions of 915 gearbox tools P225 & P226? I'm considering making these 2 tools as well for my future gearbox rebuild, so any help would be greatly appreciated. These 2 tools will be more of a challenge than my previous gearbox tool making adventures. P225: 915 3rd, 4th & 5th gears. P226: 915 1st & 2nd gears.
  8. I completed my P37A tool for the 915 gearbox this week, I probably spent 1/2 hour each day after work to finish it. I'm thinking of making an additional bolt on piece out of angle iron, to bolt onto the bell housing stud holes so that the P37A tool can be held in a bench vice with the gearbox shaft out of the gearbox. Cutting out the raw material, 10mm steel plate was used. Machined the remaining part of the clutch disc off the spline boss on our old little jobber lathe at work. Spline boss with extension welded onto bell housing brace. Tapping 10mm metric course threads for the bell housing studs. I had to straighten the brace because of some heat distortion from welding. Ta da, my version of the P37A. Fits on the 915 just like a bought one.😀👍
  9. I started on the P37A last night, the Ford clutch plate is a perfect fit to the 915 input shaft splines(who woulda thunk it 🤦‍♂️). This is the start of cutting up the Ford clutch plate, sacrilege for some I'm sure. I'll machine off the flange plate from the spline boss section next week at work.
  10. Finished the P252A tool this week. I used a section of 1-1/4" gal pipe, a 41mm socket for the mainshaft nut & an old 1/2" drive socket for the tension wrench end. I also made a variation of the P252A that I saw on the Pelican forum, using an old 41mm ring spanner & an old 1/2" drive socket. I will be starting to fabricate the P37A next week now that I have acquired some old clutch plates for their spline section. After failing to find an old used 915 style clutch plate, I sort out some help from a mate in the auto spare parts field. After figuring out that I needed a 20 spline x 22mm I.D. type clutch plate, we were then able to determine that an early Ford Cortina or Anglia had a clutch plate with 20 splines and an I.D. of 7/8". P252A: P252A pelican variation:
  11. There is some useful information in the Porsche PET in relation to your question.
  12. I'm also interested to hear the responses to your question Gus, for the paint respray on my 81SC resto project.
  13. My P355A tool is now completed for my future gearbox overhaul, I ended up using a piece of 65mm x16mm flat bar. It's now time to move onto P252A & P37A gearbox tools.
  14. I got some dimensions for the P355A, had some time after work today to do a trial run at broaching some slots. I'm not totally happy with the first try, but it still turned out OK.

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