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  1. Hey thanks everyone for some good suggestions. Clutch-Monkey I'm really liking your suggestion with the Works Meister wheels. It looks like that you get can get some serious dish with those wheels. I've attached pics of a couple of the front runners. Sydr I also like the look of Harrop and will call them on Monday
  2. Hi All, I'm hoping that with all the wisdom on this forum, someone can recommend a place or places where I can get some deep dish wheels for my 81 wide body 911. I live in Vic and have so far contacted tyre shops locally and around OZ to which most of them have not returned my calls and for those that have, the options have been pretty minimal. I know the stud pattern of 5X130 is quite unique but I had no idea that I would be this difficult to to find some nice dish wheels to the point where shops won't even call you back! I'm also not looking to spend countless amounts of $$$ either. One place that I spoke to quoted me $10,000 just for the wheels and no tyres! Are there any good local options or is shopping internationally the only way to go? Cheers Patrick

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