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  1. really dig the colour of the car
  2. makes sense why values of original cars are going up
  3. lol.. in all seriousness though, I cant fault this car and would definitely buy another Jeep.. I think the latest model Grand Cherokee is a good unit
  4. My wife has a 2014 turbo diesel Grand Cherokee, bought it new and it has been a pleasure to own for the last 2 years. Great on fuel, awesome power and standard interior equipment. Half the price of a similar spec Cayenne. I can only say good things about it from personal experience.
  5. old fart! its easier to go sideways when you run 5 degrees negative camber
  6. that thing was immaculate, I think at 105k its a bargain given some of the other sales occurring. I don't really understand what your getting at. Having a donor car that may be in better condition than your car would serve what purpose? besides driving and enjoying it
  7. hearing my 2 year old daughter say Porsche for the first time, then giving the 911 a cuddle!
  8. Was that GT3 a write off? if not, at 74k plus 50k to fix properly, they will still have a 150k+ car once done
  9. I can't stop going back to look at this thing! Love the black on black styling http://www.carsales.com.au/dealer/details/Porsche-911-2007/OAG-AD-2134025/?Cr=19
  10. the Lambo jumped and the Porsche still spanked him!
  11. I still stand by my comments, but isn't hindsight a wonderful thing
  12. WOW! Is this even able to be registered here? http://duttongarage.com/Porsche-918-Spyder~9092

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