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  1. Spirit of Racing

    Steelies for sale or trade

    I’d be interested in the 77 Pete. PM sent
  2. Spirit of Racing

    Bathurst 12 Hour 2018

    I read with great pleasure that a few PFA members will be attending the 2018 Bathurst 12 hour. Spirit of Racing are proudly sponsoring the Group S class at Bathurst and will be having a trade stand in the Group S paddock. Please come down and say hello as it will be a great opportunity to meet and have chat. See you all soon - not long to go....... Evan
  3. Spirit of Racing

    996.1 GT3 Wheels

  4. Spirit of Racing

    996.1 GT3 Wheels

    Apologies - Will update photos shortly. Evan
  5. Spirit of Racing

    996.1 GT3 Wheels

    I've come to the realisation that there will be no GT 3 parked in garage any time soon, so I've decided to part with my set of GT3 wheels from a 996.1 GT3 They were purchased a while go in the hope that I would use these as a spare set but that dream has faded for now - damn mortgage and over inflated porsches. Genuine BBS wheels as shown in pics. Not Perfect, but great as a spare set for track use. Comes with RW tyres, though they have been sitting for a couple of years. Falken 285/30 ZR 18 & 225/40 ZR 18 Selling complete set (4) with no caps $2000 - happy to discuss further if there is genuine interest or if price seems unrealistic. Evan Zero 412 877 40five
  6. Spirit of Racing

    [VIC] PFA ROC Kart Night

    In - see you all there
  7. Spirit of Racing

    The Benz Appreciation Thread

    Could someone shed some light on where to locate the engine number for a W108/109 3.5 ? I've tried searching but to no avail.
  8. Spirit of Racing

    Who's on Instagram?

    spiritofracing has joined the Instagram revolution ?
  9. Spirit of Racing

    The Benz Appreciation Thread

    Thanks gents for your assistance. i'll see if it can get a photo of the ID plate. Evan.
  10. Spirit of Racing

    The Benz Appreciation Thread

    Can anyone provide some assistance on how can one determine if an older 70's merc was Aussie delivered? thanks
  11. Spirit of Racing

    Tangerine '70 T targa resto

    Great project Raf, well done!!! i admire your patience and determination.
  12. Spirit of Racing


    Longhood for sure.......
  13. Spirit of Racing

    REAR WINDOW - Venetian

    Yes, I'd be interested. PM sent Could not send PM - will contact you tomorrow
  14. Spirit of Racing

    New Stock

    Thank you for the kind words and I hope you enjoy your present.
  15. Spirit of Racing

    Just in Time for Xmas

    Latest arrivals from Spirit Of Racing - Just in Time for Xmas www.spiritofracing.com.au

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